Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Hi Guys

    Rising Pheonix guild is recruiting - we currently have 2 spaces available for new members. We are an active guild based in the UK. Current GP is over 73.5 million (and growing daily).

    We complete 3 HRancor raids and 1 or 2 HAAT raids a week and are currently doing tier 4 of the Sith raid. Looks as though we should be good for 29 stars on the most recent TB and have won more than we have lost in TW (something like 16 wins to 4 losses)

    We use Facebook Messenger or Discord to communicate and it would be great to get any new members on these, but we are also pretty active in the in game chat. We're a friendly bunch, have some good banter and help each other out as often as we can.

    We are looking for someone with a minimum GP of 1.25 million. There are no rules other than 24 hour no damage rule on HRancor and HAAT - all we ask is that you take part in guild activities and communicate.

    My ally code is 448-726-824 or contact Shunter in the forum. Any questions just ask and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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  • DBE3
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    Legion Rancor
    I’m DBE3, leader of the guild. ally code is 743-918-589
    Currently 10 members with total GP of 2M. Highest level is 78, lowest is 51. All levels are welcome to join. No minimum GP required.
    We do teir 3 Rancor, normal Tank Takedown, and teir 1 sith raids. Obviously we want to do heroic eventually and that’s why we need you!
    We are a layed back yet active guild. The ruels are as follows...
    -stay active every 15 days
    -If you contribute consistently, you will be an officer
    -there is NO daily ticket requirement
    Other than that, there is not much else to say. I realize that the world exists outside the game and if you will be gone longer than what is stated, that’s totally fine. Just tell us, but I still expect commitment. I hope you’ll consider joining Legion Rancor soon! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks.
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    Darkened Stars

    82 M GP

    Max HAAT AND HPIT runs per week.

    Spam T4-5 of sith raid for max guild currency and GET currency

    14-4 TW record (mmmmm Zetas's)

    VERY coordinated guild very active on Discord and in chat.

    Looking for 1.2 M GP + or close if you have coordinated team

    Looking for 2 members to fill up our ranks

    Please message me here or on Discord dkrek#3081
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    Hello there,

    we are the Guild "Ew0k Like an Egyptian" and are currently searching for daily active members.

    About our Guild:
    • 76+M GP and growing further each day
    • 47/50 Players currently due to removing of inactive people
    • HPIT, HAAT several times a week with following a 24 hour 0 damage rule
    • Sith Tier IV currently open for attack at will and working on getting to the next Tier
    • 6pm CST Guild Refresh
    • 7pm CST Raid Time
    • Around 25* TB LS/DS
    • We do TW and have won more than we have lost. (we register about 60+M GP for TW with 2 zetas at 1st place)

    Requirements you should meet:
    • 1+ million GP (we have some players with less than that but they are continuously growing)
    • Lvl 85
    • Daily active (If you can't be online for some days or if you are on vacation it is not a problem as long as you tell us beforehand)
    • Contribute to Raids, TB, TW (Even if you are still a fairly new player with not that much to contribute, everything helps)
    • 600 Tickets daily would be perfect and are achieved by about half of the guild but we set our minimum tickets to 250 per day
    • Able to communicate, follow rules and participate
    • We are currently only using a Group Chat app for our Officers and Leader to discuss rules etc but we have an active in-game chat
    • Enjoy the game!

    We are people from all over the world, most of which are in the US and some in Germany (like me) for example, because of that we are talking English in guild chat.
    We are a casual but active guild that's working on growing each day and we need YOU to achieve further goals, like Heroic Sith Raid for example.

    If this sounds to your liking and you love a experienced, active and friendly guild, please contact me per DM here.
    I will check my DM's 1-2 times per day so don't worry if i am not replying within a few minutes.

    We hope to see you in our guild!

    With kind regards,

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    Porg some sugar on me

    New guild.. outgrew our old one , need daily players. I believe our reset Is 7pm eastern. Right now have 2 level 85 players but not a priority.. we will grow players 65 and up. Goal is to have all high end players in the coming months either by joining or growing with us. Will constantly run raids as long as we generate tickets.
    Danger hobert
  • VM_Marka_Ragnos
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    Guild Victory March

