Broken GW

Okay lvl 48 and can't have epic gear yet. So I finished gw yesterday for the first time for weeks. And I'm rocking along today and on my fourth my friggin fourth battle in gw and I come across a lvl.60 player with an epic 4 star lvl 55 consular a 5 star 54emperor a 6 star 54 so and lvl 54 chewie and jawa. ****???? really? What is generating this player based on?? This is my first **** about anything. I'm a free player lvl 48 on my server but still ranking in PvP between 200-400 daily for the last week but this is absolutely ridiculous in GW when its only the fourth friggin battle. Wake up ****. Even if I was paying premium there's no way in hell I can beat this team with their purp consular and all the stars. Jesus H **** you win some and then you get nuked by some ridiculous system.
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