Unable to upgrade character abilities.

As the title states I for whatever reason cannot upgrade from 3-4-5 with all my main characters. I have a ton of the ability mats needed as wdll as credits but it will not allow me to upgrade. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • Ben
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    This happened to me earlier. Scroll down, you are missing a purple mat :(
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    You are certainly not the first one nor will be the last one to raise this - as I had asked the same question. As mentioned above, higher level abilities require Tier 3 materials which you need to scroll down.

    I wish CG would tweak the UI so that the screen shows all three tier requirement rather than having to scroll down as it is not that apparent.
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    Well thank you! Now to farm for them.
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    Good luck. I've refreshed cantina twice today and not had a single t3 ability mat drop. And failed my GW badly today too so none from that.
  • Rolf
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    Yep I'm now in the same boat. Plenty of 1s and 2s, but none of the crucial 3s. I wouldn't waste your crystals on the Cantina though if that's all you're hunting, since the drop rate is abysmal. Better off just waiting for the ones from GW and the 3x/week challenges.
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