Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    We are Aunt Beru's BBQ Hut!!!
    118+ Million GP Guild looking for ONE member to get us to 120million GP!

    We have one space available. We are looking for 2 million GP (or close to it) 600 daily energy. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit. We get 39-40 stars on both TBs.

    We are a laid back group, we truly are family because a lot of us have been gaming together for years. We have the experience in getting things done, we work well together and we just have FUN first! We use group me chat app, so come talk to us and see if we are the right fit for you.

    Click here to join:
  • About us:

    Mutiners without fears

    Potentially one space due to inactive player

    80.5mil gp

    Hpit Haat

    t4 sith

    7.30pm uk raid time 24hr no damage

    600 ticket not essential but be as active as possible

    Line optional, no discord

    My ally code 949 699 318

    From the WØR Cluster of THE ALLIΔNCE

    About WØR

    The WØR Cluster is a group of 12 guilds ranging from 20 Million to 171 Million GP. Currently we have 4 Heroic Sith guilds.

    As members progress they are offered promotion into higher tier guilds within the cluster, allowing members to progress at the pace of their choosing without needing to search for a new guild that matches their roster status.

    Our higher tier guilds are currently accepting applications, if interested please see our Discord Server

    About GΔTE WΔY

    GΔTE WΔY is our starter/development guild intended to speed up account progression and help players learn.
    We have two guilds at this level in order to accept more members and support two raid times.

    - Guild reset time is 7:30 PM EST / 00:30 GMT
    - The first guild's raid time is at 3:00 PM EDT / 19:00 GMT
    - The second guild's raid time is at 9:00 PM EDT / 1:00 GMT

    What we offer to our members:

    - Coaching
    - Progression within the cluster
    - 3 Heroic Rancor Raids per week
    - Heroic AAT Raids between TWs and TBs
    - 15+ Stars in Light Side Territory Battles
    - 14+ Stars in Dark Side Territory Battles
    - A great community for discussion


    - Join our cluster's discord server for communication
    - Generate 600 raid tickets per day
    - Have or create a account

    How Do I Join?

    If you are interested in joining, please join our Discord Server and post in the looking for guild channel. If you have any questions, please contact Snapper#6792 on Discord.
  • mini_tb
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    Terminus Est is looking for 3 active members to fill up our roster.

    A few specifics about us:
    • 56 million GP
    • US and European based CST guild with rotating raid start times
    • 3x Heroic Pit raids per week, 7 star Han owners record 0 damage
    • 2x Heroic AAT raids per week
    • Tier 4 Sith Raid
    • Very active in TB (27-28 stars) and TW (winning record)
    • discord chat app required
    • required

    If you have any questions or are interested in joining us at Terminus Est, please contact me.

    discord: Kawa Bunnga#5621
  • Learn to Swim is looking to fill out our roster with a few committed members who crave teamwork, communication and want to evolve with us.
    We are an independent guild — 60M gp — that is focused on collective success while being an aggressive competitor, very organized, and fun and engaging on Discord.
    Reset is 11 p.m. MST. HPit and HAAT both farmed with rules that maximum participation and rewards; currently running Sith raid on T4; winning TW record (recently achieved 20th victory); 25 stars TB.
    Discord with matching in-game name
    SWGOH.GG registration
    Strive for 600 raid tickets daily
    DM me on Discord if interested: Swami#2679
  • ppix3
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    Guild: ImperialWalkerTexasRanger
    Guild GP: 77M+
    Looking for 3-4 strong, active members!

    *** General***:
    -Must not exceed 48 hrs of inactivity
    -Contribute at the very least 500-600 raid tix min.
    -Participate in all **"GUILD ACTIVITIES"** such as TB, TW, Raids, etc.

    -Must post damage of some sort to contribute.
    ----SITH RAID
    2 Tier 3/4 a week
    -No 24 hr 0 damage rule. Max damage is welcomed.
    ----HRancor & hAAT---- 3H Rancor/2hAAT / week
    -First 24 hours, 0 damage! Only "participation" is allowed.
    You may only POST ***1 MIL*** DAMAGE in HRancor if u have a 7* HAN.

