Sith Triumvirate Raid gradiant of Health Pool/Time Investment

I wanted to take the time to discuss the disproportionate amount of time that the lower tiers of the Sith Triumvirate raid are taking in comparison to the rewards that are being garnished for the effort. I will start off by reflecting on my guild's current status: We hover around 110mil GP currently, and about 1/3 of the guild is able to furnish the blatantly required "JTR", as with this most recent release of her you gave 2 days notice (side rant).

We initially started on Tier 6 which took us 5-6 days to complete. This would allow us to build up much more raid tickets than we could use. Understanding that perhaps we needed a little more familiarity with the raid in order to proceed more efficiently, we dropped to tier 5. This tier was only marginally faster, still taking us 4-5 days to complete, again outstripping the 3 days of currency required in order to launch the raid.

We were considering dropping it even further, but we took a moment to reflect: the rewards we are getting from T5 (we've accomplished it twice so far) have been nothing short of abysmal. in third place I received 10 MK5 furnaces, and some 20-30 of something I had 1,000+ of. These rewards are crappier that our HAAT rewards, and require so much more of a time investment. 4-6 days of raiding to get rewards I would expect out of posting a zero on Heroic Pit raid.

I appreciate that you have frontloaded the amount of HP (the same way you did for HAAT when it was launched) to make sure you weren't making it too easy to begin with (I get it, from a PR perspective is much more flattering to you as developers to make the raid easier for us than to be like "oops, we need to make it harder"). But this seems a bit excessive.

I want to pull an example when you guys thankfully saw this same issue: in the reward cadence of Territory Battles. You increased the rewards of TB because originally you had banked on them being done in 3 days, where now they are over 6 days, taking up double the time, halving the time/reward ratio. I believe this is the same thing happening to STR.

As a 110k+GP guild with plenty of variety of good g12 characters, we are already feeling burned out of this raid. We can't justify dropping any more tiers because the rewards are already :poop: Please take this into consideration when you announce your "raid rewards" fix that you have mentioned.

I understand that you are aiming this raid to still be relevant for future content such as 6dot mods and perhaps a level cap increase, however if that is the case, then perhaps you should have released it at the same time, or give us some sort of tease that it is coming soon so that we feel like we have something to work towards. Right now, that just isn't the case.


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    I feel like they need to either lower the tier 1-6 health pool by 100-200% to justify the garbage rewards or increase the payout by 500% minimum.

    Especially when you consider that a guild just meeting the minimum for tier 1-4 (so no jtr or really any of the outright required phase teams) is probably looking at a 2 week grind.

    Like my guild could do tier 5 but we now do tier 2 because really the only good reward is the guild currency and we'd rather get a small pitance for 12 hours of our time than a slightly larger pitance for 6 days of our time.
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