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So this is my current team:

Chewy 4* V
Talia 3* V
JC 3* V
Lumi 3* IV
IG86 2* V
QGJ 2* V
Sid 4* V

Cantina - QGJ, JC node
LS/DS - JC, Chewy, Lumi, IG86, Talia, Dooku, gearing
Arena - Sid
GW - Lumi

And I'm sitting at level 46.

Now that I'll shortly have 7 characters, I'm just not sure where I should be focusing and where I will get the best synergies. I'm assuming it will be something like: QGJ, JC, Sid, Lumi, IG86? Should I keep working on Chewy until I 5* him and then change my LS/DS token order? Should I keep farming Sid and Lumi in the Arena and GW or should I move on to someone else to create a better team? I wanna be clearing GW everyday. Yesterday I managed it but today I'm stuck about half way through against a team 10 levels high than me. So if I can create a better team for GW, would do you think it would look like. I'm trying to keep my arena rank around 300-200 as I read somewhere that GW enemies are based off of your Arena rank?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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