Server Update 3/29/2018

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Hey Holotable Heroes!

Here is the information regarding our Server Update today, 3/29/2018.


In the spirit of providing a better experience to our players, we have made a change to Squad/Fleet Arena to always show the highest possible rank opponent on the far-right panel. This is one of the top player requested features as it will prevent the need to consistently refresh opponents to find the one with the highest rank. The left and middle panel will continue to refresh as normal.

It may not need to be stated, but we just wanted to mention that for players in the top four ranks, none of the columns will refresh. A player in the top four will always see the other three players in the top four rankings.
Note: To get this change in as quickly as possible, we were not able to go with the ideal implementation, so even if you don’t want to seek the highest arena player, the right-most panel will always only show the highest rank. If this proves to be a longterm problem, we will address it.

See you on the Holotable!

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