Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • TK_421
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    Our focus is the Sith Raid so if you won’t hit daily or work on Sith Raid squads then you won’t make a good fit with our guild. Having said that here’s a description of us:

    We are looking for 4 more very dedicated players interested in working towards Heroic Sith Raid who are between 1.8-2.5M GP to bring us back to a full 50/50. We are looking for active daily players who will contribute a minimum of 500 guild tickets/day and participate every day in Territory Battles (required) & Territory Wars (preferred but but not mandatory). Although we only require 500/day the majority of us hit 600/day and we average around 575/member/day. We know people have lives and want to enjoy life so might miss some tickets here and there. We use Discord to communicate on since the in game chat is not sufficient to be successful.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 3:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM (Pacific U.S. time). We have members all over the world and this allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them. Rancor is gone in 10 minutes (we wait 10 minutes to post damage to be sure that everyone was able to enter the raid).

    We also do 24 hour zero damage HAAT and alternate times between 4:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific. We really don’t care if you don’t have a HAAT squad since we blow through it and are focussed on Sith Raid.

    We are doing tier 6 Sith Raids but drop down to a lower tier once they are knocked out if we need to burn through some raid tickets. Our guild is dedicated to farming the Sith Raid specific characters/teams and we should progress to heroic in a reasonable time. Sith Raid is currently the guild’s #1 priority so if the new raid doesn’t interest you then we will not be a good match for you.

    Our guild is at 91M GP. We get 35+ stars for both Territory Battles. We have a clear plan every day so that everyone is on the same page, doesn’t have to spend time thinking about what they should do, and so that we can maximize our rewards. We will continue to work on and fine tune our Territory Battle plan as we continue to improve and grow as a guild.

    We are now somewhere in the area of 20-8 in Territory Wars.

    If interested you can message me with any questions you may have about our guild via Discord at TK-421#3856 or reach me on LINE at tk-421starwars. I rarely check LINE so Discord is a much easier way to reach me. You can also message me in the game chat, my ally code is 977-185-135

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    ANZGC is the premiere SWGOH guild for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

    Omega Squad is looking for active players to join our team of competitive members. We are looking for people who want to help us develop further as a guild and make further progress on game events.

    What we are looking for:

    - Ideally above 1mil GP (will consider lower for the right person)
    - Our team completes 400 tickets daily (minimum requirement
    – we aim for 600 tickets)
    - Active in all aspects of the game
    - We are currently focused on participation and improvement on TB and TW (26* LSTB and full active team for TW)
    - Discord for communication, we insist on supportive and friendly communication

    What we offer:

    - Guild GP of ~70mil and growing
    - Raid times 8.00pm AEST (UTC +10) with 24hr 0dmg rule for HPIT and HAAT
    - 3 x HPIT and 2 x HAAT weekly
    - Tier IV Sith Raid
    - We are very active but are also realistic about RL commitments

    Current Vacancies: 2

    Please contact us for further information or join us in our guild chat: If we don’t meet your Guild requirements we can also assist you in finding something more suitable within our network of Guilds.
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  • Suus
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    Guild name: Dutch Lions
    heroic pit with enough tickets (around 3 times a week)
    nAAT multiply times a week
    hAAT once every two weeks (could change with the help of new members ;-) )
    guild info: guild GP 58m+, 45 members (at this moment)
    looking for: some active players with min. GP 800k, lvl 85 (preferably Dutch).
    It’s a Dutch guild so most of the time we will speak dutch, but there are already a few who don’t speak Dutch so the important stuff is also gonna be in English.

    If you would like to join us please share your swgoh account in the discord chat (above).
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    Game of Clones IV is a UK-based guild looking for committed, active and friendly folk to join us as we grow and develop! We're currently just short of 70m GP, and going through a revamp and reorganisation as we clear out some inactives and less committed players. We don't think this game should take over your life, but we love people who want to learn and develop and get better.

    We have an active Discord where we discuss everything from the latest Sith Raid strategies to the upcoming movies. We're a talkative and helpful group and we get on really well, and have a lot of fun.

