Developer Q&A feat. CG_Carrie Pt. 2

Reality Skewed Gamers was granted an interview with a Developer! In the second part of a three part series, the RSG crew asks CG_Carrie about different gameplay items, and gets some insight in possible changes to galactic war and ally token usage... and have fun as only the RSG crew can!


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    I need a new message here.
  • TVF wrote: »
  • They are the only youtubers I watch for SWGOH now and it was nice to hear that exclusive about the HAAT tiers that they want to add at some point. I wonder if they will be higher or lower tiers.
  • "Reality Skewed Gomers" is what I see in the lower right corner.
  • Text version? At least a quick summary? Or is this just a blatant plug for the watch counter?
  • Lol I noticed the necro right at the last second.
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    Recently my company has started a new cy-ber security initiative to teach employees how to spot phishing scams. They send us fake phishing emails and give us an “attaboy” for seeing it and reporting it.
    Most of these emails are really obviously phishing schemes, but every so often one is really well disguised and slips through my radar. Then I feel like a fool for opening the email and falling for it.

    And that’s how I feel about this post. I was foolish enough to believe that there was actually a Q&A with devs in here, only to open it and find that I had been tricked into opening a post that only contains a link to a video (which I assume will be 45 minutes long, include a lot of yelling and may have such thrilling tidbits as: “maybe we will release some stuff soon”.

    Good work, OP! You got me!
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