Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Jakkuzas will have 1 or 2 spots open
    125mm+ GP fun and very active guild.

    We are currently looking for an active player that is addicted to the game. We are an independent focused, organised guild offering up an open spot for anyone wanting to farm HAAT, HRancor and TB while advising and having a laugh in the Line chat rooms we run. Great TW record too.
    We are working on the sith raid, currently running t6.
    Don’t be “that guy” that just wants to join a guild already completing heroic, be that guy that helps beat it the first time!!

    -600/600 required everyday. To be monitored but not enforced like a prison camp.
    -Use of the 'Line' app is mandatory.
    -Must have a sense of humor, Line chat is 18+

    If you would like to apply, please add 'DarthRain' on the 'Line' app also Darth Reign #4202 on discord.
  • Natecraw
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    We have two new swgoh recruiting pages if you are looking for a guild stop by and see what you think of our subreddit and our discord page.
    Is our Reddit page and is our discord link thank you and cant wait to see your post
  • beru.jpg

    We are Aunt Beru's BBQ Hut!!!
    118+ Million GP Guild looking for ONE member to get us to 120million GP!

    We have one space available. We are looking for 2 million GP (or close to it) 600 daily energy. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit. We get 39-40 stars on both TBs.

    We are a laid back group, we truly are family because a lot of us have been gaming together for years. We have the experience in getting things done, we work well together and we just have FUN first! We use group me chat app, so come talk to us and see if we are the right fit for you.

    Click here to join:
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  • YanElrad
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    Devildogs is an active guild w/ 70m GP and growing looking for 3 active players.
    Currently running HPit & HAAT multiple times weekly & are building towards Sith Raid (currently t4)
    TW record of 17 wins 7 losses, last DSTB was 23 stars, last LSTB was 23 stars.
    New members need an SWGOH.GG account and Line. Minimum GP of 1.5m wanted however if you're active enough lower is acceptable.
    If you're interested contact us on Line. My username is devilyanelrad, guild leader is jwood1346, other recruiter is Empett2000.
    Guild SWGOH.GG page is
  • Juniper
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    UpSithsCreekWithout aPadawan is an online family and is filling our last opening. We are currently at 38 mil guild gp and have three founding members over 2mil GP each who can finish HAAT and solo heroic rancor, with a 9 and 2 record in TW. Our membership varies from experienced lvl 85 players to level 75 members still mastering the game. We have heroic rancor on lockdown, alternate between running AAT/HAAT and currently running a tier 3 Sith Raid every other day so all levels can get useful rewards. We ask each member to spend at least 500 energy each day, require the use of discord, and take care of each other. We are taking active members level 75 and up. Raid start times are 3 and 4pm est and we follow the 0 dmg rule first day. PM me here, contact me on discord at Juniper#9980 or ally request me in game 792-924-823. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.
  • Rising Crane is looking for new members.

    We have now 37 players and you may join as low as level 50.

    We regularly do heroic Pit, regular Tank, and have successfully finished the Sith raid at level IV a few times.

    We are a bilingual guild in English and Japanese. 日本語でもOK.

    For heroic raids we have a 24 hour no damage rule.

    As GM I do a lot of gear donating and am happy to ally with guild members to bring them up to level and gear goals. We also have a LINE group if you are interested.

    Laid back but active.

    Join us!
    Guild: Rising Crane (GM)

    Join us: English/Japanese. Low-pressure guild
  • The Schwartz ours is Bigger needs around 8 new members
    88k GP, we do HPIT and HAAT and 5 star Sith Triumvirate Raids
    About 36 stars in TB
    Very strong at TW
    EST Guild
    Applicants must have at least 1.5k GP
    Message me here or ally invite me 286-625-767
  • Marqves
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    Hello all Star Wars fans,
    We are PTA SWH and we're around 53M GP. We are a Europe based guild but also citizens of the world. We have players from US too.
    • We have:
    -HAAT and HPIT on farm and STR4
    -Discord to communicate
    - 1 Spot to fill
    - Casual but commited players.
    • We need:
    - 500 to 600 tickets a day unless real life don’t let it
    - Good communication on discord
    - We need a player that doesn't mind to grind, to look for challenges, to not get the best prizes all the time. We're looking for someone to push and not be carried, someone willing to try, lose, try again and grow with us. If you're looking for a HSTR guild, or a TB 30*+ guild forget it. We will get there, but this offer is not for you.
    • Raid info:
    Raid at 9 PM GMT / 10 PM CET
    Direct message me on discord Marqves#1287 or send me an invite in-game to 298-332-915.
  • Snoob
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a mixed nation guild, very kind and helpful and we are recruiting again. We raid heroic rancor and heroic tank multiple times a week at rotating start times. At the moment, we are raiding t6 STR. No alliance guild. We have 114M+ GP and 39* last LS TB. 40* on last DS TB.