    ~ 1m-1.5mil GP (Talk to us if it’s less)
    ~ 600 tickets daily
    ~ Discord/ account
    ~ Aiming to build a solid roster, particularly for TB/Sith Raid purposes as we improve
    ~ Raid and TW/TB Participation!

    24hr zero damage on Rancor, 24hr on HAAT, T4 Sith Raid on permanent rotation
    LSTB: 28+ Stars
    DSTB: 28+ Stars
    TW: 19/21 wins

    GrimReaper27#9149 if you want to chat further

    Our timezone is currently GMT+1 (UK summer time)
    Rancor kicks off at 2100, HAAT at 2000.
  • JamDev
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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over. We are active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    GP 110m, (49/50) HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, Sith Raid T5. Daily refresh is at 1am, Arena payout at 7pm, Ship Arena payout 8pm. All times BST (GMT+1).

    Both raids begin with 24hr registration period. After that HAAT is free for all, but Rancor is limited to one attack per player and we ask that those able to solo the raid allow 15 minutes from raid start before registering their score. Rancor starts at 7pm, HAAT at 8pm BST.

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part fully in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 1.5m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are very active and improving fast. We are working towards Heroic Sith Raid so JTR ready to go would be a bonus. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment server at:

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    Who: Space Pirates
    What: 126M+ GP Guild (47/50 currently) with rotating times for raids at 10 am ET and 8 pm ET
    Why: Looking for 3-5 people to join up with us and help us complete HSR.
    Requirements: Active top 100 or so player with at least 2M GP (will take less with for people with JTR)

    We use Line as primary communication (Line ID is magicflo) and have very active chats.
    Ally code is 492-958-912.
    If you're interested feel free to msg me back here or on Line.
  • Solaros
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    400n is the U.S. EST Raid (9pm) or mid-day AUS raid (11am) squad of ANZGC.

    ANZGC is the premiere SWGOH guild for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

    400n looking for active players to join our team of competitive members. We are looking for people who want to help us develop further as a guild and make further progress on game events.

    What we are looking for:
    • Ideally above 1.5mil GP (will consider lower for the right person)
    • Completes 600 tickets daily
    • Active in all aspects of the game (TW / TB / STR)
    • Discord required for communication

    What we offer:
    • Guild GP of ~87mil
    • Raid times 21:00 EDT (US) / 11:00 AEST (AUS) with a ~24HR 0 damage period in place.
    • 3 x HPIT and 2 x HAAT weekly

    We are not a HSR Ready guild. We do have strong member base developing squads for this event and promotion opportunities exist into such guilds within ANZGC.

    Current Vacancies: 1-2

    **Contact Solaros#1771 on Discord** for further information.
    If we don’t meet your Guild requirements we can also assist you in finding something more suitable within the 20+ ANZGC guilds.
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    Hi there,

    we are the Guild "Cloud City Insurgency" and looking for 2 more players to fill the last spots.

    • 90M GP and growing further each day
    • 48/50 Members
    • 6-7 raids per week = 2-3x HPIT, 2x HAAT, 2x Sith T4 - T5 with 0 dmg/24 hours
    • 8:30 pm CET (UTC+1) Raid Time
    • 6:30pm CET (UTC+1) Guild Refresh
    • 32* TB LS / 32* TB DS
    • We do TW and have won the last 6 wars in a row

    Requirements you should meet:
    • 1.3+ million GP (ideally even more because we need a strong player to support our guild)
    • ACTIVE
    • Lvl 85 is obvious
    • Discord is mandatory, cause we discuss tactics a.s.o. there
    • Able to contribute regularly to raids, TB, TW.
    • Able to contribute approx. 600 tickets daily
    • Able to communicate, follow rules and participate
    • You enjoy the game

    Bonus Requirements (more chance to get the last spot):
    • As mentioned above you have ideally more than 1.3 million GP
    • Decent arena and/or fleet rank (for e.g. Top 100 Arena, Top 20 Fleet)
    • Strong squad (toons with synergies and a purpose)
    • Ideally you have some of the characters we miss!! We think of a high starred Holdo/Rose/Wampa/Imperial Probe Droid or Hermit Yoda etc. = Toons we need in TB platoons

    About us:

    We are people from all around Europe and we all speak english in chat. For e.g. we have Austrian, British, Norwegian and German players (i am one of them) here. Our guild originally came from norway but now we have started recruiting more international players to have a better growth potential.

