Serious question. Who is really thinking about quiting?



  • Everyone is a critic, especially the freebies. If you don't like it, why did you start playing? Most these guys are passive-aggressive and just want everything in their roster to be 7* without doing the work.

    Pressing Sim and Refresh buttons is such hard work!! You confuse time sinks with work.

    I quit the game for about about a month after getting too upset over terrible drop rates. Came back because my GF plays, and don't really get frustrated any more. I don't really do GW any more because it takes too long, I usually auto fight arena or just join and retreat instantly to get the 3/3 daily task.

    I am so sick of seeing Phasma, Sid, and Luminara. I honestly cannot take one more battle against Phasma or Sid. The issue here is that it takes so long to get other characters viable that people are stuck using their established characters.

    If I am honest with myself, I have no idea why I continue to play. It's pretty much just pressing Sim a few times a day and then closing the app until the next day. I will definitely not spend another cent on the game.
  • This game is just starting out. It's a guaranteed money maker with today's popularity of Star Wars. There will be plenty of new characters and surges in interest every time a new movie comes out. So ya. I doubt many people, even if they quit, will stay away for long.
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    Strong no
    I've been playing this game since it got launched in early November.

    Spent hundreds of hours and dollars on it. Not bored a single bit.

    The game would be still decent without the Star Wars theme but the license does the magic, of course.

    I have to admit; I'm not spending anymore money on it, because of the chromium exclusive heroes being wend into F2P pool policy. That move disturbed me and so many whales. But I'll keep playing for months, maybe for years. It depends on how the devs handle the future of it.
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  • Atleast i stopped throwing money away.
  • Maybe...hopefully something changes
    Still not got stun cuffs... I have 40 now after nearly 650 attempts. So game has become very tedious.
    I'm top 20 arena and complete GW every day.

    Definitely considering leaving, especially if levels go up while giving no extra content. The extra long grind isn't appealing at all.
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    Strong Yes If changes are not made
    **** like this posses me off...

    Cheaters not being banned. Look @rank 3 guy... I reported him weeks ago.

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    What hurts the game the most?
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    Strong no
    Drop rates on purple gear you can't get in daily challenges are horrible. I pretty get 33% on everything, to include toon shards, except for the purples you need 50 of. I get maybe 20% on them when I'm lucky.

    I hardly even bother farming them anymore. I'm already in the top of my arena bracket, and complete GW everyday. I would rather speed my energy gearing up possible toons I might use, instead of wasting crystals on refreshes to grind 1 piece of gear in a month.
  • Strong Yes If changes are not made
    Most of the above
  • Lokai
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    and he leaves out the biggest offender of all....damage. FAIL POLL from mr 0 posts alt account.
  • Strong no
    It is the lack of diversity in character rosters.
  • I don't really care
    as a F2PP, getting that drop that need on a cold streak leaves me cringing but hungry for more gameplay...
  • People crying "nerf" all the time.
  • MikaSaber wrote: »
    **** like this posses me off...

    Cheaters not being banned. Look @rank 2 guy... I reported him weeks ago.


    What did you report him for, spending more money than anybody else?
  • Strong Yes If changes are not made
    I meant rank 3. He I level 58 with 16k power.... We are all 70 with 23k+.... He's hacking.
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    Once you're an addict, you can't quit. The urge to be different is strong.
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    Maybe...hopefully something changes
    Lack of credits, lack of content and company's greed
  • My biggest problem is that common in the gaming industry today (and often in software) is that there is this culture that it is OK to release stuff that still is still beta-level with huge bugs, unusable features, and an inconsistent experience.

    It's Star Wars so they know people will go crazy over it no matter what though. I won't spend any $$$ on it until it plays like a finished product. I feel like we're all part of the testing group.
  • Strong Yes If changes are not made
    I am so frustrated. I don't even have one 7star toon .....and yet.....consistently....I run int
    o a entire team of them in the first four battles....this game is not even that fun am I supposed to farm the GW. For characters shards...when they make it virtually impossible do do so
  • Maybe...hopefully something changes
    All of the above?
  • The damage is too high. That characters like the First Order Pilot can oneshot even "tanks" is completely dumb.
  • Strong no
    I really enjoy playing this game. Dont care for Area much so i dont spend much on the usual top toons more of a balanced arsenal. The game still has plenty to offer. They are realising new content, sure not fast enough for most and then just pick it a part when EA releases it. Just a solid time suck.
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    Maybe...hopefully something changes
    You need an option for "other" as for me the thing that hurts the game most is actually the community... not any of the changes the devs have made
    Former crazy person of the guild "Shard Awakens"... *quit game 13th July 2016*

    Game used to be fun when it wasn't a grind... if I wanted a grind I would have went and played old school Everquest or some Korean MMO!
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    Strong Yes If changes are not made
    All these bugs need to be fixed. Not happy with spending money if what I pay for doesn't work properly.
  • Strong Yes If changes are not made
    Yes I am seriously thinking of quiting. You make GW impossible.....forget wining it....I can't even mine for shards takes me three days on average to just get 400 do you really expect us to improve our characters....the purple gear takes for ever to get..and then there are other parts that are so easy it's boring....what gives....I have paid several hundred dollars on this game trying to get better....but at this point....why bother.....I have left my phone number on a bug report.....I would very much like to talk to call me....
  • Skye wrote: »
    You need an option for "other" as for me the thing that hurts the game most is actually the community... not any of the changes the devs have made

  • Strong Yes If changes are not made
    I'm not going to go into all of the reasons why I just uninstalled this game. But the deciding factor was yesterday I upgraded Kylo Ren from 5* to 6* That took a long time. 85 shards with about an average of 3.5 shards per 12 attempts. Before my Kylo upgrade, I could finish about 60% of the GW using many suicide squads and trying different strategies, but usually got to node 7 or 8 before it got seriously hard with teams either equal to me, or better than me. Today I faced fully geared 7* squads on the second node. I made it through the 3rd node after two suicide squads and lost 3 of my best characters, and the other two in the red. Node 4 would have beaten the rest of my roster, taking them out 1 by 1. It's supposed to be fun and challenging, not impossible. RNG and all.

