Nihilus inconsistent cooldowns

I have noticed that Darth Nihilus’s cooldowns in Sith Raid are inconsistent. Sometimes they work as they should and they only cooldown after his complete turn, which usually consists of two attacks. But other times, especially P4, his attacks cool down with every move, including after the first attack from the player’s team. This is a major issue as it speeds up his annihilate, and other abilities, 2-3 times their normal cooldown.


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    If he hits a buffed hero with his basic, both Drain Force and Annihilate cooldowns are reduced, which is different than a normal PC nihilus. This can make his cooldown reductions appear very random. So he can start his turn with drain force at 1, annihilate at 3, and on his first action hit a buffed hero with his basic (-1 on each special: df ready, annihilate @2). Then he gets to use Drain force immediately for his second action. If a hero is debuffed that'll reduce annhilate to 1,then once his turn is done it'll be reduced to 0 (ready to use next turn).
    Before he takes his turn you must look at the number of buffed and debuffed heroes and his cooldowns, and work out if he'll be able to annihilate based on that. Rule of thumb, lots of buffed and debuffed heroes will cause him to annihilate often.
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    Yea and other times when he’s at 1-2 turns even with buffed team and u use ur shield it’ll expire cuz he doesn’t speed up so overall sux
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    Yes it does sux a lot.
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