Has anyone got a plan for training droids?

I'm finding they're my hardest to come by resource (@level 54). Money is easy enough to come by with solid galaxy wars runs, and also the odd bounty hunter credit rewards.

Seems the two best ways to get training droids are the 60 crystals for 7 level 5 training droids from daily shipments. And then the mystery amount from the training droid event, which also requires 50 energy per shot.

Anyway else in a similar place and had thoughts around this?


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    yes, i am. lvl53. same boat. tons of credits. i have 8 characters to lvl53, and for the sake of galaxy war i would like maybe 10 to 12 up to lvl53 as well. i feel that event is not worth the 50 energy at all. and 60 crystals... i would much rather grab 120 energy for 50 crystals.. i don't have a solution, but if someone does i will be hear to read it
  • Qeltar
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    I keep 10 characters at-level and so far have had enough droids to keep them all up to date (also level 54). Usually I get enough 1* and 2* droids from regular fights to level them up. I am saving the 3* and higher droids for quickly leveling new characters.
    Best sources are just regular and Cantina missions, droid challenge and also GW.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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    It makes me sad when new heroes I get sit at level 1 because it takes all my droids to maintain my core team +1 level every day. I used to level everyone to 40 just for GW fodder, but post 50 I go through droids like crazy.
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    Niminion, I hit 47 last night and having the same issue. Got a 4* urururururu guy from bronze and wanted to check him out but it was level him up or get my core squad and a few backups to 47. Makes me sad because all I wanted to do was try him out but not sure when I can make the investment.
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