Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • EMSJ_96
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    There has been a big awakening in the world of guilds. Theywerethedriods are now recruiting members to join us. Right now we have a current guild GP of 3.6m and a total of 7 members but growing fast. Our current goal is to do heroic pit and HAAT. We are in the process of joining a big alliance so there will be plenty of ways to grow and move up in the game. I know we seem small but take a chance, trust the force and join us. you wont regret it!

    my ally code: 323- 423- 784
  • LaochRione
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    The Celtic Academy is looking for New Members!!
    Guild GP: 21,795,762
    We are an Irish based guild.

    New Recruits MUST be over level 65.
    ALL new recruits MUST sign up for Territory Wars - if you're not prepared to do so, please do not join!
    All raids are Pit raids.
    TT - normal
    ST - usually Tier IV
    Contact me, Laoch Rione (ally code: 652-832-823) with any questions
  • Ucmo
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    Join our discord server to apply!

    • Current GP of 116m GP (46/50 members)
    • Clearing Heroic Rancor and Heroic AAT - FFA after 24 hour zero damage period.
    • 40 Stars in last Territory Battle
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players with HST-ready (or nearly ready) teams on their rosters and a minimum 2.2M Galactic Power.

    Raid Schedule

    We have a consistent schedule, outlined in our discord server. Raids are open for damage at 8:30pm EST.

    Raid Rules:
    • Heroic AAT - FFA after 24 hour zero damage period
    • Heroic Pit - FFA after a 24 hour zero damage period


    Territory Battle, Raid, TW, and character prioritization strategies, as well as overall game theory is discussed on our discord daily. Most days chat is quite active, but you are not required to participate if you don't want to. Our discord is family friendly and safe for work. While you’re not required to participate in chat, you will be held accountable for knowing any changes in rules or raid schedules, as such, it is recommended that you keep @mentions enabled.

    Final Word

    We are a Guild looking to grow our ranks with more active and friendly players. We want to participate in all of the content available in the game, and we want to be raiding as frequently as possible with the help some new and motivated guild members.

    1. Play daily - 500+ raid tickets per day. 600 tickets is normal for most of our members. (We do track this) -- we avg 28k to 29k daily tickets.
    2. Syncing your squad with is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Actively working on improving your HST heroes.
    5. Participate in raids (Zero damage counts as participation)
    6. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server - and chat with our officers to see if we have room, and if we are a good fit for you.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.

  • Frezza
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    GENERALLY GREVIOUS is a casual but committed 75 mill GP guild with a ton of friendly members. We enjoy chatting and helping each other out. We have a great discord site. We are looking for a handful of players with a GP of over 1 million, who can commit to a 500 daily ticket minimum average, and who will regularly participate in the various events, including heroic Rancor and HAAT. We have a solid sister guild working toward heroic Sith raid.
    Many of our members are home grown... we've gotten to where we are that way.

    We use discord
    Hit Drek#5700
  • We looking for new memebrs! We are a casual but very active guild. Run all raids and wars constantly and are willing to except all levels and help new members! We are levels 83-32 (most 75-50) so we have a good mix and swap out high and low level raids so all levels have a chance to win. My code is 827-247-119. Send me an invite and I'll add you! The goal is to enjoy the game and have fun so let's conquer the galaxy!
  • Learn to Swim is looking to fill out our roster with ONE more committed member who craves teamwork, communication and want to evolve with us.
    We are an independent guild — 63M gp — that is focused on collective success while being an aggressive competitor, very organized, and engaging on Discord.
    Reset is 11 p.m. MST. HPit and HAAT both farmed with rules that maximum participation and rewards; currently running Sith raid on T4; winning TW record (recently achieved 18th victory by defeating a 99M guild); 25 stars TB.
    Discord with matching in-game name
    SWGOH.GG registration
    Strive for 600 raid tickets daily
    DM me on Discord if interested: Swami#2679
  • Chill Guild With a Few Spots Open, Playing End Game Content
    Name: Resplendent Whispers
    120GP, HAAT and Pit on farm. On the cusp of HSTR (we have about 20 JTR Squads).
    About Us- We're laid back, many original members, looking for new folks who play regularly. We have some rules around the raids, but only so people get loot. We don't require chat outside the guild.
    About You- 2Mil plus GP, you have JTR or will definitely be getting her the next time her event returns. Full geared NS squads a plus. You pay attention to strategies in TB/TW, monitor guild chat, and are generally a nice individual.
    How do I join/ask ?s? PM me with your ally code is fastest, so I can see your awesome roster. Or send me your I will respond and invite you! - most of us are on here
  • Zentigix
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    Greeedo’s Galactic Uprising.

