Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    • Alliance Name: The Senate: Naboo
    • Description: Active TW, TB, Raid alliance. 50m GP+
    • Guild reset time: 6:30pm ET / 11:30pm UTC
    Regular Raids: Heroic Pit, Heroic AAT, and ST4, working towards ST5.
    • Requirements:
    ••• Contribute daily raid and event keys.
    ••• Fight in our guild raids, territory wars & battles every day.
    ••• GP 750k+. Some exceptions made for very active players.
    ••• Discord required. profile required after joining.
    • Contact Details: Aeolus#8233 or Floor31174#9436 on discord
    Join us!
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    Destruction Zone

    • Guild GP: 37,568,928

    • Active players who complete daily activities, spend 400+ energy a day, have lvl 80+ and participate in all guild events are welcome.

    • Player ID of a recruiter: Chris MacKenzie (ally code: 885-762-881)

    • We have a slack team chat - if you're willing to join please leave your email.

    • Daily guild activity reset at 6:30 PM UTC

    • Raids our guild completes and how often:
    - Rancor Heroic twice a week, set on auto lunch and blocked for 1d so everyone can join before the raid starts
    - The Sith Triumvirate Tier IV once or twice a week
    - Tank Takedown Normal once or twice a week

    • How well our guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars:
    - We usually manage to complete 5/6 phases of Territory Battles and win every other Territory War

    We're looking for people who are committed and who are not planning to stop playing any time soon. We want to grow as a team, be cooperative and supportive. Slack communication isn't required, but staying up to date with our guild chat in game is (you don't need to take part in any discussion, as long as you read our posts and act accordingly to our requests). If you are an active player looking for a place to grow, we'll be happy to have you!

    hi, just left from my last guild, merger miscommunication etc. so i was hoping to join...
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    Sithari Reborn(133M+ GP) is looking for 2 Heroic Sith ready players. We are looking for players with the same goals and are very active.

    We Offer You

    - T7 of Sith Raid
    - 24 hr registration period on older raids
    - 42⭐️LSTB & 42 ⭐️DSTB
    - Heroic Rancor 3 times per week
    - Heroic AAT 2 times per week
    Raid times are rotated between 12pm, 3pm and 7pm EST.

    We Require

    - 2.7M+ GP
    - Sith Raid ready teams
    - Be a Discord user (required for communication)
    - Consistency on your 600 daily tickets
    - Participation on HAAT and Rancor (registering a 0 as a minimum)
    - Participation on the Triumvirate Sith Raid, this is a must
    - Participation on TB/TW

    If you are interested and want to chat a bit more, please message me Aliux12#6646 on Discord.


    Sithari Reborn:

    Thank You
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    Are You ready to become Free? To Discard Your Masters? To be a able to do as you wish? Become one of The Rōnin Knights. Our 72 Mil GP Guild Is Growing Rapidly and We are Seeking New Members to Continue its Growth! -- Preferably 1.2 Mil GP or Better, But The Right Person and the The Right Roster Makes The Difference.

    ->Heroic Raids -- AAT and Rancor Farmed Regularly @ 5pm EST

    ->Great Place To Farm GK and Han Solo

    ->Sith Raid Constantly Advancing Tiers.

    ->100% Win Ratio in TW

    ->26 Stars in Both TB

    ->Fast Growing Motivated Active Guild, With Good Participation(25k+ Daily)

    ->Strong and Experienced Leadership.

    ->SWGOH and Discord Required

    ->600K Daily Required

    This is a great guild with a focused group of dedicated players who have the experience and desire to dominate this game.

    So what are You waiting for?