    We are an international guild, but based out of USA.
    We currently raid 3 times a week in the heroic pit raid and are doing the Tank raid 2 days a week. Both raids are on farm status. We have bonus raids of each when tickets get high enough. Each raid has a period of time for 0's.
    Guild payout/reset time is 7:30 PM PDT (0430 CEST)
    TB Light 39 Stars, dark 38 stars.
    TW: we do coordinate our defensive strategy through the line app and have won more than lost.
    Current guild GP is 100+ million
    · an account with the app Line
    · Daily contribution of 600 Guild Raid tickets (we understand people have real lives outside SWGOH if you are going to take a “vacation” just let an officer know)
    · English language communication
    · we prefer Minimum 2 Million+ GP
    Sample VM folks:

    Please contact me here or via Line ID: "marka.ragnos"


    VM Marka Ragnos

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    Guild name: UoRRRRRRRRR’R
    Guild GP: 75 million
    Eastern time zone
    Raid launch: 8pm eastern time
    TB: 28 to 32 stars average
    TW: Have only lost one war to date.
    24 hour no damage phase on HPit and HAAT
    Sith raid bouncing between tier 4 and 5

    We are daily active guild growing by 100k GP per day. We have exceptional leadership. Nobody leaves this guild and neither will you. Looking to replace one inactive member.

    You should be 1.5 million GP and achieve your daily 600 raid tickets to apply. Please message me for consideration.
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    Üdv, mindenkinek! Az Űrgolyhók 61M GP magyar guild aktiv tagokat keres. 45en vagyunk, 5 aktiv embernek van hely.

    HIT 19:30 - 24H 0 DMG ! másnap 20:00-tól lehet csapni
    HAAT 19:30. 24H 0 DMG ! másnap 20:00-tól lehet csapni
    Sith Raid T4 folyamat nincs korlátozás
    Min. Raid Ticket 500/nap, nem elvárás, de mindenki érdeke.

    Ha egy jó társasághoz akarsz tartozni, ne habozz csatlakozni

    Discordon jelentkezni Szabolcs Dart #0736 vagy Fanatic#8997
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    Active 83 Million GP guild recruiting 2 1.5 million plus players

    Rotating raid times, 33 star lstb, 34 star dstb, 15 wins tw, haat, hpit, and t5/t4 sith rotating. Very friendly guild with an active yet casual gameplay experience. If interested shoot me a message or come check us out at
  • Dk_rek
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    Darkened Stars is now looking for a few good Ithorians
    PM me here for invite information or dkrek#3081
    80+mil GP guild
    14-4 TW record Free Zeta even on a loss :)
    HAAT and HRancor 24 hour rule.
    Spam sith raid for max currency
    Max Ticket production per member
    Members are extremely friendly and also very active. Strategy and feedback sections in our discord we have many #1's in Arena and Ships to offer you advice if your looking for it.
    Looking for Gear we donate it !!!!!!!!!!!! very very donation friendly
    Requirements to join 1.2 million GP
    600 raid tickets earned daily
    Must at a minimum deploy forces in TB daily and fill platoons
    Join Discord.
    Must partake in TW
    That's it. We are not filled with 1000 little rules we have fun and kick butt. This game requires that you move up in guilds. So don't stick with that ATT guild come joint a HAAT guild and get those Kenobi shards !!!
    Expand or die
    we currently have 2 openings come on down to the price is right
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    Our Guild is Sentries:
    We are a causal but committed Guild.
    We are currently looking to rebuild our guild.
    We do not use discord but chat regularly through the in-game chat.
    Guild leader is Blackmax95, #896-596-712.
    Our guild runs on EST (US Eastern time).
    We do heroic pit raids as often as we can; at least weekly, trying for 2x week. We are still working toward HAAT.
    We prefer daily, active playera that will get their daily 600, but we also know that we have lives outside of thia game.
    Minimum level - 80
    Prefer that you have at least 5 7* toons to participate in the raids, if you have less and are ok not doing the raids yet, we are also ok with that.
    Active in TB's and TW's.
    Send me a mesaage or look us up.
    We are NOT looking to merge into another guild. We will consider merging smaller guilds into ours, if it is a good fit.
    May the Force be wirh you my friends.