    So we welcome people from all around the world and wish to make the experience of playing the game as positive as possible for everyone.

    The guild is democratic, and officers and leaders can be voted in and out of office. We are very hungry and love what we achieve, but we also respect Real Life and we are not robots. Just let us know, if you can't spend some days Ingame or when you are on vacation.

    If this sounds to your liking and you love a homorous guild, please come and visit us at our Discord server:

    You can also contact me directly:

    We hope to hearing from you soon.

    With kind regards,
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    • Ewokolypses Own, part of the Ewokolypse family of guilds.
    • US East coast schedule, but we have members from all over.
    • We run and complete HPit 3x/week, and HAAT 2x/week. Both HPit and HAAT are on easy-farm status for us. We’re still building necessary STR squads, and we complete alternate STR 3 and 4 to not waste tickets.
    • TB 23*. TW over 50% win rate in the 60M+ GP bracket. TB and TW is low as we don’t have strict requirements for them.
    • Guild requirements:
    1. Have a Line account and contact BBEight (Line ID: bb8bbeight) to get added to the Ewokolypse family of guilds chat rooms.
    2. Ensure your in-game SWGOH name matches your Line ID so we know who we’re talking to and who to contact.
    3. Produce the maximum of 600 daily raid tickets, which is easily achieved by spending 600 energy daily (a few easily achieved energy refreshes will typically be needed).
    4. Contact somebody if you will not be able to produce 600 daily tickets (vacation, work, IPAs won a drinking contest against you, etc.)
    5. For HPit, if you can completely solo all 4 phases with a single team (what we refer to as a solo run), which nets a score of ~10.4 million, please wait one additional hour after the raid starts to post your score, so others can get their shot (make sure to start your run just prior to raid start).
    6. In STR, make 5 daily runs at it. Even auto-running 5 teams is much more useful than not participating at all
    • We have no minimum level or GP requirements. We prefer raid ticket production over large character rosters (although both is good).

    We currently have 47/50 members, and are looking for at least 3 active players.

    Below is our SWGOH link. Please contact me if you’re interested in joining the Ewokolypse family.
  • Trojo
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    Looking for New alliance members:

    Requirements:, we have guilds that fit any type of player. Each guild runs themselves however they want.

    Any Level, beginner to Heroic Sith
    Line, Discord, or Neither
    Daily 600 or Casual
    TB/TW required - and some not

    Line: johtr
    Discord: GotW Johtr#6089

    Hit me up if you need a guild.

    These are a couple of our options:

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    Dr Snake Guild

    Hello Friends!

    We're A Guild Who Are Active Every Single Day!!
    I Also Just Started This Guild WIth A Couple Of People.
    We Want To Make This Guild Big And Very Good!!

    Just Join Today And YOU Can Make This Dream Happen!
  • Buffems
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    The Awakened Heroes

    We are an international guild preparing to conquer Heroic Sith Raid very soon!
    We are a 94M GP, drama free, committed guild who wants to progress in all aspect of the game
    We are looking for 10 active members to join our team and help us complete our Guild
    Minimum GP of 1.5 mil
    Must have a discord.
    Must be active.
    We raid at 5pm EST time (rancor and HaaT on farm)
    37-40 Stars on TB
    Currently doing T5 sith raid, but have completed T6
    For more info contact @Buffems #0625 or @Rhil Josefa Margos #0769
  • KiwiJedi
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    Guild Name: Straya Too

    We are an active Australian based guild. We're a friendly, laid back but ambitious guild. Our members range from F2P to occasional spenders. Currently we have 48 members with a guild GP of 99.6 mil.

