Content Update [HF] 3/28/2018

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Hey Holotable Heroes!

Below are the updates in today’s hotfix, 3/28/2018.


In a recent update, we made a change to Territory Wars in which high powered guilds could use an increased amount of defensive squads.

After reviewing player feedback, this change has not benefited the players as it was intended. We are reverting the Territory War defensive squad logic to the original behavior, where the number of defensive squads on a territory is based exclusively on the lower number of participants between the two guilds.
The maximum number of squads on a territory for all guilds is 25.


In addition, we have reworked of the contents of the Daily Login Calendar to include more valuable incentives such as omegas and zetas!
Contents of the new Daily Login Calendar can be found here:
Dev Blog - Daily Login Changes - 3/28/18

  • [Raid] In the Sith Triumvirate Raid, Unbreakable Will no longer counts as a debuff.

See you on the Holotable!

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