Content Update [HF] - 4/18/18

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Hiya Holotable Heroes,

These are the updates included in today’s hotfix, 4/18/2018. This should go live approximately in the next hour - hour and a half. If you would prefer the original Raid Rewards from the Sith Raid, please make sure you withhold closing out the raid until you get the in-game server restart message at that time.

Sith Raid Rewards Rollback and Make Good

As discussed in some of our recent Dev posts, we have reviewed the outcome of our raid reward changes and will be reverting back to the original Sith Raid rewards.
Along with this change, we will also be sending 2 pieces of gear from the full piece reward pool to all players at level 85.
You can find more about information about the rollback in this post:
Sith Raid Reward Rollback - 4/17/18
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