Droid Team with Lobot and ?


im thinking about a HK-47, IG-86, IG-88, Lobot Team.

Could be pretty nice. Which heal should i use? Bariss, Talia, Luminara?

Daka i havent yet.



  • Jabberwocky
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    Talia should only be used as a backup healer since hers consumes her own HP. Bariss is good early but I hear Luminara is better for endgame. I run the same team for fun sometimes when farming in cantina but my IG's aren't leveled up enough yet for PVP arena, they do get occasional use in GW sometimes, to eke out a last level on toon fumes.
    I'm hoping for a droid healer in the near future, maybe a medical droid from Empire Strikes Back? :smiley:
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  • Chewdoka
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    IG - 86 and IG - 88 are so fragile you might do better running Poggle over a healer and just going all out offensive.

    Old Daka would be best choice if you do run a healer because her stuns help with survivability more than a heal early in the match. Also, she can possibly revive one of your fallen droids if they get taken out before she does. Likely, she will be an early target, but at least it gives your droids more time to wreck havoc. So I'd farm her :)

    The other healers each have their merits, but you would have to test them out to see who you like best. Here are my thoughts on them:

    Talia is easiest to build and compliments your speed. However, I would probably favor Luminari or Barriss over her.
    Barriss is best healer and might be strongest late game w/ Hk-47.
    Luminari does the best damage.
  • Well together with Poggle could be very deadly, lol :)

    But i think a little bit risky without any heal? The DMG output should be pretty heavy with this combo.

    It would anyway be just a kind of "second" team. My first team at the moment is a Jedi/Nightsister Combo, works pretty well.
  • Keaven
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    With Lobots speed buff and the low HP of the main offenders I would definitely leave a healer out. You need to make the decision of who to take down 1st and second very tough because it will be easy, and there's a good chance they will lose a couple too.

    So far my robo dream team is:


    It is unclear what their speeds will be as 3 of them are not listed on CWGOHCantina max stats, but at a glance IG-88 & 86 should both move before all but 4 of the characters listed, and I suspect Lobot and IG-100 will be quite fast as well.

    The team is a major assortment of dps, and buff/debuff attacks.
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  • Poggle's buff makes them real nasty, I think you would like him.
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