• Padarey because she is technically a Padawan?
  • Padarey because she is technically a Padawan?

    Is she though? The Jedi Order as we knew it is gone.
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  • Waqui
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    Ah yes the "I like being edgy and unique" syndrome. Quite common this days actually.

    More or less not being lazy and only using letters to identify a character, but we can call it whatever we like. It is a free community.

    And how would you describe the use of 'Padarey' instead of the full name for the character? Lazy as well?
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    Huatimus wrote: »
    People who call Rey (JT) as JTR are the same ones calling Ahsoka Tano (F) as FAT. Using the "logic" you were using, people who call Rey (Jedi Training) JTR would call Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) TFA. I would point out the Jedi Training Rey is as easy to understand as Rey Jedi Training, so it's okay. Tano Fulcrum Ahsoka makes no sense and thus is not okay. To the original post, vets at G8, I have the Finn zeta but it's not necessary or that helpful. It is an AMAZING zeta though and it seems that it can beat traya, so I'd go for it. I have BB-8 at G11 because he's a beast and Rey at G10.
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