    Contact Me On Here or Discord: VengefulCruelty#9264
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    We are the 633 Squadron

    We have a couple of places free and we are mainly a UK based guild but how players from around the world

    You need to be able to earn 400-600 raid tickets daily
    Enter all guild event where applicable
    We are currently running:
    Rancor Raid Tier 7 - Join for 24hrs then FFA - Twice a week
    HAAT Raid Tier 7 - Join for 24hrs then FFA - Once/Twice a week (depending on raid tickets)
    Sith Raid Tier 3 - FFA - 2 times a week
    Territory Battles currently earning 18LS / 18 DS stars per battle
    Territory Wars - 5-4
    We are a Guild with 40 mil GP but we hit hard to get the raids done
    We help each other out with gear exchanges and help in the game

    We have an experienced Leader at has been in guilds with high GP but created this guild as he likes to help build players up

    Leader Ally code is: 179-479-948

    Most of all you need to enjoy the game and have fun.

    If you are interested please message to discuss more.
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    The Strange Brew wants you!!!!

    TSB has an immediate opening for 10 player looking to have fun, kick some major butt, and rule the galaxy!

    Currently at 100m+ GP and when at full strength we’re doing 38*s+ in TB, successful strategy in TW, and doing T5-T6 sith raid.

    We don’t micro manage tickets but expect everyone to be active, participate, communicate in LINE chats, and most importantly have some friggen fun and don’t take anything too seriously.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you then message me here or on LINE at nellaneb.
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    Guild Walking Carpet currently has 3 spots for players looking to contribute to the Heroic Sith Raid.

    What we can offer you:
    -A great group of people with a fun and friendly atmosphere. This is not first by accident, it is our top priority.
    -We are an independent guild and not part of an alliance, therefore we shape our own future and won’t ask you to move around
    -115M GP
    -37 TB stars in both LS and DS territory battles.
    -Won 30 Territory Wars (24 of the last 25)
    -3 Rancors and 2 HAAT’s per week, both with no damage windows
    -Successfully cleared Heroic Sith Raid without the help of mercs.
    -Raid times that suit both USA and Europe
    -No silly boot rules if you don’t get your 600 tickets, people have lives!
    -Great discord communication
    -Well organized
    -As much help and advice as you need in order to improve as a player

    What we’re looking for:
    -First and foremost a good person to fit in with the culture we have, which is to be progressing but have fun and treat the game as such!
    -We’d prefer 600 tickets but this isn’t a set rule
    -TB and TW active
    -Join our discord channel
    -Observe no damage windows on rancor/HAAT
    -Chex Mix (or Greedo Mix) and at least one additional HSTR team ready to go.

    We cleared the HSTR in about 30 hours, but it took careful planning and took a lot out of our officers. If we can add a few more HSTR-ready rosters--especially phase 3 contributors--we should have it easily in-hand going forward. We will be running our next HSTR right after this round of TW is completed, and we'd love to have you with us by then!

    If you’re interested please feel free to hit us up on Discord at this link:

    We'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
    Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!
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    Shorter is better, right?

    IRON is looking for players who are working toward HSTR but aren't there yet -- because that's where we are too!

    Quick hits:
    - Almost 98M GP and growing at about 1M a week, last time I checked
    - HPit, HAAT, currently T5 Sith
    - 31-32* TB and a guaranteed zeta in TW
    - US PST raid reset, but we have some international folks so we vary raid times

    We're looking for active players who want to enjoy the game and contribute toward our guild's growth. We think 1.5M GP is an ideal target but we prioritize activity over GP. We have some moderate activity minimums in place but we're not going to freak out if you miss a day or two.

    Our account:

    If you have questions or interest, contact me here or on Discord @Baniss#1158.

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    128+ Million GP Guild looking for ONE members.
    That's at least 2 zetas each TW, win or lose, guaranteed!
    Putting together HEROIC STR, are you ready?
    Looking for Chex Mix teams, going for real soon, come join!

    We have one space available. We are looking for 2 million GP (or close to it) 600 daily energy. We rotate raids +6hrs after each, 24hr 0pt participation hit. We get 39-40 stars on both TBs.

    We are a laid back group, we truly are family because a lot of us have been gaming together for years. We have the experience in getting things done, we work well together and we just have FUN first! We use group me chat app, so come talk to us and see if we are the right fit for you.

