Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Heiboca
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    Knights of Nerule are looking for new members to come and help bolster numbers and to help advance in territory battles. We will be launching heroic pit and aat when tickets permit. All are welcome to join. You can contact me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247
  • rayroars
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    Guild Name: GMT 8 (
    GP: 107 Mil
    Timezone: GMT+8 / EST+12 (Singapore time)

    What we offer:
    - HPit 3-4 times a week (opens at 8am with 12 hrs 0 dmg rule)
    - HAAT 2-3 times a week (opens at 8am with 12 hrs 0 dmg rule)
    - T5/T6 Sith Raid (FFA)
    - 37* LS/DS TB
    - 60 ROLO shards
    - 20 IPD shards
    - Resourceful players who offer updates promptly

    What we looking for:
    - Active players with at least 1.5M GP (negotiable if have appropriate roster)
    - Can contribute ideally 600 tickets daily
    - Key toons for TB (CHS, CLS, Imperial Troopers)
    - Toons for Sith raid (NS, JTR, DT)
    - Willing to participate in Sith raid
    - Currently working towards these toons are fine
    - Must have Discord app for communication purpose
    - Must register profile with

    Ultimately, we are working towards Heroic Sith raid and most of all, have fun!

    Interested parties pls contact me on Discord: rayroars#5297
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    Seek no more if you are looking for an HSR ready guild.

    Start farming Traya shards and higher TB rewards with us. We are an active community, always on discord and pretty relax at times. We are currently looking for someone who's GP is 2.8 mil or above.

    FTW Farmers to Whales Guild reset at 0630 EST/ 1830 GMT8

    (135+ mil GP, TB - 43/44stars) Raids at 2200hrs GMT+8/1000hrs EST

    Contact me for more details! Discord: danclam#7369
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    Cloud-Riders is a fantastic 2 Guild Alliance with so much to offer players:
    -East Coast Time Zone
    -Heroic Rancor Raid with zero damage in 24 hours (This allows everyone an opportunity to receive an award).
    -Once the 24 hours expire the raid last about 10 minutes.
    -Rancor Raids start at 8PM est. every 2-3 days.
    -HAAT Raids get completed in 1 hour and start at 7PM est. This too is on a zero damage rotation, so everyone is guaranteed GK shards.
    -Sith Raid Tier V
    -We have active players that get their 600 tickets everyday, which allows us to Raid often.
    -We have both types of Players that have a lot of experience and game wisdom: Pay to Play and Free to Play.
    -Everyone gets along very well, and the leadership of the Guild is knowledgable and helpful.
    -We use Discord to communicate most ideas and Raid Game Plans. This is also where we share videos on latest game news and strategies.
    We just require that you join our Discord Channel using the following link:
    You need to be very active. Looking for players with: GPs from 1.5-3.0 Million
    A couple of Sith Raid Caliber Teams (e.g. JTR, ChexMix, NS, IT)
    If this sounds like your type of guild and you meet some of the above requirements, please stop by our Discord Lobby and share some info about yourself.
    I can be reached on Discord at PsychoWolf#2421
    I look forward to taking over the Galaxy with you,
    CT (PsychoWolf)
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    The Corellian Refugees, an independent guild, has room for 2 new members! We're a relaxed, yet dedicated group, and are very helpful with game strategy. You'll find that we're more about community than we are compliance - rules are simple, and we succeed as a team. Intent is to keep the game fun. It is a game, after all... ;)

    GP is over 97M and rising by 1M/week. 34 stars in both LS & DS TBs, which increases each time. Players who join stick around - average lifetime raid tix = 120K.

    600 raid tix per day is appreciated, and most hit that mark, but try for at least the 540 free ones - the more tix we earn the more often we raid. We all have days when we miss it. Hit it the next!

    Guild activities reset at 7:30 PM US central time, and we launch raids at that time. hRancor & hAAT have a 24 hour zero damage limit so all can get in on the loot. Running constant T4 Sith raids now, FFA from the start, with T5 right around the corner now that we can get through it before our tix max out. Heroic is only a couple months away...

    Discord is our official communication channel (keithereal#8467). PM me here or there for more details, providing or ally code, or visit Hope to have you join us!
  • OvWan4
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    We can make that run in less that 12 parsecs :smile:

    We are recruiting for two spots.

    Guild GP 134 Million.

    DS TB 43 Stars / LS TB 41 Stars

    Imperial probe droid unlocked.

    HSTR on Farm

    For Tank and Pit Raid we have a 12 hour zero damage period. We raid at 7 pm CST.

