Teebotine Questions

I am getting ready to use Teebotine for the first time next time we do HAAT. From watching videos it seems pretty simple. Shock all the little droids while letting loose with everything else on the boss. Does anyone have any other advice on how to be as effective as possible? Is there any special Mod configurations I should be using or pretty much as much speed as I can get? Anything other advice in using this team would be greatly appreciated Thank you!


  • I haven't tried it since the ep rework. Use royal guard to stun the buffed droid.
  • Palps needs crit chance mods for most damage, and only use his basic, if you can swap thrawn for sun fac that would be better, so super droid does not counter attack as much. When your down to the end, only chirpa, palps and possibly thrawn left, use let the hate flow as much as you can for extra damage, and to lower the health on mini droids.
  • It doesn't work smoothly after rework, the shock doesn't refresh. U must have perfect run, the shock must landed everytime u hit. If not, retry again. People using akbar/JTR team nowadays
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