    Click here to join:
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    We are "The Father" looking to rule the Galaxy.
    Now accepting stormtrooper applictions.

    Guild Power: 55 Million
    Guild Time Zone: Any, Reset 6:30pmCST
    Raids: HPIT, HAAT, T5 Sith (heroic join period)
    TB: 20 stars on average
    TW: 30+ wins, 1 loss (zeta for win)

    Looking for players level 85 with 1M+ GP.
    Request daily participation in raids and events, but no team or damage thresholds required to join.

    As long as you actively try to improve and contribute, we are happy to have you. F2P accepted. No 3rd party chat.

    My ally code is 189-912-822.
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    The Ryloth Raiders are looking for a new guildie or two!

    We are looking for 1 or 2 active players looking to grow and stay with a guild that is well organized and player centered. International members welcome as we have a global friendly raid schedule.

    We offer the following:
    106 Million GP
    3-1 W/L ratio in TW
    36 Stars LSTB
    35 Stars DSTB

    A rotating raid schedule (HAAT, HPIT, Tier 5 Sith):
    A 12PM EST/5PM UTC
    C 10PM EST/3AM UTC

    We require the following:

    1.75 M GP Plus (Will consider slightly lower W/ proper sith raid teams)

    Discord: account (our guild )
    If you join a TW we require participation

    Minimal deployment in TB

    We do not require activity if you are away on vacation and understand that life comes first in any other event.

    Please let me know if interested or just drop by our discord.
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    THE SENATE - a community of 6 guilds - is recruiting THE SENATE is a long-standing, vibrant and inclusive community of 6 diverse guilds, ranging from 38M+ GP to 105M GP. Players of all backgrounds, ages and locations are welcome! Each guild has HPit and HAAT on farm, and 2 guilds T6 STR on farm, and consistently work to improve their TW and TB results. If you want to be part of an ever-progressing, friendly guild that competes hard and whose members help each other improve as best they can, THE SENATE is the place for you. You will also receive updates and information on all the new content and best strategies in the community. If you want to come and join us to reap the rewards of being in a strong and vibrant, successful guild, come join THE SENATE! Our requirements:  Our minimum GP standards range from none to 1.8M depending on the guild  Have a public account  Have the required TB toons for the upper tier guilds  Get your 600 daily raid tickets  Be ACTIVE on Discord  Be a positive influence in the Community  Have fun! If you are interested in joining, head on over to
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    UpSithsCreekWithout aPadawan is an online, growing family and we have one opening. Our guild is at 55 mil GP, with a 17 and 3 TW record. We have Heroic Rancor and HAAT on farm and alternate between tier 4 +5 Sith Raids. Raid start times are at 3pm and 4pm EST and we follow the 24 hour, 0 dmg rule. We ask that each member spends 600 energy daily and we use Discord for guild communication. Each member must also register their account on Most importantly, we want to take care of each other and help our members grow as a guild.
    We are looking for one active and friendly level 85 member but we will consider lower level members that are highly active.

    >PM me here, contact me on discord at Juniper#9980 or ally request me in game 792-924-823.
    Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.
    Our Guild's Discord Server:
    Our Guild's Page:
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    Guild Offer: 3 spots remaining.
    Are you a group of people looking for a change for the better or an individual seeking a new guild? Come check out the Rogues we are what u are looking for!
    Rogue1Reborn is Looking for people who are trying to grow into a HSith guild, at moment our 43 members we can achieve middle of phase 3. With 7 new members with the right roster we can crush the Raid.

    Participation and communication are a must, So Discord and is mandatory. Looking for level 85+ and GP is semi open as long as you are a very active player, and have the roster to back it up But would prefer 2mGP+.

    All raids are in EST usually 8pm EST launch depending on tickets. HPIT and HAAT have a 24-hour joining phase then FFA. Sith right now will launch as soon as we have tickets and semi FFA, just use the right squads in the right phases.