    We are looking for active players, level 85 and good GP (2M+, RJT would be nice but not a requirement). We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
  • Heiboca
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    We have 18/50 members with a 8.3m gp. We are looking for new members to come and help bolster our rosters and help advance the guild in many ways. Here is my SWGOH profile For any more questions you may have you can contact me on discord at #heiboca4039
    My ally code is 788-971-247.
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  • Looking for 3-5 People looking to progress quickly to HSTR
    7PM GMT raid times. International guild. T6 STR, quickly gearing up for HSTR
    Would prefer you to have RJT, or be ready.
    Strong troopers
    NS or working on them
    Working on other teams for HSTR. (chexmix, Wampa, Hyoda)
    Full participation in TB/TW required
    Discord Server:
  • Hey there! Order of Vao is recruiting! This is THE guild for lvls 50-79. Everyday players. Lots of help, advice, guild raids and a Discord channel for community. Guild has 17 players and 2M+ GP and is quickly growing. My Discord: Fushimino#4971 or use my ally code: 491-629-122.
  • Solaros
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    400n is the U.S. EST Raid (9pm) or mid-day AUS raid (11am) squad of ANZGC.

    ANZGC is the premiere SWGOH guild for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

    400n looking for active players to join our team of competitive members. We are looking for people who want to help us develop further as a guild and make further progress on game events.

    What we are looking for:
    • Ideally above 1.5mil GP (will consider lower for the right person)
    • Completes 600 tickets daily
    • Active in all aspects of the game (TW / TB / STR)
    • Discord required for communication

    What we offer:
    • Guild GP of ~87mil
    • Raid times 21:00 EDT (US) / 11:00 AEST (AUS) with a ~24HR 0 damage period in place.
    • 3 x HPIT and 2 x HAAT weekly

    We are not a HSR Ready guild. We do have strong member base developing squads for this event and promotion opportunities exist into such guilds within ANZGC.

    Current Vacancies: 1-2

    **Contact Solaros#1771 on Discord** for further information.
    If we don’t meet your Guild requirements we can also assist you in finding something more suitable within the 20+ ANZGC guilds.
  • Hi all! Just created a bran new guild, I wasn’t happy with how things are managed in my previous one, and I’m looking for new or experienced players to join! My old guild was doing raids that were way too hard for us so I decided to create my own to play reasonable raids with the other members that join. If anyone is interested the guild is Hondos Heroes. Anyon and everyone is open to join!
  • Zhulik
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    Revanites Descendants is looking to absorb 5-10 active players 80+lvl.
    We are currently at 60mln gp and farming HPit and HAAT, progressing in sith raid - will start tier 5 within next few days.
    Our guild is more then 1.5 years old and during that time we have managed to build a very friendly community, where you can always ask for help and advice. we have players, that speak different languages and live in different continents - countries like France, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, SAR.
    Our HPITraid starts 2 pm CET, HAAT - 3 PM
    And yes, we have discord server
    If you have any questions - contact me via in-game chat:
    ally code - 615-614-457
  • Flicky92
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    Funksink Guild Recruiting Now!

    Flicky92 Guild Leader.

    35m GP.

    Complete HPit with ease. Currently working toward HAAT. Completing T4 Sith Raid.

    LS TB: 15 stars. DS TB: 16 stars. Looking for more members to up this number into the 20's for both LS and DS.

    600/600 Daily.

    Level 85 only. Minimum 1.25m GP

    We use Line chat app, this is required by all members. Add Flicky92.
  • hirano
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    The GSF Alliance is a 3 guild heroic alliance that is looking for more players! We are currently recruiting for our Gamma division!

    GSF Gamma: 91m GP (50/50)
    GSF Gamma run HRancor 3x a week and HAAT 2x a week with a 24 hour registration period. They currently alternate T4 and T5 in STR.

    All guilds in the alliance share the same daily reset time (9:30pm eastern) and rotate raid start times (9am and 9pm eastern).

    The alliance also shares a discord server and movement between guilds is free flowing based on performance and daily contribution. Strong contributors will have the opportunity to move up to GSF Omega either permanently or on a rotational basis to get Traya shards and G12 gear!

    Message me on discord (hirano#5113) or visit our server ( to join!
  • LeadersThatDontLeave is 108 million GP and growing!

    We are interested in players that are looking to progress quickly to HSTR !

    Raid start times rotate between 1PM EST and 7:30PM EST. Raid rules are in place to maximize payouts. We run two to three Rancor and HAAT raids per week. We are currently running T6 STR, quickly gearing up for HSTR .

    You will be a good fit if you have the following:
    RJT team
    NS team
    Chexmix team
    Participation in TB/TW (we farmed 62 ROLO shards this last TB)
    Good communication
    Personal Raid Ticket contribution is a must
    1.5+ million GP (our guild average is 2.2 million)

    We are a mature group of players that use the LINE app for guild chat, sharing strategies, etc.

