Active Guild With 108M GP Looking For 1 New Members To Join Our Ranks

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I am an officer of the guild Empire Strikes Front and we are looking for 3 active players to join our ranks. We are a friendly guild that is located in the UK (GMT + 00.00) with a total accumulated GP of over 103 Million GP.

What you may look for in a guild:
- We complete Heroic Rancor and Tank, at 9pm UK time, with a 24 hour period of 0 damage on both
raids. Currently we also do Tier 5 of the Sith Triumvirate raid in roughly 5 days and we are aiming to
be able to complete Tier 6 in the next few months with our eyes set on Heroic.
- We achieve roughly 35* in both Territory Battles and an abundance of ROLO shards can also be
obtained with our first few Imperial Probe Droid shards are beginning to be farmed.
- In Territory Wars we have a solid strategy that we win with 80% of the time which involves players to
state whether they prefer to be on defence or offence and then follow the commands on the map that
are set by the officers.

What we look for in our players:
- A GP of 1.6 Million GP would be nice but exceptions can always be made.
- If extended leaves of absence are required then we ask that you inform an officer so we do not
accidentally kick you from the guild.

If you are interested in joining the guild or have any other questions then feel free to drop me a message.


Empire Strikes Front
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