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    Join Nuclear Grade Fail of legion.
    Hey guys! I'm Cascade from the guild alliance Legion and we currently have 15 spots open in our guild after TB. We're looking at starting a HSith raid in a few weeks! So what's so awesome about our guild? Well, our guild has some of the funniest, kindest, and smartest players that you'll ever see!
    - Make sure to participate in all guild events like TB and TW
    - 24 Hour Zero Damage Window in HPit and hAAT raid NO POSTING DAMAGE EARLY, we want it to be fair for all!
    - 1.5 Million Galactic Power
    - 600 tickets daily
    - Discord and a!
    - A good sense of humor!
    -Willing to look at a lower gp if the have enough of the required toons.
    We want all of our members to be pretty active so we can climb the ranks even quicker than before, but we do realize that real life happens and that will always take precedence over the game, we completely understand. Just talk to an Officer about it and you won't have to worry :)

    Our GP is currently at 78 mil, and we only want to increase that, so make sure you meet those requirements !
    Our Guild Page -

    Our Discord Link -
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    LazerFaces is looking for some new members. Are you looking for an active guild running heroic pit but dont want to be micromanaged to the level of checking tickets and all that? Then we are for you. We ask that you stay active, participate in territory wars, and read chat. Players must be level 70. We are on EST. We run heroic pit with a 24 hour join period. We do level 6 tank but have a goal to start slowly working toward heroic tank. We are doing sith raid tier 3-5 rotating. Current galactic power is 26 million. We get 13-14 stars on territory battles. We always have enough to play territory wars. If you'd like to join this friendly and fun guild, please message me.
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    Welcome to the Dark Side 05

    We are are a casual guild looking to bolster our roster to ensure that we can clear higher end content in the game. If you like the game and want to just chill and enjoy yourself, check us out!

    At this time we have cleared Rancor T5, Sith T1, and we are working on AAT T1. We do raids as often as we get the tickets to begin them.

    No minimums required to join.

    Just hit us up in game!

    In game name and ally code: SpikeTheNewb 746-427-787
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    **Eastern US, Highly Active, Organized and Heroic (48/50) / 100mil, 37* LS, 40* DS**

    Army of Ren is an Eastern US based committed and sociable guild who cares very much about the advancement of the guild as a whole through individual success. AoR has an average GP of just over 2mil. We value every member of our team and recognize that every member’s progress strengthens the entire guild. Our guild leadership is well-liked and respected, and we enjoy a low member turn-over. Our TW and TB are organized, efficient and lean. We are not a mega-guild or a feeder guild- you begin with us and progress with us. Our members are generous with both gear and knowledge exchange as well as communicative and social on the Discord server, so please bring your personality along.

    Army of Ren is looking for recruits who are committed to learning STR and growing the strength of their roster to overcome its challenges. Full participation in the STR is requested. We are currently practicing and perfecting Tier 5 (Tier 6 completed) with the goal of achieving a 48 hour clear of Tier 6 within 2 months before moving on to Heroic.

    We run hPit and hAAT with a 24-hour 0 damage registration as well as a weekly Special Pit Competition for added fun. We are currently running T5 STR. Our raids begin at guild reset @ 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

    Guild requirements:

    You must be ACTIVE on Discord

    Minimum of 500 tickets/day (No screenshots required)

    Follow raid rules, and TB, TW instructions

    Participate in ALL active guild events including TB, TW, STR (Or let us know if you will be unavailable due to RL obligations)

    > 1.8 mil GP (may consider a lower GP upon review of your account)

    Please message me here with your account if you are interested or contact us on our Discord recruitment server:

    Darth Traya
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    Space Dragons is looking for a handful of active players.
    About us…
    Currently sitting 50/50 but have a handful of players not pulling their weight. Guild reset is 7:30pm EDT.
    81M GP with a great core of friendly individuals. Discord server is setup and strongly encouraged.
    HPIT 3/week and HAAT 2/week on farm with a 24 hour registration rule. Raid start times range between 6-10pm EDT.
    Currently running T4 of the STR takes about days.
    31* in both sides of TB.
    TW is a tossup. We have good strategy but sometimes that just can’t overcome a bad matchup.
    We will never require you to farm specific characters or anything of the sort. Farm and play the toons you want.
    We would expect…
    Participate in all TB, TW, STR, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t at least post a 0 in HPIT or HAAT.
    We do not have a stated minimum daily ticket requirement however regular lack of contribution will get noticed.
    If you miss something here or there that is fine and it we are fully accepting that this is only a game and real life takes priority.
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    If you love the Star Wars and playing swgoh and are looking for a guild that works together to achieve more for everyone but mostly wants to have fun then we would be glad to have you. We do not tolerate selfish play as we believe everyone should benefit from having a guild to support each other. We communicate in game and through line app (Dorstein for the add) however it is imperative that you observe ingame chat as not all our members use line and we do guild notices through the ingame chat.