  • AoH Casual is looking for 1 to 2 decently strong players to help support our raid progress. We're a laid back guild who are more interested in loyalty, friendliness and support for team mates than how big your account is.

    We have heroic PIT on farm and are consistently defeating HAAT, but we're relying heavily on a single player to do so and want to take the strain off him. Sith 2 and 4 are rotated as much as we can clear them...not ready for heroic.

    We've won 22 of the 24 wars we have participated in and have fairly consistent TB participation.

    We have minimal requirements: remain active, donate when possible, be courteous and follow rules when they are issued.

    Minimum player level is 25, but for this recruitment 85 is desired along with a strong HAAT team.

    Primary guild leaders are in EDT and guild reset is at 7:30EDT (whatever that converts to in GMT or UTC). Raid start times are not locked so that we can accommodate some of our members with different time zones, and we're flexible with changing if there's a need. With the new raid settings, all heroic raids have a 24h join period.

    If this sounds like a place you'd like to call home, send me a PM or message on discord: Kandiman#9739
  • EmpiresAssassins
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    About Us

    Empire's Assassins is a laid back, but active guild, full of players who are helpful, friendly, and continually growing. Nearly all of us are daily players, and we are looking for the same in our recruits. Our officer base is always ready to assist members with whatever they need to grow, whether that be in the form of advice, strategy, or gear donations, and are always willing to listen to guild members' requests and/or suggestions.

    Guild Stats

    •53M+ GP & growing rapidly
    •Heroic Pit & HAAT on farm, 3 days per week(as raid tickets permit), starting at 9pm EST, w/ 24h wait before attack
    •Tier IV Sith raid is regular, but at the guild's leisure, at this point. Generally cleared within a few days.
    •20+ stars in Territory Battles
    •25W/1L record in Territory Wars
    •Discord is used for communication, but is not mandatory

    Minimum Requirements for Membership

    • At least one 7* character
    • Participation in TW & TB
    • Login at least once every 10 days to avoid kick
    • Willing and able to follow instructions
    • The desire to progress as an individual player, and as a guild

    Preferred Stats(will be given higher priority)

    •Level 85
    •1M+ Total GP
    •Daily completion of Guild Activities
    •Strong PvE squads

    If you feel Empire's Assassins would be a good fit for you and your play-style, contact us with the following information, via one of the option listed below, under "Contact Info":

    •Ally Code
    •How often you generally play
    •Any questions or concerns you may have

    Contact Info

    PM username: EmpiresAssassins
    In-game Ally Code: 333-389-979
  • Grymsted
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    We are a newly formed guild for players just starting out. Everybody needs to start somewhere and what better than to start right here in your new home. We are an EU/Aussie guild but all are welcome. We are part of a 7 guild alliance with the opportunity to move up into our bigger guilds. Bigger guilds will come and merc for us when we have enough raid tickets.

    Minimum requirements:

    Be active
    Use discord
    Have profile

    Guild payout is 7 PM GMT+10
    For more info contact SΞN Grymsted {GO SoA}#6044 or Dangleberries#0031
  • Game of Clones IV is a UK-based non-alliance guild looking for 5-6 committed, active and friendly folk to join us as we grow and develop! We're a 70m GP guild, and going through a revamp and reorganisation as we clear out some inactives and less committed players. We don't think this game should take over your life, but we love people who want to learn and develop and get better.

    We have an active Discord where we discuss everything from the latest Sith Raid strategies to the upcoming movies. We're a talkative and helpful group, we get on really well, and have a lot of fun. We also encourage everyone to share ideas and generally get better together. We've grown from 50m to 70m in very quick time.

