Lets make GW great again

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edited April 2018
GW in way what it look now is disliked by everyone, for new player it is hard, for old player it is boring. I remember when i start this game, i used every character i have to finish GW. **** i even have 3-4 team for it, GW was so fun because it was chalange and reward what it gives in past was relevant, every new character i make help me at GW.
What we have now, new players dont fink what reward what provide from GW is pays off and they want more yeasy GW. For old players it's so boring that all who can prefer to use the multi-sim.
Why is it so difficult to make GW different for beginners and for those who want to test their strengths. Simply make "improved GW" where all the opponents are G11-12 with the Zetas, without the ability to simulate this mode but also improve the reward, add some gear, add fragments of characters that are difficult to farm, ad some zeta for completing all of 12 battles.
If this is done then it will be possible to make it easier for beginners and interesting for old players.
Make the choice of gw. Easy with the option of multi sim or really hard but with standing awards.
It shall be GLOBAL WAR, not a boring place to farm .
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