The rollback May be bad form

A lot of bad feeling was generated by giving and then taking away two different approaches to rewards in the new Sith Raid. The only unifying aspect to this divisive move is that very high level, low and mid level players all hate it. Whales already get more than a lions share of rewards. If the game is only for them, should the rest just quit rather than supply raid tickets while languishing in the dead zone of level 85 with gear level 8? The arena deck is stacked, it takes two or more days to get 5 shards for 80% of players, counting those who already have given up. The inability to earn crystals is an even worse handicap. So the strongest players in mixed level guilds look greedy when we used to just accept that they got the best rewards. What you seem to forget is that raids are played within a guild, so depriving some partygoers of cake while watching others eat is bad form. The Guilds are the Meta that Matters in this game. Most are not whale guilds. The joy of defeating the rest of us in arena is not free. The game needs to work for everyone.
A couple of pieces of gear will not make up for lack of access to the events that earn CLS, GK, JTR, GM and Hermit Yoda, etc. it is one thing to make progress slow, quite another to just keep falling behind hopelessly. I have spent money on this game, no problem. The awesome art and dynamics are worth it to me. I am glad people can play for free IF it remains enjoyable. Introducing conflict to guilds undoes a lot of this.
Finally, the Sith Raid itself is great fun. When I am out of crystals, energy and credits I can still play. I just don’t know how much longer it will be worth my time, honestly. Trying to keep my now lowvarena status from slipping further is a chore. When I do go I am sure you will be just fine without me.


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