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Hey Holotable Heroes!
Here is all the great new content featured in our 4/25/2018 Content Update, including everything you need to know about Bossk and the Bounty Hunter rework!
(NOTE: We're aiming for this release at approx 3:30pm PDT)

To celebrate the month of May and May the 4th, Han Solo is the Daily Login character.

Bossk has arrived to the Holotable to kick off our Bounty Hunter rework! This Trandoshan Bounty Hunter constantly regenerates Health and Protection. To read more about his abilities check out the Character Strategy post linked below:


Contracts Tutorial
In this event, players are introduced to the new Contract and Payout mechanics for Bounty Hunters and get an early encounter with Bossk!

Galactic Bounties
Galactic Bounty events are a new kind of event in which you use a team of Bounty Hunters to track down a target across the galaxy before ultimately "capturing" them. Completing the capture earns you shards of the captured character!
  • Galactic Bounty Events are unlocked at level 75 and are designed for players at level 80+. They offer an escalating challenge as the tiers increase, but also rarer character Bounties!
    • Each tier is a bit more challenging than the one before. Tier 1 (“Easy”) is tuned for a reasonably new squad of Bounty Hunters with approximately gear level 8 and okay mods. Tier 5 (“Deadly”) is tuned for a fully maxed out squad of veteran bounty hunters with gear 12 and excellent mods (and maybe a zeta or two).
    • You can tell the relative difficulty by looking at the title of the mission: EASY bounties are just that, while DEADLY bounties will require a powerful team of Bounty Hunters.
  • Our intent is to cycle the available "bounty targets" every so often, so if a character you want to add to your collection isn't a target this time, perhaps they will be in the future!
    • Be aware that the Victory Counts (how many times you can "win") in Galactic Bounty events are SHARED. Completing any bounty will consume a Victory Count for ALL Bounties. So choose your target carefully!
    • Also be aware that as an introductory run of the Galactic Bounty Events, we will be providing players with two “free” plays of the event for the first two runs, in case anybody misses the fact that they are shared. Future runs of the event will have a crystal refresh associated with the second attempt.
    • The Galactic Bounty Event is a RARE event and will return infrequently. Make sure to improve your Bounty Hunters before the next Galactic Bounty event appears!
    • The current Galactic Bounties available are: Paploo, Han Solo, Rebel Officer Leia Organa, Imperial Probe Droid, Wampa

    Galactic Bounty 1
    • Event begins: April 26th
    • Recommended level: 80+
    Galactic Bounty 2
    • Event begins: May 7th
    • Recommended level: 80+

    On the Hunt
    Note: This event begins May 4th - In this new Marquee event, learn the strengths of the renowned Bounty Hunter, Bossk! Get a feel for all of Bossk's abilities and learn all about the new Contract system for Bounty Hunters if you missed the previous Contract tutorial.

    As with all Marquee events, there are no unit restrictions. Bring whomever you want and learn how different characters interact with Bossk.

    Starting with this Marquee event, we will be making several changes to how Marquee events are structured as detailed in the Updated Character and Event Cadence:
    • Marquee events will no longer disappear once completed, but will remain open for the duration of their schedule (typically 2-3 days). You will be able to replay previously completed tiers for no reward to further practice with the new character.
    • There will be a "Practice Tier" where the enemy squad will be healthy enough so that you can practice strategy with the new character. (Enemies may not necessarily be a threat.)

    Completing this event will yield enough shards of Bossk to unlock a 2-Star version of him and promote him to 3-Stars. Replaying already completed tiers (or completing the Practice Tier) will not yield any rewards.

    Due to how Bounty Hunter Leader and Contract abilities function Bossk will be forced into the Leader slot for this event, instead of the usual Ally slot.
    • Event begins: May 4th
    • Event ends: May 6th
    • Level requirements for event: 20+
    • Forced Leader: Bossk

    Rebel Assault Battle
    This all new Assault Battle pits Bounty Hunters and Imperial Troopers against Rebels! Form a team of either faction (or a mix of the two) and show the Rebel scum who rules the Galaxy.
    As with all Assault Battles this event features 8 encounters with escalating difficulty against Rebels.

    This event features two bonus abilities, one for each faction:
    • Bounty Hunters gain the bonus ability "Many Disintegrations".
      • Many Disintegrations: Gain a bonus turn with the following benefits: +100% Critical Hit Chance & +100% Defense Penetration. If this character defeats an enemy during the bonus turn they gain 20% Offense (stacking) until the end of battle.
    • Imperial Troopers gain the bonus ability "Rapid Fire".
      • Rapid Fire: Attack 1-5 times. For each attack after the second the target enemy has a greater chance to evade the bonus attacks.

    Due to the large number of Rebels, the rewards for this event are distributed differently from other Assault Battles:
    • Tier 1 awards shards/blueprints primarily of the Rogue One and Phoenix Squadron Rebel subfactions.
    • Tier 2 awards shards/blueprints primarily of the "classic Film" Rebels (EG: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Lando, etc...)
    • Tier 3 (Bonus Tier) awards shards from all the possible rewards in Tier 1 and Tier 2.
    This Assault Battle will not contain a Mythic difficulty tier at this time.
    • Event begins: May 4th
    • Event ends: May 7th
    • Recommended Level: 75+


    Bounty Hunter Reworks
    With the addition of our newest Bounty Hunter, Bossk, as well as the introduction of the Contracts feature, we have reworked the rest of the Bounty Hunters.
    • Boba Fett
    • Dengar
    • Greedo
    • IG-88
    For details on these character updates see the Bounty Hunter Reworks post.