    ~ 1m-1.2mil GP (Talk to us if it’s less)
    ~ 600 tickets daily
    ~ Discord/ account
    ~ Aiming to build a solid roster, particularly for TB/Heroic Sith purposes as we improve
    ~ Raid and TW/TB Participation!

    24hr zero damage on Rancor and HAAT, T4 Sith Raid on permanent rotation (usually 48 hours completion)
    LSTB: 24+ Stars
    DSTB: 27+ Stars (currently 12 IPD shards/event, increasing all the time)
    TW: 20/24 wins

    Our timezone is GMT+1 (British Summer Time) and we raid at 2100 UK time/1600 EDT
  • Guild : Nightsisters with Attitude- NwA
    Guild Recruiter : majolnirg23 : ally code : 471-413-535
    Discord : majolnirg23#1170
    Guild reset time : 5:30pm GMT
    Minimum activity : 200 tickets per day
    Minimum player level : 65
    Raid tiers: Rancor T5/6, Sith T2, AAT
    Territory Battles : 9 stars
    Territory Wars : 1/1

    The original Aim of the guild was to help all members grow by running lower tier raids to help players level up, this worked well, we have had many members join from lvl 30 who are now 65+ by having simple rules and no major demands, be active and help others, whether that be in donations or by giving advice. Yes we ran lower raids but everyone has to start somewhere, but we are now getting closer to the higher Rancor raids, as such we are looking for active players that are at a minimum lvl 65 and will participate in guild events TB and TW.
    So if you are an active player who participates in all guild events/activities and are looking for a more active guild (20k+ tickets) we could be the guild for you.
    We have a discord channel and a good setup with good communications which is being enhanced all the time.
    We are looking for up to 10 active players.
    If you are interested join our discord recruitment server or dm myself on discord or using the in game chat.
    We hope to hear from you soon.
  • frtpskn
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    -48/50 active members
    -28 k tickets
    -GP 76 mil
    -All Raids have 24 zero damage period
    -Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
    -HAAT 2 times a week
    -Sith Raid- still working towards higher tiers. currently tier 3 and tier 4 rotate
    -TB 28*
    -Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
    -Using Line for outside guild chat and territory battle organisation
    -Line id: frtpskn
    What we are looking for: is must
    -Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
    -GP min 750k (maybe make exceptions if close to this)
    -GP over 1mil
    -Minimum 500 tickets daily
    -People who are willing to communicate
    If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
  • omals81
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    Guild name: Awwwwww Sithhhhhh
    Ally code: 312-726-558 send me an invite or message
    GP: 16M
    Reset time: 12am Hawaii time +10
    Raids: Heroic Rancor, AAT, 3-4* sith raid
    Hoth table: usually do 11-12 stars
    Activity/participantion: looking for active player, 600 tickets daily, get along with everybody, follow rules.
    Player levels: we welcome anyone. Very easy guild with people who is willing to help.

    We try to do as much raids as possible. Looking for more active players to help with daily activities. We have players lvl 25 thru lvl 85. we try to accommodate anyone that wants to play.
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  • 633 Squadron looking for 10 more players to fill the ranks!!!

    You need to be able to earn 500-600 raid tickets daily
    Enter all guild event where applicable
    We are currently running:
    Rancor Raid Tier 7 - 0 damage for 24 hours
    ATT Raid Tier 6 but will be doing Tier 7 shortly just levelling up a few more characters
    Sith Raid Tier 1/2 - rotating between the 2 tiers
    Territory Battles - currently earning 11/12 stars per battle but that will increase with more players
    Territory Wars - Starting next week as now have enough level 65's
    We are a Guild with 16 mil GP but we hit hard to get the raids done
    We help each other out with gear exchanges and help in the game

    We have an experienced Leader at has been in guilds with high GP but created this guild as he likes to help build players up

    Leader Ally code is: 179-479-948

    Most of all you need to enjoy the game and have fun.
  • Telperien
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    Lifetime Power is an heroic guild with 110mil GP. We are currently looking to fill 1 open spot.