    A lot of members are always active in chat with advice and help for fellow members, and there is usually a lot of friendly humorous banter as well. We’re also on discord although that is optional.

    We currently complete HAAT and Rancor raids at heroic level and are looking to recruit members to fill our remaining empty places.

    Rancor and HAAT raids start between the following times
    • 2000 – 2030 AET

    Our guild operates under the following rules:
    1. 24 hour no damage rule on heroic raids.
    2. 8 day inactive rule
    3. Mandatory participation on territory battles, with a minimum score of 7mil.
    4. Territory Wars is optional but if you sign up you must score points.
    5. New Users must post a message on chat within 48hours of joining.

    So if you want Kenobi or Solo shards & can work within the above criteria why not send us an invite.

    We will consider all invites but we're preferably looking for members who have:
    • Captain Han Solo (at 5 stars)
    • Galactic Power of 1.8 million
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    Strong and Active guild looking for 2 members to fill out spots . Friendly helpful guild that will help your squads grow to their maximum potential and be a fun place to chat and meet like minded nerds!
    LS TB-31*, DS TB-30*, GP-85 million and growing
    HAAT/HRancor (24 hour no hit rule, 0930, 1230, 1730 EST rotating schedule))
    Sith Triumvirate Raid - T4
    Level 85, no GP requirements, experienced players to help you develop, We just ask that you stay active and committed.
    Daily 500+ tickets average, Active Raid participation
    Both participation in both lightside/darkside Territory Battles & Territory War
    Discord required
    Message me here or discord (Mightydohboy#9353) if you have further questions.
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    Gunslingers are looking for active individual players or a guild to merge into ours.

    Some info about our current state:
    • We are a guild of 37 players with a GP of around 50 million.
    • Casual but committed players looking to build a stronger guild.
    • We remove players with persistent inactivity / lack of participation in guild events.
    • Run 1-2 heroic rancor raids per week (depending on tickets)
    • Run 1 normal AAT raid per week.
    • Focusing on teams for HAAT.

    Who / what we are looking for:
    • Players who aim for 600 ticket contribution daily and achieve this on most days.
    • Players with a GP of at least 1 million.
    • Players looking to grow and are working towards HAAT teams.
    • Players willing to join discord.
    • Players who will participate in guild events such as territory wars and battles.
    • People who enjoy playing and contributing to the guild.

    If interested, give me a shout on discord (Hellfish, player id #3108).
  • DocDoom
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    The Zefiro have a rare opportunity for someone to join us!

    105M GP. Mowing down Heroic rancors and tanks without breaking a sweat (24hr rule in effect). Just did our first T6 Sith raid. 33+ stars each TB.

    Based in Eastern US time. Looking for folks with at least 1.5M GP who will routinely be active in game, but we won't hassle you for every last raid ticket if you know what I mean.

    Interested? Inquire at Zefiroguild on FB, or with DocDoom#3475 on Discord!
  • Radium
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    The Cantina Bums are looking to replace some retirees!

    151mil gp! Traya on ez farm

  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    Blue Squad Guild
    GP: 100 million

    Recruiting active players, currently need 3 members.

    About us:
    HPit and HAAT are a 24 zero rule and are run about 2-3 times a week.
    T5 Sith raid but close to T6
    34* for LSTB and 32* for DSTB
    Winning record in TW

    Requirements to join:
    At least 1.5 million GP
    Must be active everyday, specifically 600 raid tickets
    Always participate in Sith raid
    Join Guild Discord server
    Be willing to communicate regularly

