Tie pilot questions

Anyone have tiepilot 4*?. With the login rewards Ill have him 4* and want to know if it worth for me to gear him. I hear he is a bit of a glass cannon at 1 or 2* but how is he at 4*?


  • Idk I'll have him at 3* in 3 days, but at 2* and gear 6.5, he's squishy but by no means a 1 shot. He has more hp than Ashoka at the same star level and gear and many people use Ashoka. I have 3 others that are somewhat tanky+ wookie for taunt and main tank. His speed is good dmg is insane and as long as you keep him alive the enemy will pay with their lives. Luke is his better option I think but again the only benefit of him is that you can farm cantina for Luke. My bro has Luke at 5* and he destroys kids all day.
  • Cool ok thx for the info
  • Cyn
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    He's good until about level 47-50 and then he falls off. I still use him a lot in challenges and PVE but PVP he's too squishy and can be shut down by the Resistance Pilot or Dooku because they are a tad quicker.
  • I have tie pilot 6 star and he is my best attacker by far, just make sure he is buffed correctly and he can one shot full health tanks. You really need to pair him with like a sid/poggle/leia or bounty hunter or even Teebo leader to really see him at full potential. I am trying out Teebo leader to stealth him, hopefully keeping him alive on defense long enough to attack.
  • Lvl 50 3* t6 gear and he is amazing.
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  • I think he's awesome can't wait till I rank him to 4 stars
  • I have a 3*, will be 4* with daily shards. I have his passive and his basic at level 3, but i havent shifted to leveling yet so he is only lvl 43. In GW i bring him in if i have any trouble. He is always my first (and usually only) replace.
    Even at level 43, this guy is a body dropper. Im excited, and anxious, to get him 4* in the last week of December, level him up then, and see how he does behind my 6*, tier VII, level 59 Stormtrooper Han.
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    What level are his abilities?
  • If I could get him to 4* I would for sure level and gear him.
  • I wonder who's better resistance pilot or tie pilot??.
  • Resistance pilot is very decent .. Haven't used tie pilot myself, as I just got him through logins and can't waste training droids on him if am to maintain my team and level a couple other characters I'm farming. For leveling purposes only, I'd guess resistance is better because he is much more easy to farm.
  • I have tie pilot at 5*. Definitely a glass cannon and a Taunt on your team if you want him to survive beyond round 1. He hit's like a truck and is definitely one of the best attackers. On a team with QuiGon, Fives, or someone else that calls for an assist he has tremendous potential even at 5*.
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