    Our guild is what you are looking for! We are like a family. 111.2mil GP/ We do not push farming requirements (but nice if you farm the right ones on your own) or 600 tickets a day on people (but nice when they get them) seeing it means MORE Raids.

    We do require participation in all PHASES of TB and TWs, unless notice of your absence is given ahead of time. We are an experienced guild wanting to help build the next player/players into HSith and beyond.
    We are very active on Discord and ingame, Contact me for more information on here or on DISCORD@Grinch83#8649
    Ally code-621-571-332

    I am always around for questions.
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    We are looking for one new member, if you think it might be you - let us know!
  • Thetanachlorian
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    I'm a **** (peafowl if it bleeps it out)
    Join us if you are to. Because Gator needs his Gat.
    We don't do the chat thing, we don't do a bunch of restrictive rules. Play the game and help each other.
    Next raids are in the HAAT. Territory Wars we beg you to join if you are online. 32 million GP from 22 players.
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    90+ Million GP Legacy Guild looking for new members to JOIN OUR TW BEFORE IT STARTS (33W - 3L)!!

    WHO??: Judgment’s Wrath is very proud to share its first day of fun on the SAME day guilds went live in SWGOH! We have SEVERAL original AND long time members, including myself, the Guild Leader/Founder SupremeJusticeOfJudgment’sWrath, abbreviated in-game SupremeJusticeOfWrath (members call me “Sup”). We are a mix of paying players and VERY VERY dedicated free to play (“F2P”) w/DEEP rosters. Although it’s certainly NOT expected to be social, through time we’ve found out we range from a college baseball player, current active duty military members (even a retired veteran), successful businessmen, school teachers, an EMT, automotive factory techs, IT professionals, office managers, Walt Disney World Cast Members & Contractors, a law student, and many others! The theme of the Guild:

    We are Judges in SWGOH who bring judgment to our enemies, dispatching them accordingly. ;-)
    Our motto is Semper Vigilo, which means “Always Vigilant”.

    WHEN??: We auto-begin Heroic Rancor ("HPIT") and Heroic Tank (“HAAT”) Raids at 8PM Eastern Standard Time (EST),(UTC-5:00, GMT-4:00), with a 24-hour join period. Sith raids are free for all (“FFA”), started whenever we finish them with no join period. The way we do the other two is explained when you join the guild, which are very fun and easy instructions.

    HOW??: The Ethos of Judgment’s Wrath is VERY important to understand before you join us. You can compare your own attitude, expectations, and your personal goals of WHY you play the game, to see if it matches enough for you to be compatible with this Guild. The good news is it’s easy to do this since our ethos is described below numbered 1 - 5. Even though we are very active, we are very reasonable in our standards as compared to super competitive or highly elite guilds. This certainly doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, such as not meeting participation standards without communicating to leadership as to why. We prefer to have fun working as a very successful team with a proven track record AND we often have camaraderie within our guild (again, which is why have so many happy longtime members). If you inherently disagree with us enough or believe that you will eventually convince enough of the Guild to change the way it operates, you’ll most likely become frustrated and even worse, start to complain all the time to everyone while we are just trying to enjoy ourselves. There were a handful of newer members that tried doing this, with unreasonable expectations so they left, while the rest of our open slots are from members that had consistent non-participation with no communication to leadership. Guild Ethos=

    1. We are VERY active and naturally competitive but “real life is more important," as many of us have vast responsibilities of family, friends, successful careers, and a social life. If something comes up, we ask that you respect how much time officers put into the game and communicate a "head's up" to us. We even have a channel in Discord for you to post your estimated time of leave that would affect event participation/raid tickets production. We will respect privacy and not explain to the guild as to why leave is approved or not approved by leaders.

    2. FOLLOW Territory Battle (“TB”) and Territory War (“TW”) leadership commands. No one likes to lose and if you blatantly disobey or mistakenly not follow commands, you will be contacted by a guild leader (remember it’s ALWAYS BEST to contact us first for explanation).

