Destroyer Droid (Droideka)!

As I said when I posted my idea for the Vulture Droid, the Separatist faction is crying for help. Of course, there are other factions that need attention, such as the Bounty Hunters, Jawas, Jedi, and Tuskens, but I'm only focusing on the Separatist faction in this post. In my opinion, the only characters in the faction that are really worth farming are Ventress and Dooku, but it's only because of their connections to other factions. But, hopefully, the developers will see this and it will possibly be the start of a Separatists rework.

Destroyer Droid (Maxed)
Dark Side, Droid, Separatist, Tank
Shielded Tank that can deflect damage to his attacker.

- Basic- Twin Heavy Repeating Laser Cannons
- Deal Physical damage to target enemy twice. Deal damage a third time if the enemy is
debuffed, and deal damage a fourth time if the enemy is Galactic Republic.

- Special- Deflector Shields (Cooldown: 4)
- Gain Taunt for 2 turns and gain Health Up, Defense Up, and Protection Up (60%) for 3 turns.
All other allies gain Offense Up for 4 turns.

- Unique- Combative Programming
- Destroyer Droid gains 10% Tenacity for each active Droid ally, 5% Health for each active
Separatist ally, and gains Offense equal to 50% of his Max Health.
- When Destroyer Droid is Taunting, he takes reduced damage from Percent Health damage
effects, and, if he is Taunting, when he is attacked, the attacker has a 60% chance to be dealt
the damage they dealt, while Destroyer Droid remains unharmed.

Note: Please include his shield when he's Taunting!

Thanks for reading, feel free to read my other submissions, and have a super day! Feedback is always appreciated! :smile:


  • Yeah, I like the droideka too. It's easily the best separatist droid - it would be cool to include a unique that gave it bonuses for having those allies, or if deflector shields gave extra bonuses for them, or both. One last point I'd like to add is that the taunt is not the droideka's main attribute, but its shield, so the unique should apply for protection up, not taunt, in my opinion. Maybe make it so the protection can't be dispelled, like Wampa? (But would that remove the uniqueness of our beloved Wampa?)
    Either way, when a separatist rework eventually comes around, I would like droideka to be a part of it.
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