    DM me on discord if interested Karnivorous#7945
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    Thrawns' Renegades - HPit / HAAT / HSTR ~ 130M Galactic Power / LSTB 42* DSTB 44* / 24-3 in TW
    Indipendent and friendly guild with a large mix of players (by both region and starting date), most of us has been togheter for over a year.
    We are competitive so everybody is expected to participate in TB and TW but we also understand the game requires a good amount of time daily and real life comes first.
    We try to keep the turnover rate as low as possible, have no penalties for honest mistakes and only kick people for repeatedly breaking rules
    Guild reset time is 23:30 GMT
    We use the ingame chat but mainly LINE and Discord (at least one of the two is mandatory for TB/TW coordination)
    Raid Rules:
    HPit: Raid is launched right after guild tickets reset time, 20h to register your zero then so it open at 19:30 GMT but no damage allowed before 20.00 GMT.
    HAAT: Raid is launched after the guild tickets reset time, 20h to register your zero until 20:00 GMT the next day, then free for all (normally it lasts around 40 mins)
    HSTR: Raid is launched after guild ticket reset time, it opens at 19:00 GMT, p1/p2/p3 free for all, p4 starts at 20:00 GMT the next day (if there's an Haat scheduled at the same time, it starts as soon as the tank goes down)
    - 2.5M+ GP with a good roster for TB/TW/Sith Raid (if you have JTR or are a very competitive player even a bit lower is ok)
    - active on LINE or Discord/TB/TW and easy to coordinate
    - 600 raid tickets daily consistently
    If you want to join, message me here. You can also contact me on LINE at xbalex or on Discord at Bale#4097
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    Nerfherder Union is looking for players to join our active guild. We currently have one spot available.

    We are a pretty relaxed but active guild looking for members who are motivated and are keen to play with a like-minded group of people. The majority of our players are not hSTR ready, but we’re working towards that. So don’t worry we have a spot for you as long as you’re willing to participate and help the guild!

    About us:

    112mill GP (49/50)

    38* LS/40* DS TB
    94 ROLO shards and 22 IPD shards in the latest TBs

    Guild reset is 7.30pm central

    Raids start at 8pm central rotating HRancor and HAAT on alternate days with 0 damage for 24 hours.
    Sith raid: we are currently doing T4/5 (ffa) and are starting to focus building teams to improve in this raid (we hope to get another 10-15 JTRs next time which will help)

    We’re looking for:
    An active daily player with 2mill gp +
    A sufficient roster that they can contribute to TB/TW and the Sith raid including: Cholo, HRSol, Veers, Starck, Phoenix and working towards Imperial Troopers and JTR
    Participate in guild events
    A public profile
    400 tickets minimum daily (though most do 600 so we can raid more)
    Line app mandatory - all our communication is via our main announcements channel, we also have optional rooms for TB/TW, raids and social so that we can help each other out with gameplay tips etc or just to chat and hang out

    Check us out on

    Get in touch via Line, search for: sarith2017 or spaceballr
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    We are a highly organized, 105M GP, independent guild. Currently we’re 26-1 in TW and average 34* in LSTB and 38* in DSTB. We do HRancor 3x a week, HAAT 2x a week (both at 9pm CST), and T6 Sith Raids with T4 done after to burn tickets (Looking to start heroic in the next few months). We have a wide range of players, including several veterans, and a low guild turnover rate. Come join our guild and help us progress in our pursuit of the Heroic Sith Raid.

    What we’re looking for:
    • One solid Sith Raid Team (JTR, Chex Mix, Nightsisters, FO, Leia Spam, Imp Troopers)
    • Must use Discord and have profile
    • Push for 600 tix daily, but maintain at least 3500/wk (we recognize life gets in the way sometimes)

    PM me here, or on discord, sirius starkwalker#4356, if you’re interested and send along your ally code and profile. Join the dark side and get a free cookie!
  • JoeSolo
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    Welcome to Special Forces Guild, we are a North American guild with a reset of 9:30 EST /6:30PST.

    This round of DS TB was 36* . Last LS TB was 35*. Currently doing both rancor and tank heroic raids with ease. Doing alternating level 4 and 5 sith raid. Looking to fill out the roster to work towards Heroic.

    Guild requirements:

    -"Line" app ready, you must be a member to our announcement room, our chat room is optional.

