HAAT reward balance

After getting BB8 I started climbing the HAAT ladder in my guild and what I found was kind of disturbing. I really can't believe what I was missing this entire time by not being able to secure top 3 in rewards due to not having BB8!

On the one hand I'm happy I can finally reach top 3 and on the other I am a little bit annoyed to the fact that top 3 haat rewards are kind of insane compared to lower ranks...

The difference in gear is absolutely massive with some days getting as much as 3 fully crafted pieces! It almost makes me mad at my guild mates who had top 3 on lock down because that gave them so much more gear than everyone else!

Even those days I somehow made it in the top 10 the rewards were nowhere near in comparison! Top 3 is literally broken! The amount of gear you get from 4 down to 50 is a joke for a raid with 3 day limit but once you hit those top 3s it becomes almost unfair to others.

Now let me say that I fully understand that being able to get top 3 in haat is very difficult and the effort it takes is significantly higher, but given that all you need nowadays is BB8, I still think that the reward balance is awful in HAAT. Ever since I hit top 3 it makes me feel that anything outside if it, even if I got 4th, is a huge loss in terms of gear and that shouldn't be happening.

I certainly believe that we need a more balanced and evenly scalable reward system for raids. Of course top 3 should get more gear than top 20 but still it's impossible to comprehend the difference in the long term... Everyone who's been top 3 in haat for a while is basically like being on steroids compared to everyone else and I think that's kind of unfair no matter what your justification is!
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