Getting Hit with Endless Lightsaber Attacks in P3 of Sith

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I had some weird behavior tonight in the Sith raid that haven't seen before. After dropping Traya in P3 and activating "stand alone," I was hit with endless lightsaber attacks once they revived until my attacker was defeated. This happened twice this evening and I had not seen it before.

Anybody else notice this? Have I just gotten lucky thus far to have avoided this?


  • dad2my3
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    I’ve hit a point where I’ve faced endless attacks that gradually kill everybody without my getting another turn.
  • It’s been happening since the RJT rework. She also exclusively targets Poe and Finn to death.
  • TVF
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    Yes I've seen this too. Simple fix, don't stand alone when she's toppled.
    I need a new message here.
  • HK666
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    Like TMR from all the staggers you get slammed with?

    simple fix like tvf said. Stand alone when there's one saber left and kill it in one shot. (You don't really have to do that, but that's the smoothest way. Using an aoe to kill three works too)

    All your guys will get up as traya get's toppled.

    and don't stand alone while toppled
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