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Hi. Really small question. Just been playing for a day or so. I have an account on my android (which has the 1st order bonus and i got an ig86) and apple account (with the resistance solider and a stormtrooper han). I would like to focus on one account. Which of these two would be a better starting point? Han is 3* but i hear ig86 can put out major dps.thanks in advance


  • The one with Han is who I would go with. IG 86 can be unlocked I think in galactic battle for 15 shards. I would advise to stick with chewie as tank as you will get more use out of his defensive buffs compared to Hans offensive buffs. Han really shines in a high damage/ high crit team in late game.
  • With respect I will disagree here. Han is ez to get, like 25 shards and resist soldier meh....

    Ig86 is a homerun hitter and if it is 1st order TIE pilot then you have a team just waiting for Leia. I barely use Han and I'm 60...
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