    With the reworks, we have updated the visual and audio effects on the Bounty Hunters as well:
    • Visual and audio effects of blasters and thermal detonators have been updated
    • Idle animations on IG-88, Greedo, and Boba Fett
    • Improved texturing and character models on Greedo, Dengar, and Boba Fett

    We are aware of several bugs involving the Bounty Hunters in this update, including:
    • No Bounty Hunter will be able to be used in the PvE Ally slot for the time being. We have suppressed them from showing up in your Ally list.
    • All Bounty Hunter Payout ability tooltips in combat will show “Speed 0”.
    • All Bounty Hunter Payout ability upgrades display “Cooldown 1000” on Tier 1.
    These bugs will be corrected in our next client update.

    The following characters are now farmable in the following locations:
    Rose Tico
    • Light Side 4-F
    • Replaces the harder farm for CT-5555 "Fives"

    Amilyn Holdo
    • Dark Side 7-C
    • Replaces the harder farm for Plo Koon


    Bounty Hunter Bundle - Greedo
    Bundle includes:
    • Greedo shards (x50)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: April 25th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Bounty Hunter Bundle - IG-88
    Bundle includes:
    • IG-88 shards (x50)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: April 25th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Bounty Hunter Bundle - Dengar
    Bundle includes:
    • Dengar shards (x50)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: April 25th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Bounty Hunter Bundle - Boba Fett
    Bundle includes:
    • Boba Fett shards (x50)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: April 25th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Bossk Pack
    Purchase the Bossk Pack to power up Bossk!
    This taunting Tank boosts his Bounty Hunter allies and has a unique Contract that, when fulfilled, can grant him several powerful buffs.
    Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Bossk and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!

    Date available: May 4th
    1299 Crystals
    Maximum # purchases per day: No limit
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Bossk Bundle
    Bundle includes:
    • Bossk shards (x30)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: May 4th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    A New Era Ultimate Bundle
    For a limited time, pick up a very special bundle featuring 5 Resistance and First Order Characters, plus Bonus Credits and XP Training Droids!
    Bundle includes:
    • Kylo Ren (Unmasked): 55 shards
    • First Order Special Forces TIE Pilot: 55 shards
    • First Order Executioner: 55 shards
    • Amilyn Holdo: 55 shards
    • Rose Tico: 55 shards
    • Credits: 500,000
    • XP Droids: 40 3* training droids
    (NOTE: This bundle will only be available to all players for a limited time.)

    Hard Node Daily Action Cap Increased
    For a limited time, PvE Hard Nodes have their daily action caps increased from 5 to 8. This change applies to both Light Side & Dark Side Nodes.

    Ongoing Investigation of STR P4 Damage Overages
    We are aware that some players are experiencing instances in Phase 4, when Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus are defeated and Darth Traya is alone, where guild members with underpowered teams are registering very large damage totals to Darth Traya. In some cases that damage is being applied to someone else in your guild.
    We attempted a potential fix last week, but it seems the problem is persisting. We have some additional fixes we will be attempting later this week and next to hopefully correct the problem. More than anything, we want you to know we are aware of the issue and trying to find a solution. It has turned out to be a particularly slippery bug. Many thanks to those in the community who have helped us to debug it by providing logs, screenshots, information, and live feedback.

    • Fixed a bug in the Sith Raid that allowed Fives' Tactical Awareness ability to trigger when an ally is damaged by Bonds of Weakness.
    • The raid details information for the Sith Triumvirate Raid phase 4 has been updated to include the mechanics for Savage Ambition and Dreadful Ambition.
    • The Sith Raid icons for Darth Sion's Torment and Menacing Presence in the raid details panel are now fixed.
    • Fracture: Effects that grant buffs or turn meter, that trigger off gaining a debuff, will no longer trigger off Fracture
    • Darth Traya’s "Isolate" debuff will now correctly increase ability cooldowns of target enemy.
    • An issue with Deathmark being able to be stacked has been fixed.
    • Deathmark will now correctly prevent units with auto-revive mechanic from coming back to battle after being defeated.
    • "Bounty Hunter's Resolve" buff now expires correctly after Boba Fett is defeated.
    • IG-88 now inflicts Healing Immunity before damage.
    • IG-88’s "Resourceful Pursuer" will now inflict Damage Over Time for each Critical Hit.
    • The Armor Down debuff from IG-88's “Rapid Fire” will now correctly lower Resistance
    • Dengar now correctly shows up in the Territory Battles platoons and can be used in the Special Bounty Hunter mission.
    • Dengar’s unique now grants Tenacity Up when inflicted with Special Debuffs.
    • Dengar’s Tenacity Up duration has been corrected.
    • Dengar, IG-88, Boba Fett, and Greedo’s unique have received a bug fix that now allows them to stack correctly with other stat boosts.
    • Greedo's Thermal Detonators no longer deal full damage to health percent resistant targets.
    • Fixed an issue with Dengar’s assist call not being granted the correct Critical Chance amount.

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