Is this mod possible?

Is a mod with +15 speed possible when speed is the 4th stat in line and it wasn't a gold mod to begin with?

I am really confused, I went to my mod inventory to upgrade a mod for filler, I had a purple mod that I didn't even pay attention to it's stats, after upgrading it to the max level I saw that it's speed went up to 15 but it was it's 4th stat. Meaning it wasn't there for the first 3 upgrades.

Is it possible to have a level 11 mod with no speed and once you get to level 12 to unlock it's speed at +15?

I didn't pay attention to the stats of the mod to begin with so idk if speed was in there, but it was purple and the speed is the stat at the bottom.


  • Kyno
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    No +15 on a single roll is impossible.

    Each add to a secondary has a max of +6 for speed
  • You obviously must have mixed up which mod you were looking at. As kyno pointed out, max is 6 , you must have had two side by side and misclicked.
  • Maybe it was gold and I mixed it up, I was 99% sure it was purple, anyways that's probably it
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