Triumvirate and Game Feel

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Bottom line is it’s not as fun as the other 2 raids. Aside from the difficulty of daily pronunciation, the raid suffers from making players feel bad for playing.

Nihilus has a shield that can make lower tier players deal literally zero? Sion takes like 24% damage from your team so he’s no fun to hit. The worst offender of all is in the final tier, where Traya literally punishes you for playing the game by dealing increasing damage for every ability you use. They’re all immune to turn meter removal. These mechanics alone destroy the viability of almost every raid team you can think of, save for JTR, so I hear.

Clones? Thoroughly bodied. Rebels? Dumpstered. Ewoks, Bounty Hunters, Nightsisters, First Order, Droids? Get outa town.

The higher the tier, the higher the already mind blowingly high health bars of tier 4 and above. Molasses.

Enjoy your 4-6 pieces of mixed bag purple gear, though.


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    You know DN and Traya aren't immune to tmr tho right?

    While you can't keep them from taking a turn...
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    Phase 4 DN removes way to much health for lower levels. His first thirst drains 30% then his second another 30% then Sion drains more health. I realize this is across the entire raid spectrum, but for low end guilds attempting to get better, 1 or 2 attacks at full squad strength is all you get.

    I can’t imagine what tier 1, 2 and 3 guilds are going through without synergy teams that can heal each other or teams without zetas since that’s what the prizes indicate. Those tiers are for GS 7 and 8 guilds. Must take them a Week to clear a phase.
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