Just got Hermit Yoda 7*...whats your best teams with him?

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Just got Hermit Yoda 7*...whats your best teams with him and for which phases?
Classic AA,GK,LEIA,BB8 and Hyoda ?
sub in Rhan for Leia maybe?

I intend to reuse him so will play in aeroplane mode to make sure he gets to backout so other team suggestions/tips would be great.


  • diangelo
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    I use mine as much as I can.

    He makes most teams better. (well except maybe chex-mix in P3 and nightsisters in P4)

    without knowing who else you have its a little difficult to say what teams you can make. if you have JTR then I would NOT use BB8 with your AA team. (if you have a decent Ezra he works great in the AA team...when you use his special watch and learn...call HY...then stand back....watch and learn counts as a non attack so another rebel attacks...then HY's basic is a non attack so another rebel attacks...then Ezra attacks himself (normally twice.) also when HY puts masters training on Ezra he gains 50% of all the buffs because Ezra is a jedi

  • Sarcodino
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    I find Hoda soo good in almost any team... Where i get the most advantage from him is with JTR, rey, bb8 and R2... They just can't die in P1/P2 and they all usually survive until enrage in P3/P4 as well... If im able to recover him then wedge//biggs/cls/han is were i use him...
    If u play T4/T5 then zader/palpa/sidious/boba is a good team to put hoda, in those tiers u can land some debuffs, 10 or so, and this improved 25%power and survivability makes the team better xD

    Sadly i cant usually recover hoda lol... Either nihilus or sion kill him ever with their aoe when they get enrage xD
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    cheers guys. no jtr hence I cant use bb8 on the AA team.
    Ive a good roster of 21 X g12s and 2.2m no wasted gp.
    Ive only had one Sith raid since i got him and he worked great on AA spam team. My ezra is the same as he was when i got Thrawn with him ;-).
    Threw him in a Hatt and soloed P1 easy with Hyoda which was fun.
    Always looking for new areas to exploit his awesomeness ;-)
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