Ships in GW

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Hello I will make short thread about this.
Everyone above 60 knows there are some ships to farm from GW shipments. And this is
very good.
There are 3 ship blueprints to buy. It's ok, not a very big problem.
The problem is, and i discovered it especially in last few days that blueprints are too often duplicated. When in 3 ship blueprints slots on GW shipments I see TWICE in same time e.g. Jedi Consular ship, where is 12 other ships to farm, it triggers me immedietaly, because he is total piece of...okay I will not end this, I just hate him. Okay, I write enough about "how much i hate Jedi Consular", time to resolve section which should be:
- in 3 slots for ships per shipment - 3 different ships, not like now, where I too often see duplicates
- or incerase avaible slots for ships to 5-6 per shipment, just for more blueprints to choose, if duplicate blueprints will stay.
And that's all. I don't want decreased prices, or anything like this. There just should be slightly better rotation in this.
Oh, but one more thing (idk maybe i'm just unlucky) - I wanted to get Imperial TIE Fighter from GW. But i only saw him...twice in entire week. And i check 3-4 shipments per day. Is that normal or just unlucky week? Because in Fleet Ship. i saw him even multiple times per day.
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