    We have a large, very loyal portion of the guild that are growing players and we see this as an investment in moving forward for our guild so we do everything we can to help grow these players.

    so, what are we looking for? We have 3 spots open at the moment for strong players. We have a handful of players who are super strong but need a few more to add to that group or to atleast back them up. So level 85 with a GP of atleast over 1M please. You must also be in it for the fun of it. We do have a very active membership but we are all there to have fun and hate policing people. It sucks balls actually. We don’t have very many rules but the ones we do have are non negotiable. These include 24 hr 0 damage on hpit. Manners. Not being an ****. Team players. The rest we are fairly chilled on and if there are any specific rules that come into play we will communicate them fully.

    Our stats are as follows:

    Guild name: Dorstein rebellion
    Ally code : 758-712-339
    Current Guild GP 33.2M
    Level 85 players- 19
    level 80-84 players 8
    Level 70-79 players 17
    Level 69-65 players 1
    Total members 47 (all active within a day or two)
    Pit raid Heroic (24 hr 0 damage rule) We do this as our players are from all over the world
    Sith raid - currently tier 5
    TB 15-17 stars
    TW we have consecutively won the last three comprehensively

    We do raids as soon as guild currency allows and are turning them around faster every time so won’t be long before we are doing 5+ raids a week.

    Guild has a large Mix of people from all around the world so I try set raid times in a space that suits everyone and no one gets left behind.

    Daily contributions and exchanges are part of the game but we don’t hold you to any hard and fast expectations. We just enjoy playing and appreciate whatever you can offer

    If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them so drop me a message on line (Dorstein) or on here.

    Cool! Chat soon nerds.

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    Wir, die Gilde „Clashers“, suchen Verstärkung!

    Wir bestehen seit Einführung der Gildenfunktion und haben uns seitdem stetig weiterentwickelt. Um weiterhin zu wachsen, suchen wir neue Mitspieler, die sich den aktuellen und kommenden Herausforderungen mit uns zusammen stellen wollen. Der Spaß am Spiel steht bei uns im Vordergrund und wir verlangen von niemandem, Farmziele einzuhalten oder Geld zu investieren. Auch ist es bei uns unproblematisch, sich für eine gewisse Zeit inaktiv zu melden – es ist und bleibt ein Spiel.
    Unser Gildenprofil:

    Wir bieten:
    Gilden-GM 98 Mio
    Regelmäßige Raids mit Registrierungsphasen (Heroic Rancor , HAAT sowie Sith-Raid T5)
    Startzeiten (CET) Raids: Rancor 20h, HAAT 19h, SithRaid (sobald genug Tickets vorhanden)
    34 Sterne im LS TB und 34 Sterne im DS TB
    16 Siege in den Territory Wars
    Hilfestellung/Beratung zu allen möglichen Aspekten des Spiels (Arena, Raids etc.)
    Freundliche Mitglieder und guter Mix aus neuen und erfahrenen Spielern

    Was wir erwarten:
    Anmeldung bei sowie Discord
    600 Tickets am Tag
    Regelmäßige Teilnahme an Raids, TBs und TWs

    Falls du interessiert sein solltest, melde dich doch einfach auf unserem Discord-Server bei uns. Die URL lautet:
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    Guild: Going Rogue
    -130mill gp
    -7:30pm cst reset time
    -Very active in TB (41LS & 40DS)
    -TW record of 12-6-2
    -HAAT & HPIT (starting times vary but usually 7-9 CST)
    -Currently alternating between T5 and T6 on Sith Raid. Attempted a HSR but struggled in first tier. Those with JTR preferred but not required.

    We are a laid back guild that treats everyone like friends and family. Tired of being micromanaged and scared to play to due excessive rules in your current guild? We will not force you to farm certain toons or gear characters you don't want. We have a 24hr hold on HPIT but that's pretty much our only rule. This is a game and should be fun. Feel free to just play, play, play or join us chatting about life, dogs, movies, travel, cars, music, bourbon, game of thrones, Star Wars...anything under the sun. Everyone is treated like family. We use the Discord app to communicate.
    We understand life can get busy. Taking a break isn't an issue in our guild, but we do require and rely on communication.
    - 2mil GP
    -Discord app for communication (you don't have to chat with us, but must be willing to read any important info put out for the guild)
    - public account

    Message Icehouse on Discord: Icehouse#5625
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    The League of Warriors ( )

    We currently have 7spots available and are looking for easy going friendly members with a good sense of humor. Active and with a minimum of 1.5mil GP.

    We run Heroic Tank and pit raids. tier 4-5 on sith.

    25-28stars in TB

    0damage first 24h rule on the HAAT and H-pit

    We run raids 20:00 cest

    we want you to have discord ( for rules, strategy and social chit chat).