    Or what we call GGU. Well actually no one calls it that but we do question the three E’s in Greedo, I bet you didn’t even notice, or if you did you thought it was a typo. The true answer is a secret which will mystify you! Or not, more than likely not.

    We are a midcore guild looking to replenish our numbers through recruits or a small merger. We have 37 members weighing in at 60.5m GP. It’ll probably be 60.6m by the time I post this.

    So what do we do with that 60.5m GP? Well other than poke fun at the Canadian (he is a hoser) We also annoy PETA by having Heroic Rancor cook outs, and test the durability of the so called HAAT (our tests show it’s a piece of junk) We are working on the sith raid mainly doing t4 but sometimes hitting t5, it is getting there and with your help maybe we will get there. We win TW most the time, We reach the high 20’s in both TB.

    We are seeking 500k+ GP players who are active, reach the magical number 600 daily, participate in raids and guild events and join discord (we have a hockey... I mean sports channel to keep the canadian happy)

    To keep up with trends:

    If interested message me on discord at

    Yours truly,
    The Canadian
  • SagNasty
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    Guild Name- Lost Empire Raiders

    We’re an active friendly and helpful guild looking for active players. All are welcome.
    -7* Rancor zero damage first 24 hours
    -6* AAT zero damage first 24 hours
    -3-4* Sith
    Haven’t lost a Territory war since our first battle. 14-0 since then. Also very active in Territory battles just need more members.
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  • JamDev
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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over. We are active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.A bit more about us:

    Daily refresh is at 1am, Arena payout at 7pm, Ship Arena payout 8pm. All times BST (GMT+!)..

    Both raids begin with 24hr registration period. After that HAAT is free for all, but Rancor is limited to one attack per player and we ask that those able to solo the raid allow 15 minutes from raid start before registering their score. Rancor starts at 7pm, HAAT at 7:30pm BST.

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part fully in guild events. Only requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment server at:

  • Mgrl
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    Skywalkin' On Sunshine is looking for active players to join our growing community.

    We are a UK based guild currently with 17 members (10 lv85s), 17.4 million GP and a discord channel. Our reset time is 19:00 British summer time.

    Currently we are looking for other friendly active players to join our team to complete HAAT (on NAAT at the moment), compete in TW/TBs and most importantly, enjoy the game. All of our members tend to get 600 tickets per day, but this is not a requirement to join as we know real life is important.

    We're a newly reformed guild, as of 04/05/2018. Our old guild's guild leader (and some other members) went inactive and so we decided to start fresh.

    Our guild rules are:
    - 24 hour 0k max damage on heroic Rancor.
    - Inform the guild if you will be inactive for an extended period of time (preferably via discord).
    - No malicious abuse or behaviour (friendly abuse is fine!).

    What we can offer you:
    - Dedicated active support from the leadership
    - Friendly community, including Discord (some play other games together)
    - Guild donations are high (especially on items from the challenges and low level nodes, as many members do not need them)
    - Heroic Rancor and NAAT on farm (Han solo shards)
    - Join the team early on and help build from the ground up to climb the ranks (if this appeals to you)

    If you have any questions, my discord is nollett#9199.
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  • ViciousG1
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    Very close to 120gp, guaranteed 2 zetas in tw win or lose, come join us, this space will fill quick.

    It's rare we have an opening because we do not have much turnover. But we have one space available.

    We are looking for 2 million GP (or close to it) 600 daily energy. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit. We get 39-40 stars on both TBs.

    Click here to join:
  • JediMaster2323
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    Hi all, NewJedioftheHighGround is a guild filled with experienced and fun gamers. We run HRR & HAAT raids that alternate between 9:30am cst & 7:30pm cst, 2-3 times a week per raid. Currently running tier 4 Sith raids. Looking for 1-2 players to fill out our roster. We have about 70 mil gp. If you think you'd be a great fit and enjoy playing with us let me know. Our goal is to grow and have fun!

    We average 20-25 thousand raid tickets daily. We are a very active guild. The only rules are 24 hrs no dmg and about a week of inactivity without letting us know.

    Here is our discord & my ally code if you are interested.

    You can contact me here or on discord JediMaster23 #4029
  • Frezza
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    GENERALLY GREVIOUS is a casual but committed guild with a ton of friendly members. We are around 75 mill. GP. We enjoy chatting and helping each other out. We are looking for a player (or a few players) with a mill. GP min., who can commit to a 500 daily ticket minimum average and commit to participating in the various events. We run heroic Rancor and HAAT. Our sister guild is at 110 mill. and is working toward heroic Sith raid.... we work closely with them and many move there over time.

