Guild Event Metrics

Would it be possible to establish a metric that noted the participation of individual guild members during guild events (raids, tb, and tw)? I’m in guild where we have 50 members, but on average only 30 players participate in guild events. Our officers run a tight ship in terms of enforcing guild rules, but they do not have an easy way to look at individual partipation rates. The ‘last time logged in’ filter can help in this regard, but it is not always the best way to determine who is playing and who is not.


  • +1 to the OP. In our guild we struggle getting enough players for the TW signing up. While we are a guild with players across all level we would have enough (27-30) that fulfill the TW requirements. However in our setting only 3 players not registering keeps us from getting a TW started in the first place. However, there is no way for me to know and track who did not join, apart from being on in the last seconds of the signup period (which is hard already) and memorizing/mental copying who joined and then cross check this with our roster. Which is way too much tedious effort for a game that is meant to primarily be fun.

    @all: just refrain from telling me that we run our guild in the wrong way and just accept that not everyone is doing an all competitive only playstyle.
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