    We are very active and do Heroic Rancor 3 times per week every Monday, Wed, and Friday at set times. We also have HAAT on farm 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays at set times. We do not have Sith on a set schedule yet but are running them as soon as we finish one and have tickets available. We are an EST guild but we have members for many time zones.

    1. GP around 2+ mil
    2. required to contribute 600 tickets daily however we do understand that real life takes priority we just ask that you inform us if there is a good reason you can't meet that sometimes.
    3. must sign up on website and have profile setup to sync and public
    4. must communicate. we don't expect you to be a super chatter box but must keep up with info and follow instructions posted in discord.

    We are pretty laid back in general but we are active and want members who are actively pursuing this game and trying to always improve. If interested or you have any questions please feel free to join our recruitment channel on discord where one of our officers will be happy to help you.
  • CSP93
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    Hi! We are a new italian guild looking for active players of any nationality or level. As of now we are all on level 85 but we are ready to help out newer players grow and get better.
    We are looking to launch as many raids as possible so we only ask to contribute to daily tickets and to check the guild chat for any important announcement (that we will write blth in italian and english).
    We are here to have fun and grow toghether but we need players to be active so after 7 days of inactivity you will be out (unless of course you have previously warned us about it).
    Our guild name is Monterosa.
    In case you have any question my ally code is 432619374
  • Heiboca
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    We have 18/50 members with a 8.1m gp. We are looking for new members to come and help bolster our rosters and help advance the guild in many ways. Here is my SWGOH profile For any more questions you may have you can contact me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247.
  • Dankly
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    115GP EST guild, well organized 40* TB, T6 Sith raid looking for 4-5 ACTIVE players.

    Min GP 1.8M. and Discord required!

    HAAT & Rancor @ 7:00pm EST after 24hr 0 damage.

    Contact @ DanklyM#5565 on discord.

    Guild Name: Secular Union
    We're Eastern Standard Time, and raid at 7PM.
    111 Mil GP,
    Raids: Officers are diligent about posting direction and notes on events so everything is organized and coordinated.
    39-40 *LS/DS TB.
    24hour HAAT and Rancor 0 damage - T5 Sith Raid Free Attack for now with minimum 4M damage per member. T6 recently completed with no outside help..
    We have won the last 11 TW rounds.
    Also, we’re a guild of mature adults with jobs and what not, more on the semi-casual than super strict. But we’re well organized with discord and coordination.

    Raids/TB/TW - Officers are diligent about posting direction and notes on events so everything is organized and coordinated.

    Rancor attack - 1 team only, attack opens at 7:00pm EST after 24 hours of zero damage. Wait until 7:15pm to post damage.

    Heroic AAT Raid Rules and Strategies
    24 hour 0 damage
    Phase 1 start 7:00pm est
    Phase 2 start 7:30pm est
    Phase 3 start 8:00pm est
    Phase 4 start 8:30pm est

    We're a guild of adults we understand life happens, we have an afk channel if you need a few days.
  • wildirish
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    Looking for 2M+ GP, about to cross 100M GP and starting on T6 Sith raid, looking to advance to Heroic Sith in another two months!

    Will consider 1.5M+ GP with JTR or geared Troopers at a minimum

    Join Our Discord to Chat:
  • Thrawn
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    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
    If your a dedicated player and love the game, and desire to be among the same, then Jakkuzas is the guild for you

    Pushing the limits, max efficiency TB coordination, tough as nails and organised like a battalion in TW scoring over 20 wins so far, constantly raiding and appearing in the scoreboards

    We also have several channels to keep you up to date with game developments, squad theory and raid tactics. With the main chat keeping you laughing or recoiling in horror. (18+)

    We endeavour to keep things light and friendly, but are driven to succeed in all game modes at the same time. And we do.

