GW sim slider

Can we have a GW sim slider? I don’t want to slog through 10-11 super easy battles to get to the interesting battles where I can test different strategies and I’d bet that a lot of individuals who can aim it feel the same way. Currently though, it’s sim everything left or battle your way through it. Perhaps this is the reason everyone gets 100s of sims now because it was too challenging to code partial simming on GW given the existing framework and you didn’t want the game to break if someone had less than the required SIM cards?

Alternatively, you could increase the difficulty at each node for those who are able to sim it to bring the challenge back for those who want it?


  • Dralkyr
    457 posts Member
    I'm here to second the first request. I want to fight nodes 10-12, but I don't want to fight 1-9 to get there. I want to test new strategies and teams against teams of some challenge, and 1-9 doesn't provide that.
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