Sith Raid Reward Rollback - 4/17/18

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Hello Holotable Heroes!
I have one last update on the Sith Raid Rewards (for the next month or so, at least, I hope).
We have done some serious thinking about our intention with the original reward change and its rollout, and we've realized the net effect has gone too far to diminish the value of the Sith Raid to players while it is still relatively new, especially to the very top end of the rankings in higher Tiers. We will be revisiting reward changes in May along with Gear XII 5/6 so that we can more effectively balance rewards and progression for the entire player base, but in the meanwhile, we have decided to completely roll back all the changes to the way they were prior to the update on 4/11/18. That means the return of challenge gear (sorry), however, it was the only way we could do it as quickly as possible.
Last week I promised 2-4 pieces of full gear by means of a makegood within the two week window to anyone who completed the Heroic Tier. However, given that we have expedited the fix and are doing it in one week instead, and that there were people in other Tiers affected by the change, we are going to give an even 2 pieces of full gear to everyone who is level 85. Note: Some sub-85 people who completed the Heroic Tier will be granted these rewards through a server fix in a week, it’s just a technical limitation that we can’t provide it at the same time.
This change will take effect after tomorrow’s Content Update, which will be signified as complete by a in-game server restart message. The patch notes will also be posted to the EA Forums shortly before the update goes live. To ensure you get the new rewards, do not close out Phase 4 until that restart has occurred.
Note: We have other things to talk about regarding the damage bug in the raid, and will reach back out when we have an update. Many thanks to everyone helping us debug this issue by providing screenshots and info.
Thanks for your patience and your passion, and as always we’ll see you on the holotables,

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    Edit: Removed "or above" on the Level 85 language. This was not a clue to a level cap increase. Apologies.
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