Help with Luke event last phase (solved)

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Hi guys, I could use some help with the last phase.
This is the team I have:
I've just unlock most of them for the event, so their abbilitys Aren't at max (and i Dont have enought ítems to max them). Also I dont know which leader use.
Any tip would be fantastic.
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  • Last phase I switched between Leia and Han, but I think it was with Leia lead that I got CLS. You need her abilities maxed with her primary omega’d. Speed is key for her because she will be your main damage dealer. Han is there just to soak up damage. Luke needs to have good mods or he dies too early.
  • I'll try what you say. What do you think about my team gear and level?
  • Try st Han lead for bonus defense above(who am I kidding you can read!) And save his taunt for later, maybe get r2 to g9, smoke screen but leave himself not stealthed, try to wittle down the enemy then taunt with han
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    I could use a bit of help as well. I get to the last battle of the last tier but can’t complete it. Here is what I’m working with

    Should I just save credits and get my toons to lvl 83-85 or should I swap mods out as well? Any help would be appreciated.
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