Young Han leadership?

I hope that Young Han will get a leadership ability for scoundrels. Then we can finally have the arena viable "All Hans on Deck" squad we all secretly want....


  • Against the mighty Sith Triumvirate? 5 Han Solo's? Hmm.. makes sense.. agreed.
  • Kyno
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  • YaeVizsla
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    "Viable" is a relative term.

    The Hans don't really mesh well together, even if they had a good leadership ability. They'd just kind of coexist.

    And they do already have a leadership ability, even if it's so-so, in ST Han.

    But a young Han leadership ability would have to be insane to make a team with veteran Han arena viable, and it'd be pretty broken when someone rotates veteran Han out for someone who doesn't suck.
    Still not a he.
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