STR Heroic Bug with Damage in Last Phase - Solutions?

It is known, that the STR last phase is bugged and awards people who did not contribute with extra millions of damage which screws up with the final results a lot. (ppl from place 40+ suddenly being top 5 etc.

My question to fellow guilds out there is, how do you guys deal with this? I'm not sure CG is about to deal with the problem by fixing it.

Given the fact our guild is composed of members of 5 different guilds only to defeat the STR heroic it might now cause us trouble when ppl who do not know each other at all will accuse each other of cheating.

Do you have limits for people who can join the last Traya phase or do you somehow control who is inside the fight so people cannot steal their damage?


  • Kyno
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    Unless you are tracking screen shots for every members damage from the end of a run, and comparing that to the totals to make sure they are not omitting any, there is nothing a guild can do.
  • I was more interested in some ideas how to prevent this from happening. I can find the people who "did this" by writing down damage done when p4 nihilus falls and comparing it to the final damage. We have many people who did 5/6/7/8 millions of damage in the very last phase so its clear they bugged it. But its not about penalizing them its about making such rules this wouldn't happen by accident or by a "lucky accident"



  • Hey it happened to me also in P4 where a team that did maybe 60k on Treya showed up 900k... i think the raid gets bugged and registers the damage multiple people do simultaniously for 1 person and others get a 0. I have guild mates that did 200k and got a 0 at the same time i got this score.

    Luckily i was already 1st in dmg so it didnt rly screw with the rewards :)
  • Platzman
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    There is one way to do that - and it works.

    There needs to be few ppl rushing the end.

    Everytime we had 20+ (10+?dont know exact threshold) ppl doing last 20% of Traya, we had this nasty bug - which cost me at least 5 traya shards and several fullcrafts.

    When EACG nerfed the rewards, there were less ppl wasting time in the P4 final rush - they just did not care. And voila - both raids where only like 5 ppl were in the rush were NOT affected by bug.

    so 3+ raids where many ppl rushed - bug appeared.
    2 raids where everything was slow and tidy - no bug.

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