ITs for R2

Has anyone gotten 7* with an IT squad?

I have Veers at G10, Snow, Mama, Shore and Death at G9.
Can get at least one or two of these to 10.
If i must I can move +90ish speed on each.

Abilities are low, thats my worry, veers is all at 7 the others a mixed bag of 4-6.


  • YaeVizsla
    3448 posts Member
    My squad was Veers, Starck, Storm, Magma, Snow, and I was fine.

    Though I had Veers' zeta, which is very important to troopers.
    Still not a he.
  • Buruan
    10 posts Member
    Thanks. Got it done Veers plus Magma, Death, Snow and Shore.
    All at G10, decent but not great mods, L7 abilities on avg.

    Took a few tries and some frustration.
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