To all those ranting about arena timer.



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    Pilot wrote: »
    Advantage goes to the attacker who isnt controlled by the ai. Seriously, go into the fight and hit auto right from the start. I promise you that the timer will not be reached. Your team will get destroyed. Thats because you can destroy much higher, stronger teams when you are in control and their team is controlled by the ai. If you cant beat them in 5 minutes its because they vastly out power you.
    Get stronger, dont complain. Get over it.


    Defensive team gonna defend. Tough cookies.

    Loosing at the buzzer? Think 1 second quicker.
    --Nud Stark--
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    Do people just not keep up with their gear? I almost never have problems with time unless I'm facing a ben team with a higher power than me and I make a mistake targeting.
  • The_Oklahoma_Kid
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    I think every time it's happened to me I faced Ben and Barriss with Daka. She really slows down the battle. The three together are big clock eaters. And please don't take my observations as a rant or how unfair it is. It's just an observation if it really bothered me I would just not play and spend my money elsewhere. Though I really would like an option for animation off. Or at least all toons animation should be the same length.
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