Combine Raid Tickets into One Pot?

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I had this idea as a suggestion to alleviate some frustrations that lower-end Guilds might be having with the new Sith Triumvirate Raid.

My Guild’s problem is that we have a ridiculous surplus of Sith Raid Tickets. Tier 4 takes so long that we are maxed out at 150K Tickets before we’re close to finishing. We can do Tier 3 on a loop because by the time we finish we have more than enough Tickets to start again.

I really wish the system would be adjusted so that the we received the same number of total Raid Tickets for daily Guild Activity/Energy, but instead of designating them for each individual Raid they could be used across any Raids. That would help lower-end Guilds to advance their progress on the Rancor and Tank, and release the “pressure” we feel to constantly do the Sith Raid despite the copious amounts of time it takes and the minimal rewards due to the fact that we can only complete the lower Tiers.

If the Sith Raid is supposed to be a target for higher-end Guilds, this would bring some balance to the game by giving lower-end Guilds a boost in the other Raids.


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    No, because for higher end guilds it means exclusive characters like Raid Han and General Kenobi, and for the really high guilds Darth Traya, they won’t be as exclusive anymore. The current system restricts the number of raids each that can be run so those characters remain rarer.
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    try tier 4?
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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