    My arena squad power was 25,200 after the Kylo upgrade, and I had two 7* characters, and three 6*. The best I ever finished in arena was ~250. Usually closer to 350 lately.

    It seems that CG / EA acknowledge there are problems with many items, but (expensive) things for sale pop up before known issues are resolved. Income before programming fixes seems to be the way it is.

    Call me whatever you want, I know how this works. I don't think it's sour grapes on my part. Just the way it is. I hope those who love it can get the enjoyment they look for, for me it lost it's appeal.

    When it's no longer fun, why do it?
  • Reyia wrote: »

    I love it!!!!
  • Ok so i'm not voting here. I see points on both sides of the fence. I invested too much money to quit to be honest. Not like some, but enough to speed the grind and collect.


    The from fight 1 70 level 7* max teams in GW that have(not to argue with the Devs but I keep track) an incredible Proc rate on abilities.

    The fact that PVP locks you despite allowing you to pay crystals to fight again right away. I get why, but there should be a propt to say hey this purchase will be wasted, continue anyway?

    PVP again how any team can literally walk through any team. I have teams I beat in 30-45 seconds knock me down the ladder. That is crazy. The fact that to get 31 it is about being on right at prime commute time or just walking in the door, and about who presses refresh faster.

    Grind: The drop rates are frustrating. I have 25 stun cuffs(purple) on 3 refreshes a day for 5 days just for that item. I need 100 total. So in 2 more weeks I'll get there on 2 gear slots. I get the dull point. I'd rather replay missions for fun than grind on sim for 10 minutes, but if not you fall behind when every GW team is 27k+ power

    Energy costs make actual game play very limited.

    These are points I see, and agree with that were made plus mine.


    It is freaking Star Wars

    Look at the great variety of characters to collect? It is awesome

    Look at all the different team comps you can create and test? I mean come on who would ever thing to see QGJ, Sid, Dooku, and Mace fighting on the same side? Very cool.

    The sounds and animations are cool. Look at grevious(who I will never have) and Yoda. How cool do they look in action? Lumi's stance?

    They do try to take our input here into account.
    Creds are hard. Red data card
    Energy costs are tough. 3x a day Bonus energy
    People who spent X should get a reward. New Pack offered for those who spent $200(rounded)
    We want heads up on updates. Patch notes.
    We want communication. 2 From CG John being one and the guy who recently appeared I forget his name, and EA Jesse communicating and responding.
    Though there are more points I will stop there as it shows what I'm saying.

    GW tosses some beastly teams at you allowing you to really test yourself. To challenge you. You seem insurmountable. it allows you to learn, to grow, to try new builds. I faced this team it was Phasma lead, Lumi, Daka, Dooku, GS all were literally as maxed as it comes based on their Power. Now that team should not be tough, challenging yes. However the RNG gods smiled upon them. No matter the team I threw, changes, retreats every single kill revived 1X, including daka herself. Dakas heal no matter when used revived every dead Ally. Dooku and Daka DBL stun every time. Lumi FB hit for 10k no matter what. My Dooku stun resisted by all, My GS hit like Barriss every shot. QGJ Humbling debuffed nothing. My Characters hit, even buffed by Poggle like they had offense down. Every assist call was a stunned person. Any healer I used was stunned until they were killed. It was an unholy RNG advantage for that team. It was not even the last fight. I got through 10 fights no losses, no fodder even, on a tough march. To hit this team that did not seem overly scary, but performed like a superhuman on ****. Dooku fell, Barriss fell, Lumi fell, 88, HK,Poggle, Sid, Ventress, Opress, Vader, Poe. All died at that teams hands. That is days worth of my losses in 1 battle. There was cursing. phone being spiked on the bed. A walk out in the cold. I was dumbounded by how I would be slaughtered by this team and barely scratch them when I should destroy them easily. That team was smiled upon by the RNG gods and devils at once granting them a power so great the galaxy will forever sing songs of that day(ok not really but it was epic) I will tell you what thopugh taking that team down finally using the depth I've spent months building. The knowledge of the game I built up. It felt as good, or better than my first #1 in arena, my first GW, my first 7*, my first anything in game. Beating that team that seemed unbeatable felt amazingly good.

    To face that type of challenge in a mobile game and to get that awesome feeling atop of it being Star wars is why I can easily look past the cons and say I am not quitting anytime soon. Perhaps being in my mid 30's I lived in a time where we only got the prize if we won, if we completed so i relish that feeling when you best a challenge. I don't feel the need to be rewarded simply for participating. No I'm not insulting anyone. Just stating the fact/observation.

    This game is stuck with me for a long time.

    Cheers all.
  • Strong Yes If changes are not made

    PVP again how any team can literally walk through any team. I have teams I beat in 30-45 seconds knock me down the ladder. That is crazy. The fact that to get 31 it is about being on right at prime commute time or just walking in the door, and about who presses refresh faster.

    Cheers all.

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