Where to add Hoda

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So I just unlocked Hoda, and want to use him in the Sith raid. I'm in the process of gathering omegas for him and gearing him, but I'm trying to figure where he'll have the most impact, and my roster is far from ideal at the moment. My guild only does t4 and t5 so no worries about not being able to use him

I primarily use two teams because that's all I really have the mods for

DN(L), Sion, EP, DV, Sass
I'm thinking of dropping DV for Hoda. I don't really feel like Vader brings much to the table. He's fast, but debuffs don't account for much and his basic doesn't hit all that hard. The health equalization would help in P1 when drain follows annihilate. I think less hits overall without Vader might help me get an annihilate in

CLS(L), Rhan, Chop, JC, BB8, (sometimes subbing in ezra or something)
This is the other team and idk what I'm really doing with it, but it's what I got 2 work with. Obvious substitution is Hoda for JC

where do yall think Hoda would have the most impact?
thx all

my acc-https://swgoh.gg/u/deeziee/collection/


  • Huatimus
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    If you can get him to escape in time, you can use him in every phase(even multiple times within the same phase). You can restart a couple of times while in airplane mode to make sure he escapes successfully.
  • diangelo
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    depending on how beefy your guild is I would shy away from P1 if you can. and make some adjustments to your teams and use them in P2

    for the sith team switch over to EP lead. (with EP lead your sion will apply Pain a lot more often. and when he his the boss its a great bit of extra damage. (at T6 it was like 75K extra...less in heroic. not sure about the other levels.) then try it with DV...if the team dies too quick (before enrage) then swap him out for HY.

    then for the other team I would also try for P2...

    AA lead...BB8, HY, Ezra and Princess leia

    in P3 you can try a variation of the chex-mix team

    CLS lead...Death trooper, Rhan, Rex and maybe Vader or some other attacker.

    just my thoughts,

  • HK666
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    I can hit both P1 and p2 because refreshes and my guilds not all that strong. Only doing t4 and t5, not herioc

    I'll try EP lead for p2, but I have doubts about survivablility without the lifesteal. Sure ill get a couple more debuffs in but the 50% tenacity will stack up quickly.

    Sion's already pretty good at applying Pain with his unqiue

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  • Sarcodino
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    Keep in mind that using hoda ur whole team will stay 100% HP and protection until enrrage in P1/P2... So u can use ur most offensive leaders while little hoda is in ur side xD
    JTR, wiggs/cls/han and zader are the teams where i find hoda gives me best results.
  • HK666
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    I may or may not of totally forgotten that Hoda's heals won't be blocked because DN won't be leading....

    I'm still worried about that 50% stacking tenacity blocking debuffs, but Vader and EP leads might just work.
    Of course, I don't have Vader's lead zeta yet, and while I do have two I was trying to save them... I'll think about it

    thank the both of you. I'll update when I we beat p4 and start again
  • Options
    Has anyone tried RJT, Scav Rey, RT, BB8 and Hoda in p1 heroic?

    The normal team would be with R2 instead of Scav Rey but I was wondering since Hoda increases the survivability maybe R2's foresight is not needed although its cleansing is a strong feature too.
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