    3. Treat each other respectfully in-game and Discord chat. Attempting to shove an idea down other member’s throat will not be tolerated and warning or removal may occur. In Discord, we have several channels for community chat and its content is limited up to PG-13.

    4. If you are starting to stress, YET you still want to remain in the guild, you need to contact any of the officers or guild leader with your questions or concerns and they will be addressed to the best of our ability in a reasonable time frame. Don’t expect an answer within minutes or in some cases a few hours. An approved production break from the game may be warranted with conditions. Currently as of this message, no members are on break.

    5. FOLLOW all guild standards found not only in this ethos, but in the “WHAT??” section below.

    WHAT??: TW record 33W - 3L with 85% of them in the 90-99 million and 80-89 million rewards tiers! Last TW we embarrassed the other guild ;) . Sup’s strategy is not only strong, it’s the COMBINED EFFORT of our guild that achieves and builds success together!!

    Imperial TB = 33 stars, although analysis helped us realize we could’ve DEFINITELY earned 36 stars. We readjusted commands for the Rebel TB and improved dramatically. If we got 10 more good members, 40+ stars are mathematically possible!

    Rebel TB = 33 stars with literally a few 100K under to 34 stars. Again, 10 more good members as of this message will boost us to 40 stars mathematically. Many of us have 7 star ROLO!!

    RAIDS = HRancor and HAAT are OPTIONAL damage as almost all of us can solo the Rancor and most of us can solo the HAAT if no one else did any damage, BUT each member must at least join them to earn the rewards (unless they are on leave). We HATE the Sith raid, ALTHOUGH we have completed T6, which is required in order to start the Heroic Sith raid. We of course are naturally making our way to Heroic Sith, but I'm putting it out there now for you that we are not dying for Traya, as we know a cash trap from EA when we see one :D ! We’d rather focus on developing our TB/TW game. A project of getting HSith teams is in the process for several members. So, we run through T4 Sith’s rather quickly, and if nothing is going on and we need to spend tickets, we will launch a T5 Sith Raid.

    Production: It’s rare for most (not on leave) to do under 600 tix/day, with most posting around 500+. So, as a formality we say 500/day as again we are very busy people and we can’t always get 600. Also, you MUST COLLECTION SYNC with the database tool Leaders donate lots of hours of volunteer time and we ask you respect this by taking out 5 minutes to sync, so if we need to see if you have a certain toon, it’ll save us time using this tool (thanks!!).

    WHERE/REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN??: You may contact me in game via my ally code: 969-734-963 for any questions or we are set to open join. We NORMALLY require 2.5+ million GP minimum, BUT since we are restructuring, thus needing 10 members at this exact moment of this post, we are taking dedicated 1.5+ players UNLESS you are ranked in the top 20 of your arena shard (DM me to discuss approval). Thx!!
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    We are a friendly, active but semi-relaxed guild.
    We runs heroic pit and heroic tank raids as regularly as possible.
    Pit raids generally start at 18:00 (UTC) with the occasional 00:00 start.
    Tank raids currently start at 19:00 (UTC).
    We're currently doing T4 of the Sith raid which takes 2 - 3 days but are looking to progress.
    We have a real life first policy but do expect members to earn an average of 400+ tickets a day in general.

    Discord is a guild membership requirement. We use it all the time to organise and socialise.

    Really looking for committed, active but relaxed players to help us grow this friendly guild.

    Check us out there to see if you like how we play:

    Ally Code: 275-713-298
    Guild Name: xXThoseLeftBehindXx
    Time Zone: United Kingdom (GMT +0)
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    Want to get Han Solo or General Kenobi shards? Want to win Territory Wars and get great gear from Territoy Battles? Check out the Gand Trandoshan Alliance!

    GP - 42 mil

    Gand Trandoshan Alliance - Has Room for more Bounty Hunters!