    Daily guild activity minimums:
    - do your dailies
    - mimimum 400 guild coins each day. aim for 600
    - we do know real life comes first. we don't boot for missing minimums if logging daily

    Instructions for each raid are posted in line app.
    Both rancor and tank have a 24 hr. zero damage period.

    Raids start 9:30EST/6:30 PST

    Infractions are dealt with on case by case basis but generally 3 strikes and u are out. Strikes are handed out for non contribution and low activity. details listed in guild guidelines.

    1.5 million GP minimum
    Team player
    Have line app
    Want to have some fun and progress as a group.

    Contact JoeSolo on line app (user joesolo10) for details and invite.

    For a snapshot of guild see below. We are at 104mil GP total

    We have room for up to 5 new members.
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    Guild Victory March

    Looking to replace 2 members who are filling in while we restore our numbers.

    We are an international guild, but based out of USA.

    We currently raid 3 times a week in the heroic pit raid and are doing the Tank raid 2 days a week. Both raids are on farm status. We have bonus raids of each when tickets get high enough. Each raid has a period of time for 0's.
    Guild payout/reset time is 7:30 PM PDT (0430 CEST)

    TB Light 39 Stars, dark 38 stars.

    TW: we do coordinate our defensive strategy through the line app and have won more than lost.

    Current guild GP is 115+ million
    · an account with the app Line
    · Daily contribution of 600 Guild Raid tickets (we understand people have real lives outside SWGOH if you are going to take a “vacation” just let an officer know)
    · English language communication
    · we prefer Minimum 2 Million GP
    . Post 0 in Hpit and HAAT

    Sample VM folks:

    Please contact me here or via Line ID: "marka.ragnos"


    VM Marka Ragnos
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    My guild is active, but we don’t require more than you participate. We banter in the chat. We are HANDJOBBA THE HUT.
    we’re only in our lvl 40s and 50s and just want to add some people so we can keep pushing through raids.
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    Han Seeking Wookie

    Do you have a bad GOOD feeling about this? Read on...

    All About That Bass No Rebel is seeking active, fun players. We have approximately 5 slots open atm.
    We’re fairly casual guild that just completed our first HAAT, and have 2-3 Heroic Rancors a week. Working our way up the Sith raid slog, no one really likes it, so we’re not really pushing it atm. If you feel strongly about it, we could definitely ramp it up.

    We love this game, but we also love having lives outside it too, so our requirements are minimal— be active, be enegaged, don’t be a ****. No daily ticket minimums, but everyone tends to max out on a regular basis. Our only policy used to be don’t touch the Rancor for 24 hours, but that update solved that! Our Group GP is about 55M atm.

    Activities reset is 6 pm west coast time.

    No GP minimum, but we’d ideally like someone over 1M, with a 7* Pao.

    ...jk. We take all Paos.

    If you’d like to play with fun people, and potentially be a big fish in a medium pond, we’re perfect for you. Do your worst at HAAT, we get Kenobi shards either way! Plus, we’re a fun group and donate gear freely!

    Interested, please PM me here, or join us on line: Triggy1.
  • Heiboca
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    We have 16/50 members with a 7.9m gp. We are looking for new members to come and help bolster our rosters and help advance the guild in many ways. Here is my SWGOH profile For any more questions you may have you can contact me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247.
  • Snoob
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a mixed nation guild, very kind and helpful and we are recruiting again. We raid heroic rancor and heroic tank multiple times a week at rotating start times. At the moment, we are raiding t6 STR. No alliance guild. We have 114M+ GP and 39* last LS TB. 40* on last DS TB.

    We are looking for active players, level 85 and good GP (2M+, RJT would be nice but not a requirement, at least one good p2 team is required). We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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    Just started a brand new guild:

    Kyber Coalition

    Open to anyone, as long as you are active and contribute to daily raid tickets.

    Looking to launch raids very frequently, so as many members as possible would be great!

    My in game ID is 384-427-637
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