    We like members to use discord
    hit Drek at Drek#5700
  • I7rag0n
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    We were born in the Team Skunk community as an absolute beginner guild. Through blood sweat and tears we have built our way here over the course of a year through hard work and making each other better every day. We now reside in the Exiled community and are one of the top performing guilds there. We are US based but house members from all over the world.
    The Exiled Knights of Kit consider ourselves family. We are very competitive, but we still have fun playing this game. If you are looking to test another guild to see if we meet your lofty standards just to put us on your long list of not good enough guilds, then we aren't the right fit for you. If you want to feel like you belong, have fun playing this game, and get to know your fellow guild mates, then look no further than here. Even if we don't have a spot for you, chances are we could fit you in somewhere amidst our vast Exiled community of guilds.
    Join our Discord here
    and may the force be with you
  • Zylos Vendetta 3 is looking for a few new members!

    We recently delivered 3 of our top members to our sister guild Zylos Vendetta 1, so now is the time to find suitable replacements. We are the 3rd of 4 guilds in the Zylos Vendetta community - and we are doing great :-)

    -Hpit with 0 Damage for 24 hours. Solo members are encouraged to delay finishing run to give other members a chance to get higher placements.
    -Haat-Kenobi Shards... need I say anymore?
    -Sith T4 capable, but T3 regularly with stable raid ticket production.
    We produce between 21k and 25k tickets a day.

    Communication: Discord server where you can interact with our other sisters guilds (4 total at this time).
    We have various officers focusing on different aspects of our guild. You'll get out of this guild what you want. At this time we are requiring new members to use Discord.

    Closing comments: We don't require a certain amount of daily ticket production. We have a combination of free to play and whales. All we ask is that you try to participate in guild events and at least register your 0 damage so we all benefit from the growth. If we aren't a fit... maybe one of our other guilds will be for you.

    Post your info below:
    GP, ALLY CODE, feel free to check us out on swgoh "Zylos Vendetta 3"

    Or contact the community leader, Falen Lacer at Discord: Falen Lacer#6955
    Or ally Sioux (guild Leader at ZV3) at 768-235-194
  • Dankly
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    Guild Name: Secular Union
    We're Eastern Standard Time and raid at 7 PM.
    116 Mil GP,
    Raids: Officers are diligent about posting direction and notes on events so everything is organized and coordinated.
    39-40 *LS/DS TB.
    24hour HAAT and Rancor 0 damage - T5 Sith Raid Free Attack for now with minimum 4M damage per member. We're confident T6 is near.
    We have won the last 11 TW rounds.
    Also, we’re a guild of mature adults with jobs and what not, more on the semi-casual than super strict. But we’re well organized with discord and coordination.
    Let me know if this works for you
  • guild name: Rancor Food

    we are an active guild looking for 10-15 new members.

    guild requirements are that new members participate in all TB/TW's,

    600 daily tix.

    6/7* characters

    follow rules of the guild

    we do 0 damage the first 24 hours of the pit so everyone gets rewards.
  • Valariel
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    Mistborn is recruiting! 105m GP, HAAT, 37 and 39 stars LS/DS TB

    Mistborn is a group of friendly and dedicated players looking to fill out our ranks. We are Free-2-Play friendly but take our gaming seriously. We expect members to be enthusiastic and reliable contributors to guild tickets, raids, and events. Most of all, we love to have fun so be ready!

    About our guild: We are a guild of 105 million GP clearing Heroic Rancor 3-4 times/week, Heroic AAT 2-3 times/week, and currently getting 37 and 39 stars LS/DS territory battles. We are working on tier 5 Sith Triumvirate Raids and looking for members to help with our progression into higher tiers. We have very friendly and experienced officers to keep things running and to help new members. In order to keep our guild growing, we ask that applicants have at least 1.8 million GP (may consider lower players upon review of your account). Regular activity/contributions, enthusiasm, and a commitment to grow are a must! We are also looking for players that either have, or are working towards, JTR.

    If you would like to join us, contact us on our discord recruitment channel When introducing yourself, please include your profile.

    Logistical details/Guild Policies:
    - Mandatory discord server to facilitate easier communication between members.
    - Activity Reset time: 6:30pm PST
    - Minimum daily ticket contribution: 500 (600 preferred). We earn ~29k daily.
    - Heroic Rancor and HAAT Raids: 24 hour tagging period (zero damage)
    - Raid start times alternate between 9:00am and 6:30pm PST
    - Mandatory participation in daily activities, Territory Battles, Territory Wars, and Sith Triumvirate Raids
  • Solaros
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    **400n is the U.S. EST Raid (9pm) or mid-day AUS raid (11am) squad of ANZGC.**


    ANZGC is the premiere SWGOH guild for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

    400n looking for active players to join our team of competitive members. We are looking for people who want to help us develop further as a guild and make further progress on game events.