    If you like lots of rewards, lots of raids, lots of shards and lots of banter. Hit us up.
    122m GP - 1 openings!
    Independent - 2yrs old and counting.
    GMT/UTC +0
    30k Daily
    G-Reset @ 18:30
    Rancor @ 19:00
    HAAT @ 19:30
    Sith raid t6 ffa
    All reg raids 24hr/0 dmg

    To Apply, msg us here, or for much faster reply use LINE

    Everyone must have line to join
    600/day required
    Able to participate in Frequent raids!

    (To apply Ideally have)
    2m gp with at least one of g12 cls/jrey/empire/sith meta squads

    Osirisreborn on LINE
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
  • We looking for new memebrs! We are a casual but very active guild. Run all raids and wars constantly and are willing to except all levels and help new members! We are levels 83-40(most 80-60) so we have a good mix and swap out high and low level raids so all levels have a chance to win. My code is 827-247-119. Send me an invite and I'll add you! The goal is to enjoy the game and have fun so let's conquer the galaxy!
  • HanYolooooooo (90M GP)

    Looking for 1.8M+ players preparing for heroic sith raid (have RJT or will next event). Most of us have Solo and GK 7* so you can take top spots for faster farms. Usual rules and helpful attitude.

    Just ask for max tickets everyday and active in events (raid, TW, etc). We're pretty laid back and have basic raid rules. We aren't cutthroat and help each other out. We should be open to join, if you can't find us PM me. Thanks.

    Discord: @Gen Bonesworth#6304
    Ally: 731-665-956
  • badgers
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    Badgers leader. Officers: awk777, tech dad, Bdpatt
    ally: 396 967 685
    Guild GP: 14M

    Line required: sammyt1022 or awk777

    Pit VI. Sith II or III. Tank VI. All three always going.
    We ask 24hr. wait for Pit but the rest, kill it if you can.

    How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars:
    Our leaders have played a long time and are teaching 18+ newbs the basics; all are grinding daily. We are building a winner...

    No Minimum player level/GP or character requirements

    Anything else you feel is important for people to know:
    Real life first. Competitive group. Fun. Most are new having played SWFC together the past four years. We ranked 9th at that game's ending. We are a structured group but want you to play your own game. Currently 33/50, we have room. All adults. Many prior service. Chat room is rated PG; if you would not feel comfortable with your child reading / seeing it, then do not post it. Our motto: one team, one fight...
  • Buffems
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    The Awakened Heroes

    We are an international guild preparing to conquer Heroic Sith Raid very soon!
    We are a 96M GP, drama free, committed guild who wants to progress in all aspect of the game
    We are looking for 10 active members to join our team and help us complete our Guild
    Minimum GP of 1.3 mil
    Must have a discord.
    Must be active.
    We raid at 5pm EST time (rancor and HaaT on farm)
    37-40 Stars on TB
    Currently doing T5 sith raid, but have completed T6
    For more info contact @Buffems #0625 or @Rhil Josefa Margos #0769
  • Vasudan
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    LazerFaces is recruiting. Current GP 32 million.

    We are currently 49/50 and have an excellent win ratio on TW. LS/DS TB ~13 stars. Average GP 655k.

    Heroic Pits are started automatically as soon as we have the tickets at 8pm EST with a 24 hour join period. AAT is also run as often as we have tickets and Ethan, our guild leader, thinks we will be HAAT ready soon. Sith raids are currently tier 4 and are run as soon as the last one ends.

    Most of us are level 85, but are accepting lower levels who are active and looking to grow. Minimum level 75, no GP requirement. Please have, or be close to having, at least one 7* character so you can benefit from our Heroic Pits. Must participate in TW/TB. If you will be unavailable please let someone know or post on our discord server. Also, if you are going on vacation or are going to be gone for 7 days or more, definitely let us know, or you may be removed from the guild. We ask that you push for 600 tickets a day, but do not require it. Please try to participate as much as possible in daily guild activities. We ask that you setup a account if you do not already have one but this is also not required.

    We are a helpful, relaxed and close knit group of people.

