The Outer Rim - Recruiting Now!!!

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The Outer Rim - A Family of Guilds

Want OT Chewy? Want Revan? Want Jedi Luke? Want (insert unreleased OP toon here)? Put yourself in the best position to be ready for these potential Meta-Busters - just one of the perks of being a part of a large online community is access to TONS of swgoh tools and resources. Whether you are Super casual or F2P, guppies, dolphins. whales and Krakens all are welcome out here in the 'Rim. Tons of experienced players, many are Day One swgoh vets, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly bunch of people. We all work together to make each and every guild stronger, no one is left behind. Stop by today and see what you think, you won't be disappointed.

Family Requirements :
- Discord
- A synced and public profile
- A love for the game and the drive to succeed!!!

Our recruitment team is available 24/7<<HERE>> We currently have openings at all levels, so now is the time! Feel free to visit our website at
and check out all of our guilds to see which one might suit you the best!
You can also apply by filling out this quick and easy Guild Application and one of our Recruiters will contact you directly!!!
With 21 guilds ranging from our Primal Training Guild System to our 10 hSTR Guilds (and counting!) - We literally have something for everyone.
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