    **What we are looking for:**

    * Ideally above 1.5mil GP (will consider lower for the right person)
    * Completes 600 tickets daily
    * Active in all aspects of the game (TW / TB / STR)
    * Discord required for communication

    **What we offer:**

    * Guild GP of ~88mil
    * Raid times 21:00 EDT (US) / 11:00 AEST (AUS) with a ~24HR 0 damage period in place.
    * 3 x HPIT and 2 x HAAT weekly

    *We are not a HSR Ready guild. We do have strong member base developing squads for this event and promotion opportunities exist into such guilds within ANZGC.*

    **Current Vacancies: 1-2**

    **Contact Solaros#1771 on Discord** for further information. If we don’t meet your Guild requirements we can also assist you in finding something more suitable within the 20+ ANZGC guilds.
  • DeeOhGee
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    Are you part of a slow growing Guild? Is your guild half full of inactive players and struggling to meet the 25 Member TW requirements? We have a Home for you!
    4 the Rebellion is a semi casual guild looking for some dedicated loyal players who want to grow with their guild. We believe in growing from within. It is our goal to recruit active daily players and help grow and become strong as one guild. If you are a dedicated player who is looking for a friendly group to chat and grow strong with we are the guild for you!
    • 47/50 Guild GP 34M (and Growing)
    • Heroic Rancor Raids 2-3 a week. Launch at 7pm UTC-5. 0 damage for 24hrs. (We are experimenting with a Noon UTC-5 start for European players as we have a few)
    • Heroic Tank Raids 1-2 times a week. Launch around 6:30 UCT-5 . We allow at least 24 hours to get on the board before we kill it. (This raid requires a little bit of strategy)
    • Continuous T2 and T3 Sith Raids.
    • TB and TW. 15/17 Stars. One of our leaders is an excellent strategist. We try to fill platoons as best we can and use the commands to maximize the number of stars we can get. We also farm ROLO and we have several members working on IP teams for IDP shards.
    Dee Oh Gee
    Ally code 297-413-784
    Discord: Dee Oh Gee#7051
    Line Id: Reyman14
  • **Falcon Force Ascended**
    60mil GP -

    **More than 28k Tickets Daily**

    Come join our recruiting server and meet some of our officers

    We are looking for someone who wants to be in an active guild that farms HPIT and HAAT.

    Currently running T4 Sith Triumvirate Raid

    - Hoping to have Han Solo and General Kenobi shards
    - We raid @ 8pm EST

    __Now what are the requirements for Falcon Force you ask__

    **Well...they're pretty simple:**

    1. Have a minimum GP rating of 750k (if you’re close or very active please contact me)
    2. Have a public account
    3. Get your 600 daily raid tix so you & the guild can maximize territory battles & raiding opportunities (400 is the minimum amount allowed)
    4. Be on Discord
    5. Be a positive influence in the community
    6. Have fun

    If this sounds like a guild you want to be a part of, and thrive in, **Please join our Recruiting Discord Server** and introduce yourself.

    **Or .. you can find me on discord @ RockyScott#2112**
  • New Warframe currently has slots open. We are looking for casual but highly active players to join us. Ideally you would be the same as us, 600k-1.5million max gp. Our team has a combined GP of 26 million.

    We currently do:
    Rancor Heroic Raids 2-3 times per week (24hour rule)
    Normal AAT tank twice a week.
    Sith Triumvirate T3 twice a week
    TW - 17 stars

    We are a friendly, supportive team and want to be competitive but are more interested in making sure our team mates have fun. Most of us are mainly f2p. We are very active and rapidly improving since a change in leadership.

    Feel free to pm here or contact me on discord mad dad#7837
  • Heiboca
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    Knights of Nerule are looking for new members to come and help bolster our numbers. We are striving to get enough tickets so we can perform heroic raids. We are also looking for new members to help out in territory battles. For any questions you can contact me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247
  • Motown
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    107 GP guild. We discord, some of us probably have beards, i have a beard. We curse, we like to laugh at mob enforcer's expense, and we have fun. Put your wallets away, because we don't want you to spend your money, unless you want to of course. If you want to, we will help you justify your purchase, so when your wife asks why you spent $99 on a phone game you have reasons. 450 daily tickets and since we discord it is state law that you discord with us. We want members that want to have fun, learn, share your knowledge, and help us on our quest for heroic str. If you join RAWBEEF, yes you read that correctly, all of your wildest dreams will come true. Send me a message on discord or here. Discord is Motown#4216. I wont respond tonight because, well, I have kids and need some sleep so I look handsome in the morning like unmasked kylo (Pantene ProV Kylo). Seriously though, send a message right meow!
  • Guild: Wraith Armada
    GP: 92 million
    Members: 47
    Raid Times - 930pm est
    Heroic AAT & Rancor
    LS TB:34 DS TB:32
    Min Requirements - 1.5 mil gp
    (Read Below for Exceptions)