    If you have an interest in being part of a successful, well run guild; contact me for details.
    ~ Stagger Lee

    LINE: st4gg3rl33
    DISCORD: st4gg3rl33#7802
    Ally Code: 486-487-736
  • Burger Kebab Galaxy 48/50 (122m GP) now recruiting!

    We are a UK based social and active guild, working towards heroic sith triumvirate; we will be attempting the raid at the end of June and we need a full team!

    Here’s what we can offer you:

    -Weekly raid schedule (3 rancor, 2 HAAT, 2 T6 STR)
    -LSTB 41 stars
    -DSTB 42 stars
    -TW 18 victories and rising
    -our own training program for less able members
    -help, support and a good time!

    Here’s what we require:

    -1.8m GP minimum
    -7 Star Captain Han and Colonel Starck
    -At least TWO teams ready for HSTR
    -Active player who will contribute daily
    -Discord compulsory

    If you would like to join us or have any further questions, please add me on discord and I will be happy to help.


    May the force be with you!
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    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
  • KCrocks1
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    The Outer Rim

    We are a family of 14 guilds ranging from beginner guilds to 130+ mil Heroic Sith Raid guilds. We have an eclectic mix of US and EU members, with Raid Times, Guild Resets, and Specific Guild Requirements that vary per Guild. Literally, something for everyone!!!

    What we have to offer - A large online community of 600+ members, access to a variety of game resources, and a veteran leadership team hell-bent on providing an optimal gaming experience for every level of player! Each guild creates its own destiny, with the support of a dedicated family community to help each member succeed at any level! We have an eclectic mix of US and EU members, with Raid Times, Guild Resets, and Specific Guild Requirements that vary per Guild.

    Family Requirements :
    * Discord
    * A synced and public profile
    * A love for the game and the drive to succeed!!!

    Stop by for a visit, a chat, or just to say hello! Our recruitment team is available 24/7

    You can also check out our new Website at

    and take a look at each of our guilds, see which one suits you the best. We currently have openings at all levels, so now is the time!

    No strings attached, no fine print, no holds barred. One Team, One Dream!
  • Game of Clones IV is a UK-based non-alliance guild looking for 5-6 committed, active and friendly folk to join us as we grow and develop! We're a 73m GP guild, and going through a revamp and reorganisation as we clear out some inactives and less committed players. We don't think this game should take over your life, but we love people who want to learn and develop and get better.

    We have an active Discord where we discuss everything from the latest Sith Raid strategies to the upcoming movies. We're a talkative and helpful group, we get on really well, and have a lot of fun. We also encourage everyone to share ideas and generally get better together. We've grown from 50m to 70m in very quick time.

    ~ 1m-1.2mil GP (Talk to us if it’s less)
    ~ 600 tickets daily
    ~ Discord/ account
    ~ Aiming to build a solid roster, particularly for TB/Heroic Sith purposes as we improve
    ~ Raid and TW/TB Participation!

    24hr zero damage on Rancor and HAAT, T4 Sith Raid on permanent rotation (usually 48 hours completion)
    LSTB: 24+ Stars (38 ROLO Shards)
    DSTB: 27+ Stars (currently 12 IPD shards/event, increasing all the time)
    TW: 20/24 wins

    Our timezone is GMT+1 (British Summer Time) and we raid at 2100 UK time/1600 EDT
  • Guild: Flashing
    GP: 16Mil
    Active Members 20+

    Looking for members. We are a grass roots guild, most members have started and stayed with the guild. We do heroic rancor, non heroic tank, and Sith. A great stepping stone for those who want to advance into a stronger guild.

    Message me. Ally code is 237-197-441
  • Blue Squadron (50m GP)
    of the xxxRoguexxx community is recruiting!

    WE ARE:

    + A European based guild (guild activities resets at 6:30 pm GMT 5:30 UTC)
    + doing Heroic Rancor and HAAT raids.
    + currently doing T4 sith raids but working towards heroic in the next few months.
    + pretty **** well organised
    + our aim is to grow together, help each other, have fun. It's pretty nice here

    we are looking for:

    > Active and social players that participate in all events/raids
    > 1 m ish GP
    >600 daily tickets
    >discord friendly for communication/coordination

    Message me on discord @ LiamZDC#5821

    May the force be with you
  • MrESPY
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    Greetings and salutations,

    I am the GM for the guild "Dark Helmet Schwartz Return" and we are recruiting active members.

    66M GP and growing further each day
    45/50 Members
    We do Heroic Pit, Heroic Tank, Sith tier 4/5 and that is where we are looking to strengthen and get to Heroic.

    Raid Times are unique. Due to people in real life having different schedules we approach raiding
    differently. We rotate the raid time in a rotation of 9pm CST, 3pm CST, 9am CST along with a 24
    hour hold so everyone can join up.