    We have a discord server for longer conversations, helpful links, TW/Raid strategy and individual player advice. If you have any questions, please send me a message on discord - Vasudan#9526. You can also join our discord server to ask questions and poke around our channels. We would prefer if new members have a discord account as we do not use the chat in game very much. Most of our exchanges occur on discord. You don't have to talk if you choose not to, but please do read. If you would like to join up, just search for “LazerFaces” and drop on in!

  • Hallo zusammen,

    Unsere Gilde "Wampanader Raider" entstanden aus der Fusion zweier Inaktiven sucht nach Verstärkung um Territorialkriege angehen zu können.
    Aktuell haben wir eine GM von 12,9Mio.
    25 Gildenmitglieder von denen alle die letzten 14 Tage aktiv waren (14 Tage unentschuldigtes Fehlen wird aussortiert).
    Da der 6er Rancor bei uns lediglich eine Stunde anhält steht diese Woche der Heroic Modus an
    NAAT brauchen wir ca. 6-7Tage.
    Sith Raid versuchen wir uns an einem 4er.
    Territorial Hoth Rebellen/Imperium erreichen wir ca. 11-13Sterne aktuell.

    Wir haben aktuell keine Level Limitierung und auch keine Line oder Discordpflicht.
    Jeder ist willkommen und kann mit uns wachsen und weiterkommen sofern die Aktivität da ist.

    Unser Gildenklima ist freundlich und hilfsbereit, hauptsächlich deutschsprachig, teils englisch.

    Gildenbeitritt ist offen.
    Gern dürft ihr mich bei Fragen hier direkt kontaktieren oder ingame: 169-541-463

  • Lord_Terminus
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    Hi, LordTerminus here.

    I represent Nightmare Squad Alpha, a new guild that welcomes any players needing a guild! We still take things very seriously though, so discord and daily 600 (or close to it) are required.
    We’re in MST (Denver) and plan on starting raids every other day around 3:00. However, since the guild is new, we are very open to suggestion and would be willing to promote an officer should you show that you are able to handle the role and wish to do so.
    If you’re interested in starting up a new elite force of players and are level 60 or higher, we have a discord for you to come by and meet the few players we have. We’re looking to grow a great guild community and want you to be a part of it.

    We have no level or GP requirement, but Discord and are required, no exceptions. Daily 600 are required but we understand that personal lives may get in the way. However if you repeatedly miss out on the daily 600 you will be kicked. You will also be expected to participate to the fullest on TB, TW, and raids.

    We will expect that you farm at least 1 team for each phase of STR, one of which being resistance. JTR is not required to join but you will be expected to farm for her. You will also be expected to farm specific teams for TB. We have a farming list found on the discord, and we will expect that you will farm at least a few of the teams listed (or something close) to prepare for TB and STR.

    Discord Server:
    My Ally Code: 357-613-281
    My Discord: Lord_Terminus#5159
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    Ally Code: 357-613-281
  • I am recruiting for a guild I have just start. It is called Hondos Heroes. Currently have no level cap, would like more experienced players but anyone is welcome to apply. Will set up raids once I see what kind of people I can recruit. I do not mind getting newer people and helping them grow.
  • Ragtag-ruffians are looking for players to get more tickets and raids going , we don't micromanage, laid back, and we are running both HPit and HAAT.
    We are not looking to join an alliance, or merging into another guild. Though you are more than welcome to merge with us :)

    Currently 27 members
    19 million GP
    13/14 Stars TB
    10k+ tickets per day. (Pretty active, averaging 400 ticket per player)
    Can complete both Hpit and HAAT, and T3 Sith(4Days) - 0/24 rule except for sith raid.
    400/600 per day if possible
    US West Coast Guild
    We run HAAT/HPIT raids at 7:30pm PST
    This is our core group:
    Discord ID: CaptainAwesome#1567
    Ally Code: 631-971-322
    Discord ID: rowgar#7607
    Ally Code: 798-273-256
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