    Time Zone: US ET, 7:30 PM Reset
    • Raid Participation: Participate in all raids, at least auto if time is short
    • Daily Login: Alert officers when more than 2 days away are expected
    • Donations: If you request items please also donate items
    • Raid Tickets: Contribute at least 500 raid tickets per day
    • Territory War/Battle: Follow direction and participate in guild events (wars and battles)
    • Be Kind: Be respectful to other members
    • Have Fun: It is what the game is for. While striving to advance it is also critical to have fun while doing so.
    • Looking for minimum of level 75+.
    • Use discord for communication, to be able to communicate clearly.

    We are running Heroic Rancor and HAAT nonstop. We run Tier 3/4 Sith right now. We get great participation in all territory events (12 wins in TW so far) averaging 20 stars in TBs (earn gems!).

    Connect with us today! We look forward to meeting you!
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    100m GP Guild looking for up to three new members.

    We offer a relaxed approach to roster development (farm whomever you please!) but we are still competitive. TB results are 33+ stars, with ROLO at 7*, IPD at 5*. TW we have won from eight from the past nine, including six in a row. The older raids are on farm with 24 hours join periods (launch times vary to accommodate the geography of our members), and Sith is currently T5. Guild resets are 6:30pm UTC.

    We don't have many rules: just turn up for TW and TB, and make sure you contribute to the Sith raid. We are not far from T6, and expect to be completing Heroic in the near future so any new members will need to be willing to chip in.

    Preferred players will have rosters of 1.8m+, but attitude is more important than strength. If you want to be part of a guild that is constantly growing and progressing but still have the freedom to play the game you want to, give us a look.

    PM me here, or message me in game: 545-458-779.

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    Are you looking for a guild that is actively progressing to Heroic STR but want a fun and relaxed environment free of drama and high pressure? Look no further – Legendary is open for individuals or a group of up to 14 players to join our ranks.

    About us:
    * 90M GP - Independent Guild
    * Currently 36/50 players
    * Average player GP of 2.5M
    * Guild reset at 7:30pm U.S. Central Time (8:30ET/5:30PT)
    * HPIT/HAAT/STR tier 6
    * Raids at 8:30pm CT (9:30ET/6:30PT) next day after reset so everyone has time to join
    * No damage limits
    * If we do a double raid we start HPit at 8:30pm CT and then HAAT at 9pm CT

    * Active players ideally between 1.75M to 3M GP with solid squads so you aren’t too far ahead or behind our Guild average.
    * Participate in Territory Battles and Territory Wars (don't join and post zero) – We have 21 Territory War wins!
    * Participate in Sith Raid and farm teams needed for Heroic
    * Let us know when/why you will be inactive or on vacation (life happens - we get it)
    * If you want to keep together with some other players bring them along - willing to take a group of up to 14 with similar average GP. Ok if group has some higher and some lower as long as everyone is going to stick with it and keep growing.

    Thanks for considering us. PM me if your interested.
    Discord: nSono#4621
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    Newly Reformed Guild looking for Active members. Heroic Rancor and Tank. T5 Sith.
    European Time Zone. All level players welcome.
    We use Discord for Communication but it isnt a full requirement but it helps.
    Hit me up on Discord Starkblast#1822
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    Honorbound has a spot open and is searching you!

    This occurs very selden, because we have a low turnaround rate in our guild. But let's first give you a few facts about us:

    Independent guild with 159 mio gp
    Ds tb - 46 ☆
    Ls tb - 45 ☆
    Tw - 20 wins (often against some heavyweights)

    So if you enjoy playing in a familiar surrounding (we are not an alliance with lots of sub guilds) and anyway focused on progress and success you're right with us.
    Obviously we run all heroic raids including hstr with the normal 24h login phase. (Raiding times are allways 21:00 cet)

    What we need:
    Minimum gp 2.7
    600 tickets/daily
    Full participation in every tw and tb
    Discord is mandatory for coordinating and discussions (lots of guides and helpful stuff is provided there as well)

    If you see yourself in all this don't hesitate and hit me a pm here or better on discord JDK#0313



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    Guild Name - Mustafari

    GP - 16.7million and growing fast link -

    11:30pm UTC reset

    We are a core of 30 players looking to grow, we've been playing for awhile together and really are trying to push towards higher content clears. We are very friendly and have a discord where we have lots of little guides and advice written up. We are all very active and would take anyone who's newer or experienced.