    Hello! We are a newly launched guild with several veteran players averaging close to 2 mil gp per player. We decided to form a new guild because the last one was stagnant and we needed to reshuffle and change up leadership. We’re looking for anywhere between 1 to 5 more solid veteran players and just require you join discord. 1.5 million gp minimum with exceptions for good rosters and arena ranking. Message me on here or hop in the discord here if your interested!
  • frtpskn
    1026 posts Member
    -49/50 active members
    -28 k tickets
    -GP 71 mil
    -All Raids have 24 zero damage period
    -Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
    -HAAT 2 times a week
    -Sith Raid- still working towards higher tiers. currently tier 3 and tier 4 rotate
    -TB 27*
    -Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
    -Using Line for outside guild chat and territory battle organisation
    -Line id: frtpskn
    What we are looking for: is must
    -Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
    -GP min 750k (maybe make exceptions if close to this)
    -GP over 1mil
    -Minimum 500 tickets daily
    -People who are willing to communicate
    If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
  • Новая гильдия Ukraine United Forces набор 60+

    Особых требований в принципе нет. Ищем не задротов а норм игроков) Нас пока мало, поэтому Вы можете стать частью истории данной гильдии)

    Ищите нас по названию гильдии либо по моему коду 869-637-293
  • Karvenh
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    Liebe SWGOH-Gemeinde,

    Die Wächter der Alten Lehren (46 Mio GM, derzeit voll) und die Wächter der Neuen Lehren (30 Mio GM, im Aufbau, derzeit 33 Member) suchen neue Spieler!

    Die beiden Gilden sind aus meiner alten 2. Account/Spaß Gilde hervorgegangen und großartig entstanden. Durch zahlreiche Fusionen ist eine tolle Gemeinschaft auf unserem gemeinsamen Discord Server gewachsen!
    Für eine, eigentlich selbtsernannte, Fun Gilde ist der Fortschritt und die tägliche Ticketanzahl (mind 20k) mehr als beachtlich und sorgt für ausreichend viele Raids!
    Wir haben eine hervorragende Stimmung und durch die vielen Neueinsteiger wird viel und gerne in den diversen Channels geschrieben und erklärt. Gerne hätten wir noch ein par erfahrene Spieler, die Lust daran haben den neuen und noch kleinen Spielern zu helfen, aber generell sind Spieler jeder Stufe willkommen!

    Wir bieten:
    - erfahrene, starke Spieler mit teils weit über 2 Mio GM
    - Spaß am Spiel - Discord Server zur Hilfe und Beratung
    - Keine Mindestanzahl von Tickets, 600 Tix und vor allem Aktivität sehr gern gesehen :wink:

    Unsere Wünsche:
    - Aktivität und der Wille sich zu verbessern
    - Discord wäre von Vorteil
    - solltest du nicht den Anforderungen der 1. Gilde entsprechen oder diese voll sein, kannst du auch in unsere Aufbau-/warte-Gilde "Die Wächter der Neuen Lehren"

    Unsere Regeln:
    1. SPAß!
    2. 24h 0 DMG Anmeldephase im Rancor und HAAT! Profil der Gilde:
    Discord Server:

    Beste Grüße

  • Zuckuss12
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    Guild Name: Gand Trandoshan Alliance

    Time Zone: US ET, 7:30 PM Reset

    • Raid Participation: Participate in all raids, at least auto if time is short
    • Daily Login: Alert officers when more than 2 days away are expected
    • Donations: If you request items please also donate items
    • Raid Tickets: Contribute at least 500 raid tickets per day
    • Territory War/Battle: Follow direction and participate in guild events (wars and battles)
    • Be Kind: Be respectful to other members
    • Have Fun: It is what the game is for. While striving to advance it is also critical to have fun while doing so.
    • Looking for minimum of level 85.
    • Use discord for communication, to be able to communicate clearly.
    We are running Heroic Rancor nonstop. HAAT starting this week and we also run Tier 3 Sith right now. We get great participation in all territory events (11 wins in TW so far) averaging 18 stars in TBs.

    Name of the guild is Gand Trandoshan Alliance. Contact us first in Discord:

    Look forward to meeting you!
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