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So, I've noticed a number of bugs occurring in Galatic war.

Stun-- it's land rate for all characters is drastically low. I've gone the entire table with only 1 stun by either dook or urr.

Also, there appears to be an issue with opponents stunned, but still able to dodge/evade. This seems like the wrong mechanic in game.

Heals -- sids antiheal always gets overridden by barris heal. Almost pointless to carry sid with so many barris on table.

Targeting -- I've noticed this several times, but I will lose my target to random one without any taunts.

Has anyone else seen these bugs?


  • Sid heal immuntiy vs barris heal is not a bug. It equalizes health to all chars which I believe cant be considered as a heal. The extra healing she does AFTER the equalize shouldnt be received by chars with healing block.

    The autotargetting issue that hops from 1 target to another very randomly can be considered a bug for sure. If it's intended... well... no

    Cant judge over the other bugs. Count dooku only stuns on counterhits right? My Assaj seems to land some stuns tho in GW. Gl tho!
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