    We want you to have a public account.

    Most of us are from Sweden but also from the rest of the world.
    We are a strong family who talks with eachother on a daily basis about everything between Star wars, life, food, beer and Marvel Strike Force.

    Everyone in our guild is free to play, and have a life besides swgoh, so we understand that life can come in between. We rely on communication.

    For more info please feel free to contact us on discord : Anze Kopitar#9384 (officer)
    Maru#8505 (leader)
  • Rikus
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    The Mudblood Wookies is looking to add 2 new members to fill out.
    About us:
    We are a somewhat casual group of older gamers with more of a family atmosphere and lively chat. We seek balance in the force between light and dark, between casual and hardcore styles.
    Guild GP: 90mil +
    Guild Reset time: 9:30pm EST
    Raids: Heroics, usually at 9:30-10pm EST weekends are near 9am for international players - Currently running 4+5 * Sith raid depending on tokens
    Rules: 24-0dmg on Heroic raids then FFA, Sith raid is FFA.
    TB: 33-34*
    TW: 10-9 Win/Loss record
    Donations: We have over 32k+ pieces of gear donated so we are a very helpful guild.
    Chat: We like to chat in-game primarily, we do use Line as a supplement but it isn't required. You can contact me there at id Rikus11 or msg me here.
    ID#: 921-337-595
    About you
    You are expected to be active in game, have fun, leave the drama at home. Chat, donate, have a good time and make connections. That's what this game, and the Mudblood Wookies are about. We expect you to work on building solid teams, and contribute in TB/TW. We understand that life happens but as long as you are making a good faith effort to get your 600 daily we're happy.
    Minimum Req: 1mil GP and a positive attitude! May accept lower if a proven team player.
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    Welcome to Special Forces Guild, we are a North American guild with a reset of 9:30 EST /6:30PST.

    This round of DS TB was 36* . Last LS TB was 35*. Currently doing both rancor and tank heroic raids with ease. Doing alternating level 4 and 5 sith raid.
    Territory War Record 9-6-1

    Guild requirements:

    -"Line" app ready, you must be a member to our announcement room, our chat room is optional.

    Daily guild activity minimums:
    - do your dailies
    - mimimum 400 guild coins each day. aim for 600
    - we do know real life comes first. we don't boot for missing minimums if logging daily

    Instructions for each raid are posted in line app.
    Both rancor and tank have a 24 hr. zero damage period.

    Raids start 9:30EST/6:30 PST

    Infractions are dealt with on case by case basis but generally 3 strikes and u are out. Strikes are handed out for non contribution and low activity. details listed in guild guidelines.

    1.5 million GP minimum
    Team player
    Have line app
    Want to have some fun and progress as a group.

    Contact Lady Jedi on line app (user ladyjedi13) for details and invite.

    For a snapshot of guild see below. We are at 104 mil GP total

    We have room for up to 2 new members. A bit of house cleaning is underway.
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    Looking for 1-2 people

    Asgardian I Alliance 117+ Mil GP
    Dr_Alan_Grant (officer/recruiter)

    We are an international guild based on UK time
    7:30 PM GMT guild reset (2:30 PM EST)
    8:00 PM GMT raids (8:00 PM EST)
    T5 STR
    We average 28.6-29.5K tickets
    40/40 in TB (80 rolo shards) (40 + IPD shards)
    600 tickets preferred but not required

    2 mil + gp (if less we will decide based on you readiness for TB/STR) required
    Full TB/TW/STR participation, unless you have something going on in real life (just let an officer know.

    Willing to follow orders in Discord (mandatory)

    Wanting to work towards T6 and heroic STR and push for more stars in TB.

    JTR not required, but should be actively working towards raid teams.
    Ranking High in arena is a plus.

    Discord Server: (Ask for Dr. Alan Grant or Officer)

    We have a great sense of humor.
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    Guild: 519 Knights

    GP: 3 million

    Min level: 21

    Discord Ready

    Looking for new players that intend to be active to help grow stronger, If you are gone for more than 20 days we will remove you for to make space for more active players.
    We will be doing raids as often as raid tickets allow us to (more info if you join).

    If you wish to join just search our guild and join, All are welcome!
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    Guild Name:
    DoubleSuns N Sippin BlueMilk

    Pit - Heroic
    Tank Takedown - Normal
    Raids launching every 2-3 days
    Raid launch after 7:30pm (PST)
    GP approximately 30,000,000
    We work to give all Members a shot at Shards and Gear
    We avoid top heavy Raids
    Earn 600 Tickets in Daily Guild Activities

    Active in Territory War, Territory Battles, Guild Events, Guild Activities, Guild Chat (advise given out freely). We are a Guild for Members that just want to play their game.

