Hermit Yoda in Sith raid: which phase? In which team?

Just unlocked, I'm working on gear and abilities.
My guild plays tier IV of Sith raid, so I could use him.
Any advice?
Thank you.


  • Kyno
    32087 posts Moderator
    JTR, bb8,R2,HY,RT in phase 1, should work well enough.
  • No_Try
    4051 posts Member
    Hoda works well with any of your teams securing noone dies until enrage, and you can load him again in the next match since he'll escape ;).
  • dad2my3
    1561 posts Member
    He can escape. He certainly doesn’t do it every time.
  • Huatimus
    3669 posts Member
    Turn on Airplane mode and keep retrying the raid till you get a good score and Hermit escapes. I’ve used Kermit more than 4 times and in all 4 phases of a single raid.
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