Tier 5 Rewards=Steaming Hot Garbage

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This is Completely Ridiculous! Once again after the 4-5 days it take for Our Guild to finish this Raid. After hounding Our Members numerous times to Participate. I receive a Pile of worthless Gear I literally have hundreds or thousands of! And I came in First Place! How the Hell do the Devs expect Us to motivate Our Members or even try Ourselves with such Bunk Rewards?
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    Just do tier 4 if taking 4-5 days and guild is bored of it.
    You get some guild event tokens in t5 (thanks ea for taking them out of t4 but not going there ;) )
    We do t5 in 5-6 days and t4 in 2 days usually.

    Everyone finds tier 5 boring and tiresome and therefore participation drops and it takes longer and longer.
    Tier 4 isnt too long or too much of a struggle.

    Wish rewards where better but apparently with this/old reward system they fantastic at heroic lvl. So maybe one day i can experience that.
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    That's exactly the situation within my 92M guild. Not many participate in sith raid, the tier 5 rewards don't match the effort needed, so we do tier 4 instead, where the rewards are still bantha poodoo, but at least it's easier to get poodoo.
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