    Accepting Active Members Level 65+ (plenty of Slots available), minimum 5 Toons at 7* preferred, but not mandatory.

    We are an active yet laid back Guild with an experienced core of Level 85 Members and Leadership. Participation in Guild Activities and Guild Events is good.

    If you are having difficulty locating our Guild (DoubleSuns N Sippin BlueMilk), please message me.

    Leader: Bantha F0dder
    Ally Code: 412-957-574

    Ryu Kishin
    Sid vicious
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    Guild Name: Wookiee Rampage
    GP: 45.5 million.
    Open Positions: 4; ideally looking for level 80-85 players with GP of at least 1 million.
    Guild Activities Reset Time: 18:30 GMT
    Raids: Heroic Pit (done in 20-30 mins); Heroic Tank (done in a few hours), Sith tier 4 (to keep the tokens rolling in).

    We are an active but friendly guild; we like to make everyone welcome and for everyone to get along.
    Our rules are:
    0 damage in the Heroic Rancor and Tank until 24 hours after launch.
    We remove members who have been inactive for a couple of weeks and/or repeatedly breach guild rules.

    Apart from the above, we let you play how you like.
    We don't force you to spend crystals to earn 600 tickets per day (but getting close is appreciated).
    We don't enforce you to own or farm any specific characters; you can play with who you want.
    We don't force you to use an external chat application like LINE or DISCORD; we use in-game chat.

    Come and join us.

  • DBE3
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    Legion Rancor
    I’m DBE3, leader of the guild. ally code is 743-918-589
    Currently 10 members with total GP of 2M. Highest level is 78, lowest is 51. All levels are welcome to join. No minimum GP required.
    We do teir 4 Rancor, normal Tank Takedown, and teir 1 sith raids. Obviously we want to do heroic eventually and that’s why we need you!
    We are a layed back yet active guild. The ruels are as follows...
    -stay active every 15 days
    -If you contribute consistently, you will be an officer
    -there is NO daily ticket requirement
    Other than that, there is not much else to say. I realize that the world exists outside the game and if you will be gone longer than what is stated, that’s totally fine. Just tell us, but I still expect commitment. I hope you’ll consider joining Legion Rancor soon! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks.
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    Guild: Manda Lorian Mutiny
    Shows: 129m+ GP(50/50) 40+TB but losing a couple players.

    Welcome to the Manda Lorian Mutiny! We have a few openings for players that want to enjoy the game and are working towards the heroic sith raid. We have cleared 43 stars in TBs, and we were ranked top 20 in guild power defeated in TW’s. We currently can full clear the Heroic Pit and AAT raid, and are active working towards the heroic sith raid.

    What are we looking for? We want active members, who enjoy the game because it is a game, but we also are looking for members who are 2 mil+ GP and preferably have Rey Jedi Training(or are close). This is more to do with we had an average member GP of 2.6 mil, and want to keep pushing to be the best free to play guild in the world.

    What does this mean to you? This is still a guild that views this as a game to be enjoyed, and we relish in each other’s triumphs! Our mindset is simple: enjoy the game, respect each other, and work with each other towards the guild goals.

    Raid times 9:15 US eastern time zone
    Guild activities reset: 8:30 US eastern time zone

    If you fit this description, please message me on this forum or visit our recruitment server on discord: .
  • Sh1gg1ty
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    We are a laid-back but very active Guild looking for more people! We have a good mix of powerful veterans and up&coming newer players, and we love to share advice and help each other. We don't use discord/line/etc, we keep all chat in the game to keep the game fun and not too serious.

    *Guild name: Vic's Rattleheads
    *GP: 22.6+m

    *Reset: 1am EST

    *Raids: We do 7star Rancor, 6star AAT and 4star Sith raids at least once a week. We alternate Rancor and Tank start times between 1pm and 6pm EST. We have a one-hero rule for the first 24 hours of the Rancor.

    *TW/TB: We have only lost one TW so far, and usually do quite well in TB.

    *Activity Requirements: We ask everyone to participate in every event. We kick after 5 days of inactivity.

    *Player Requirements: Level 65+

    My ally code: 565-486-794
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    Rancor Raiderzz now recruiting!
    Officer in Rancor Raiderzz
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