    On Territory Battles we are in the mid 20s for star ratings

    We do TW as well and have been successful more recently in strategy change. That is something we
    believe in is adapting and everyone is welcome to join on the discussion and provide their own advice.

    We use a communication app called "Line"

    Requirements you should meet:
    1.3+ million GP
    Lvl 85 is obvious
    Line is mandatory, cause we discuss tactics a.s.o. there
    Able to contribute regularly to raids, TB, TW.
    Able to contribute approx. 600 tickets daily
    Able to communicate, follow rules and participate
    You enjoy the game

    Bonus Requirements:
    Ideally you have more than 1.5+ million GP
    Strong squad (toons with synergies and a purpose Night Sisters/Phoenix/First Order with executioner)
    While I feel it is more than a bonus if you have CLS that is helpful in becoming a member
    JTR is another bonus that will give you the advantage.
    Toons that help with TB Holdo/Rose/Wampa/Imperial Probe Droid or Hermit Yoda etc.
    You like Spaceballs! (not a deal breaker if you don't but this is a game and we try to have fun)

    About us:
    We started off small and then through phone accidents and time we lost a bulk of our players and a guy reached out and brought in an entire group from a different game and we grew extensively from there. We got to the point we needed rules and standards. We brought a lot of people from lowbie
    levels and let them grow with us. Our core is strong but we would like to add to it. We are laid back as well. We understand not everything is about the game. If you are on vacation or any reason to cause you to be absent we only ask that you let us know. We have many who dive deep into research
    for squads/mods/gear. We are all here for each other to succeed and want more to succeed with us.

    If this seems like a fit for you then reach out to me on the forums here or on the Line app
    My Line ID: mr_espy
    My Discord username: Krynge#1186
    Other officer Line IDs:

    We look forward to adding you to our ranks.

    May the force be with you,


    122m GP - 3 openings!
    Independent - 2yrs old and counting.
    41⭐️LS/42⭐️DS ( pre impossible ship score)
    GMT/UTC +0
    30k Daily
    G-Reset @ 18:30
    Rancor @ 19:00
    HAAT @ 19:30
    Sith raid t6 ffa
    All reg raids 24hr/0 dmg

    To Apply, msg us here, or for much faster reply use LINE

    Everyone must have line to join
    600/day required
    Able to participate in Frequent raids!

    (To apply Ideally have)
    2m gp with at least one of g12 cls/jrey/empire/sith meta squads

    Osirisreborn on LINE
    "and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
  • Tilo
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    Canadian Bacon West Coast is looking for some players to fill our guild. We had people leave to hunt traya shards leaving us with around 40 members left. We currently have around 100mil gp (was at 125mil before members left)

    What we expect:
    -At least 2mil gp
    -have JTR/ready to get her next week
    -have decent teams for the sith raid
    -use LINE app (slowly transitioning to discord)
    -be active (we understand that everyone has a life outside of the game so if you're going to be away for a couple days or more just let us know and you'll be good.

    We do T7 of rancor and tank at guild reset (10:30 pm EST) whenever we have enough tickets to launch. Both have a 24h zero damage/join period.

    If you are interested in joining you can message me on the LINE app. My ID is tiloswgoh.

  • Wir, die Gilde „Clashers“, suchen Verstärkung!

    Wir bestehen seit Einführung der Gildenfunktion und haben uns seitdem stetig weiterentwickelt. Um weiterhin zu wachsen, suchen wir neue Mitspieler, die sich den aktuellen und kommenden Herausforderungen mit uns zusammen stellen wollen. Der Spaß am Spiel steht bei uns im Vordergrund und wir verlangen von niemandem, Farmziele einzuhalten oder Geld zu investieren. Auch ist es bei uns unproblematisch, sich für eine gewisse Zeit inaktiv zu melden – es ist und bleibt ein Spiel.
    Unser Gildenprofil:

    Wir bieten:
    Gilden-GM 105 Mio
    Regelmäßige Raids mit Registrierungsphasen (Heroic Rancor , HAAT sowie Sith-Raid T5)
    Startzeiten (CET) Raids: Rancor 20h, HAAT 19h, SithRaid (sobald genug Tickets vorhanden)
    37 Sterne im LS TB und 38 Sterne im DS TB
    22 Siege in den Territory Wars
    Hilfestellung/Beratung zu allen möglichen Aspekten des Spiels (Arena, Raids etc.)
    Freundliche Mitglieder und guter Mix aus neuen und erfahrenen Spielern

    Was wir erwarten:
    Anmeldung bei sowie Discord6
    600 Tickets am Tag
    Regelmäßige Teilnahme an Raids, TBs und TWs

    Falls du interessiert sein solltest, melde dich doch einfach auf unserem Discord-Server bei uns. Die URL lautet:
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