Complete Bull getting kicked off app during arena for weeks getting worse

I m really getting sick of getting booted from arena battles and them counting towards the allotted attempts. How is it that I have been able to rank in under 100 but now because I am getting booted out of the arena and game almost 50% of the time I can't rank under 300. I m losing crystals, that I have spent money to deserve a chance to earn.
I don't even try events because I would spend the energy, then get booted and not get my energy back.
This is ridiculous. If you get booted from the arena or events you should get your attempt back or energy back. I won't be spending anymore money on this game and unless fixed I am gonna start leaving bad reviews.
For a accurate run down over the last few days.
Tuesday-lost two arena battles because of being kicked
Wednesday-lost one arena battle because I was kicked
Thursday-lost two arena battles because I was kicked
Friday, today-both arena battles I tried to fight I was kicked. Decided to sign in and create this thread. Now I am ranked back at 300+.
Complete bulls***!


  • Add 3 more times I have been kicked off today. One of them at the end of a hard battle after getting two stars the last two times, soo, I won't be able to try again until tomorrow because that counts as a chance, despite not being able to win or lose.
  • What do you mean "kicked"? Does your app just force close on you? I've never heard or seen this before.
  • The app just closes. Sometime pre cursed by massive lag, but usually just straight up closes.
  • Same for me. App just closes. Not only in arena.... I've lost like over 60 energy couple minutes ago trying to do anything.... any activity closes app after a short period of time... (normal fights ofc - not when using farm tickets)
  • This app doesn't crash anymore like it did months ago. The latest updates fixed numerous crashes. Game runs much smoother now so problem is likely your device. Clean your device of all the useless, unused junk you have lying around. Delete whatever you don't need is a good rule of thumb for keeping devices clean. I use a free app called battery doctor to help my devices stay clean as well. I'm using an ipad mini and iphone 5 fyi
  • It has started 2 days ago.... Everything was running smooth before.... I keep my device clean. Doubt it's a device issue.
    I'm playing on Samsung
  • That is annoying it started two days ago for apparently no reason. Wonder what could have happened. I assume you have tried a simple restart of your device, power off power on. That can definitely help your device if it is crashing constantly for no apparent reason. Good that you keep device clean. That is a great way to minimize app crashes. If your app was running fine 2 days ago, that does sound like the time when the aurodium pack was released. That was a minor addition and not a major change to star wars but still a change is a change and maybe that is what did it. Tough to tell. I would keep asking around the forum to other samsung users. Good luck with your issue, hopefully running smooth again in no time
  • Thanks for ideas. I have tried shutting down my device and removing all unused apps, and closing all running apps in the background to no avail.
    To be honest today has been much better. Haven't been kicked once. Didn't do anything between then and now, but I guess I gotta be happy for what I got.
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