    TW we have won 6 out of last 7 wars. (3 zetas for each win)

    We communicate on discord. We are a fun guild with a laid back guild culture. We do ask that you get your 600 and participate in the heroic Sith Raids.

    Ideal candidate will have JTR / Chex Mix. 2.5 GP or higher.

    Send me your ally code to get started. (If you are lower that 2.5, but you think you would be a good fit, send me your ally code)

    Ov Wan
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    About 1.8GP

    Average 515 raid tickets a day. Life does happen so a weekly average is best.

    Required participation in Territory Battles, do all combats missions, platoons and deploy.

    Territory Wars is a must to join for the rewards, must deploy squads based on guild orders.

    Join our discord.

    Other then that nothing special. We all try and help each other out.

    If interested let me know.
  • EMSJ_96
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    Theywerethedriods are now recruiting active members of all levels. We are a new guild with a guild gp over 3.6m. there are 7 of us total. We have a few others interested so when the get in the GP Should go up. We are farming tickets for heroic rancor and HAAT. We are EST and are always playing the game. if interested please send me and ally invite or find me on discord @ EMSJ_96#4488
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    Game of Clones IV is a UK-based guild looking for committed, active and friendly folk to join us as we grow and develop! We're currently at 66m GP, and going through a revamp and reorganisation as we clear out some inactives and less committed players. We don't think this game should take over your life, but we love people who want to learn and develop and get better.

    We have an active Discord where we discuss everything from the latest Sith Raid strategies to the upcoming movies. We're a talkative and helpful group and we get on really well, and have a lot of fun.

    ~ 1m gp (chat to us if less, we're more concerned about commitment)
    ~ 600 tickets daily
    ~ Discord/ account
    ~ Aiming to build a solid roster, particularly for TB/Sith Raid purposes as we improve
    ~ Raid and TW/TB Participation!

    24hr zero damage on Rancor, 24hr on HAAT, T4 Sith Raid on permanent rotation
    LSTB: 28+ Stars
    DSTB: 28+ Stars
    TW: 17/19 wins

    Our timezone is currently GMT+1 (UK summer time)
    Rancor kicks off at 2100, HAAT at 1900.
  • gustavopadauan
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    We are a small guild, growing fast, join us and having fun, we will grow together.

    To be active
    Speak English or Portuguese pt or br.

    Come to Rebel Soul / Alma Rebelde
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  • Pabeli
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    ESB are a 130m GP guild with 43 ls TB, 44 ds TB stars. We get the hsith raid done in less than 20 hours.

    We are looking for players of at least 2.5 m GP to join us on our journey.

    We collect 30k raid tickets everyday and expect 600s from our members. Our organisation is second to none, but we also have a good laugh with a lively chat via discord.

    We are European based but have players from all over world. Our raid times are 6pm/7pm/8pm UK time.

    We expect membership and Discourse App. Very few places up for grabs, if you interested contact me on discord Pabeli#4234
  • SmokerXXL
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    Hallo zusammen,

    wir sind "DieDunkleMachtDeutschland" eine deutschsprachige Gilde mit einem gemischtem Verhältnis von Erfahrenen und neuen Spielern. Wir sind auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern Level 65+, wir sind eine aktive Gilde mit netten Leuten und wünschen uns das natürlich auch von unseren neuen Mitgliedern :)

    Name: DieDunkleMachtDeutschland
    GM: 22,5 Mil
    Mitglieder: 26/50
    Alle Raids mit 24 Stunden 0 Damage Phase
    Heroic Rancor - wird gefarmt
    Normal AAT - wird gefarmt
    Heroic AAT - Ist das erklärte Ziel

    Falls ihr Lust hab mitzumachen dann schreibt mich einfach an wir freuen uns über jedes neue Mitglied.

    Solltet ihr mit eurer Gilde in einer ähnlichen Situation sein dann würde sich auch eine Zusammenführung anbieten, auch dafür sind wir offen.

