CLS, Han, R2, OB—who's my 5th?

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I currently run CLS, Han, R2, OB, and DN, and I can get under #100 if I fight close to payout. I've occasionally ended a bit higher. (Wiggs went out when Han got geared up, and I wasn't clear on a 5th, so I stuck in DN because why not.)

But I feel like my DN is too slow (187) to do much. When I get an annihilate off, it's usually more like the nail in the coffin rather than a real contribution. I feel like there could be something better.

Who should my 5th be? (Before you all say it at once, no, I don't have Thrawn or GK.)

Alternatively, am I ready to make the switch to zEP? As it is, I can sometimes throw in zEP, Vader, zSion, DN, and Shore (though only 5*, a day away from 6*), and they can do decently well with the teams I face.

(Also, I probably need to cut the cord and move my good mods off of Wiggs. But I'm finding it hard to do; I still use them in just about every other game mode.)


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