    We are also open to merging with a smaller guild or group and bringing them in.

    -Level 65 and Territory War participation
    -No ticket requirements ideally you produce your 600 but life gets in the way thats okay.
    -If inactive for 5 days or a territory war is missed we sadly remove, but anyone is free to rejoin.

    Discord link - feel free to join and chat with us.

    Raids -
    Heroic Pit with a 24 hour 0 damage on farm
    Tier 2-3 Sith Raid
    Tank - Tier 6 on farm, hoping for heroic as soon as possible.
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    The Inglorious Blasters are looking for new members!

    We are the first free-to-play guild to complete the Heroic Rancor, Heroic Tank and now the Heroic Sith!

    We have Traya shards on farm! We have to hold back damage to ensure all members get rewards!

    Our #1 rule is to get your 600 tickets daily. Use and abuse our elders to make yourself the top of your arena shards!

    Click this discord link to join us for an interview with our Council:

    We hope to hear from you! Today!

    Jedidax (officer in the US I.B. guild. We also have an EU guild for European and Asian players. ;)
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    I am the leader of The ORJ, we are a 150+ million GP guild looking for TWO dedicated players to join our guild. We are especially looking for those who are enthusiastic about the HSR and TW.

    Some info about us. Our guild reset is 7:30pm EDT. Rancor and Tank raids have a set schedule rotating between 9pm and 10pm EDT. HSR launches at 8pm when the tickets become available.

    We have an active officer group who are always available to discuss strategy, team building, mods, and all other things with our players.

    LSTB 43* DSTB 45*

    Some things we need from you:
    - active participation in TB/TW and RAIDS
    - active on discord
    - 600 daily
    - PVP average 50 or below (or willing to get it there)
    - 2.9+ GP
    - US based time zones preferred

    Thanks! Reineday#8030
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    Republic Order of Rebels is looking for around 5 Heroic Sith ready members! We want to make that final push towards Traya and share those shards with you! We are looking for active dedicated members with a team mentality, positive attitude and the drive to improve.

    121M GP
    TW- Solid win rate and minimum 2 zetas guaranteed (always improving)
    HPit & HAAT on farm.
    Tier 6 Sith (for now)
    We use Line to communicate.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
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    Our Guild is Sentries:
    We are a causal but committed Guild. We take the game serious, but also know we have lives in the real world.
    We are currently looking to rebuild our guild and are looking for members who are active and will participate in the Territory Wars.
    We do not use discord but chat regularly through the in-game chat.
    Guild leader is Blackmax95, #896-596-712.
    Our guild runs on EST (US Eastern time).
    We do heroic pit raids as often as we can; at least weekly, trying for 2x week. We are still working toward HAAT. We fluctuate between lvl 2-3 for the sith raid.
    We prefer daily, active players that will get their daily 600, but we also know that we have lives outside of the game.
    Minimum level - 80
    Prefer that you have at least 5 7* toons to participate in the raids, if you have less and are ok not doing the raids yet, we are also ok with that.
    Must be active in TB's and TW's.
    Send me a mesaage or look us up.
    We are NOT looking to merge into another guild. We will consider merging smaller guilds into ours, if it is a good fit.
    May the Force be with you my friends.
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    Space Force is recruiting!
    Who we are:
    60mgp guild
    25 stars in TB, 6-3 in TW
    hPit 3x per week, hAAT 2x per week (both at 7pm CST)
    T4 STR on auto launch.
    What we need:
    Driven daily active players (600 tickets)
    Full participation in all events, and the STR raid (especially phase 1)
    800k minimum GP (negotiable)
    Discord and required
    DM Mystic_Crewman#2490 for more details
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