  • KimboKid23
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    Thrawns' Renegades - HPit / HAAT / HSTR ~ 127M Galactic Power / LSTB 41*(potentially 42) DSTB 42*(potentially 44) / 22-3 in TW
    Indipendent and friendly guild with a large mix of players (by both region and starting date), most of us has been togheter for over a year.
    We are competitive so everybody is expected to participate in TB and TW but we also understand the game requires a good amount of time daily and real life comes first.
    We try to keep the turnover rate as low as possible, have no penalties for honest mistakes and only kick people for repeatedly breaking rules
    Guild reset time is 23:30 GMT
    We use the ingame chat but mainly LINE and Discord (at least one of the two is mandatory for TB/TW coordination)
    Raid Rules:
    HPit: Raid opens up shortly after guild ticket reset time. You can only register a 0 turn until 20:00 GMT the next day, then free for all (only rule: you can't post a solo before 10 min after the start)
    HATT: Raid opens after the guild reset time, 0 damage registration until 20:00 GMT the next day, then free for all (normally it lasts 40-50 mins)
    HSTR: we just completed our first Heroic a couple of days ago so it will last more than a day for the next few times, when it will last less than 15-18h we'll schedule it with the 0 damage registration time frame similar to the other raids
    - 2.5M+ GP with a good roster for TB/TW/Sith Raid (if you have JTR or are a very competitive player even a bit lower is ok)
    - active on LINE or Discord/TB/TW and easy to coordinate
    - 600 raid tickets daily consistently
    If you want to join, message me here. You can also contact me on LINE at xbalex or on Discord at Bale#4097
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  • KimboKid23
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  • JoeSolo
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    Welcome to Special Forces Guild, we are a North American guild with a reset of 9:30 EST /6:30PST.

    This round of DS TB was 36* . Last LS TB was 35*. Currently doing both rancor and tank heroic raids with ease. Doing alternating level 4 and 5 sith raid.

    Guild requirements:

    -"Line" app ready, you must be a member to our announcement room, our chat room is optional.

    Daily guild activity minimums:
    - do your dailies
    - mimimum 400 guild coins each day. aim for 600
    - we do know real life comes first. we don't boot for missing minimums if logging daily

    Instructions for each raid are posted in line app.
    Both rancor and tank have a 24 hr. zero damage period.

    Raids start 9:30EST/6:30 PST

    Infractions are dealt with on case by case basis but generally 3 strikes and u are out. Strikes are handed out for non contribution and low activity. details listed in guild guidelines.

    1.5 million GP minimum
    Team player
    Have line app
    Want to have some fun and progress as a group.

    Contact JoeSolo on line app (user joesolo10) for details and invite.

    For a snapshot of guild see below. We are at 102mil GP total

    We have room for up to 4 new members. A bit of house cleaning is underway.
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    38m guild has room for 3 active people.

    Farming HAAT and HPIT.


    15stars in DS/LS TB

    Or stop by and see our alliance. We range from beginner guilds to HSR guild
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    MaulxWalkers (65milGP) is looking to add about 15 players. May possibly entertain the idea of a merger.
    GP req-1.5mil+
    Raid ticket req-600+/-(not going to boot u unless it's like every day you're not carrying your weight)
    TW-aprox50%win rate. We've struggled some due to nonparticipatiing mems(have been removed)
    TB-LS~25* Ds~25*
    Raid reqs- 0dmg 24hr pit, 0g 12hr HAAT, Currently working feverishly towards HSTR!
    No third party chat app req. We're bout to get an in game chat update so kinda makes discord and other obsolete. Don't need to hear your voice. However, we do have a Discord and if interested you can reach us at:
    Planning to form a totally new fuild, depending on how the current TW goes and hits on this post.
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    The icons 74.8 gm
    3 open spots

    Raids 2x 9pm est and one at 9am est
    Tickets +23,000 daily

    Heroic pit every 3 days 24/0 damage, 23:59 free for all ( if you have raid Han at 7* do the theme pit ( example just use Hans and chewies, fleet commanders)

    Haat every 4 days 24h/0 damage

    sith raid t4-5

    Daily activities 7:30 pm est

    No mandatory 600 tickets 400-600 is good
    we don't expect you to spend money


    Be active and we grow as a team
    Our website.
    My ally code is 349 879 784. /////. Officer 751-458-388
    Do is all we know. Do not is out of the question.
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    About us:

    Mutiners without fears

    1 space

    79mil gp

    Hpit Haat

    t4 or 5 sith dependant on tickets

    7.30pm uk raid time 24hr no damage

    600 ticket not essential but be as active as possible

    Line optional, no discord

    My ally code 949 699 318
  • Glitzerlord
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    20 tw wins 80mil gp 5 spots open right now
  • Wrathsiera
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    We are currently looking to fill some ranks, guess our image describes everything you need to know. Very active and memes loving Discord community
  • DeeOhGee
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    Are you part of a slow growing Guild? Is your guild half full of inactive players and struggling to meet the 25 Member TW requirements? We have a Home for you!
    4 the Rebellion is a semi competative guild looking for some dedicated loyal players who want to grow with their guild. We believe in growing from within. It is our goal to recruit active daily players and help grow and become strong as one guild. If you are a dedicated player who is looking for a friendly group to chat and grow strong with we are the guild for you!
    • 46/50 Guild GP 34M (and Growing)
    • Heroic Rancor Raids 2-3 a week. Launch at 7pm UTC-5. 0 damage for 24hrs. (We are experimenting with a Noon UTC-5 start for European players as we have a few)
    • Heroic Tank Raids 1-2 times a week. Launch around 6:30 UCT-5 . We allow at least 24 hours to get on the board before we kill it. (This raid requires a little bit of strategy)
    • Continuous T2 and T3 Sith Raids.
    • TB and TW. 15/17 Stars. One of our leaders is an excellent strategist. We try to fill platoons as best we can and use the commands to maximize the number of stars we can get. We also farm ROLO and we have several members working on IP teams for IDP shards. We are (5-1) in Territory Wars. We have an excellent strategic plan to set defense and enough offense to get the job done.
    If you are interested please contact me,
    Dee Oh Gee
    Ally code 297-413-784
    Discord: Dee Oh Gee#7051
    Line Id: Reyman14
  • EMSJ_96
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    Theywerethedriods are now recruiting active members of all levels. We are a new guild with a guild gp over 3.6m. there are 7 of us total. We have a few others interested so when the get in the GP Should go up. We are farming tickets for heroic rancor and HAAT. We are EST and are always playing the game. if interested please send me and ally invite or find me on discord @ EMSJ_96#4488
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    I am recruiting new members to the guild "Fulcrum's grey order"

    I am building out this guild to help new players grow, I will develop a RAID schedule based around what what gear guild members need.

    At this time there are no access restrictions for this guild, I just ask if you join please be an active member.

    To date the guild has completed one territory battle.

    I look forward to watching the guild grow strong.
  • jerald
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    Terra is looking for a few players to replace our non active members. All other info in add below.
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  • Pervysage
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    Terminus EST Is looking to add a few members to our full roster! (We are currently cutting a few in-actives after this current TW and are looking to replace them asap!)
    We are a 54m GP guild that runs HAATx2 HPITx3 and STR T3x3 per week We consistently compete and earn zeta's in our TW's as well as post 25 stars in DS and LS territory battles!
    We are looking for lvl 85 members but will consider lvl 80+ members as well. We just require that you have discord and your account linked to so that we can coordinate TW's and TB's more effectively. If interested please add me on discord at Pervysage#9375 and let me know you are interested!
  • ShinySideoftheForce
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    "Blood of Wolves" is looking for up to 9 players, preferably L65 or higher, but lower ok if actively moving up. Our atmosphere is laid back, and we require only a good attitude and activity at least once a week to avoid removal (though the more active the better). Our entire guild, and particularly our officers, give generously in the guild exchange.

    Blood of Wolves has taken in a smaller guild before (I was a member of that smaller guild), and has experience integrating groups into the fold and making them welcome.

    41/50 members (L39-85, GP 32k-1.85M)
    GP = 13.9M

    Regular Raids as tickets allow
    Sith T1 (about to go to T2)
    Pit T6
    Tank Regular

    Territory War
    Record: 2-1 (last 2 flawless victories)

    Territory Battles: 11/12 stars

    Discord Optional

    Guild is open to join, or contact me Ally code: 479-231-511
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  • Heiboca
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    Knights of Nerule are looking for new members to come and help bolster numbers and to help advance in territory battles. We will be launching heroic pit and aat when tickets permit. All are welcome to join. You can contact me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247
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    88M GOC COBRA KAI Looking for Active Member 1.5/2M GP for eventually HSTR

    Guild roster:

    Hi there,

    We're looking for 1.5+ GP (flexible) to join our guild. We are Eastern time, we do HPIT 9PM (post scores at 9:20pm), HATT 8PM we expect you to be active daily 600 tickets, and in TB/TW and do your best for SITH, we are currently doing Tier 5 for easy fast farm for mats but looking to T6 very soon.

    We are a nested guild within 8 other guilds, we're #2/3 in our core so if you are too low in GP or higher than requested we can fill you out in any other guilds within our core.

    We hope you have JTR now or at least working towards to unlocking her next event.

    You must have discord and be responsive!

    Come reach me @

    Once in the recruitment channel asks for pantera
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    New guild need members jedi27 avengers1
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